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When considering luck versus chance, many people think the two words are interchangeable, but they are not. We often think of luck and chance when playing games, especially at the casino.

Luck and chance are not the same. Both interplay with one another, but they are two entirely different concepts.

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Key takeaways

  • Chance refers to the objective reality of random outcomes, while luck is perceived as good or bad fortune.
  • Chance is based on probability, which involves calculated risks, while luck involves unexpected outcomes that are beyond control.
  • Probability takes into consideration the factor of effort and skill, whereas luck diminishes the value of effort and skill.
  • The distinction between luck and chance has been explored by experts in probability, statistics, and leadership.
  • Some people attribute their success or failure to luck, while others believe it is a result of chance or their own actions and abilities.
  • Luck is often associated with positive outcomes, such as winning a lottery, while chance outcomes can be either positive or negative.
  • A person’s perception of luck and chance can influence their decision-making process and approach to risk-taking.
  • Increasing one’s luck is sometimes believed to involve certain behaviors or actions, such as being open to new opportunities or taking calculated risks.
  • Some cultures and belief systems attribute events to luck, fate, or divine intervention, rather than probability or chance.
  • Understanding the difference between luck and chance can be useful in various contexts, such as personal development, leadership, and decision-making.

What Is Luck?

Luck can be good or bad, in your favor or not. When good luck strikes, people say they are lucky. If bad outcomes occur, people call it bad luck or an unfortunate event.

The official definition of luck is a success or failure brought about by chance rather than a person’s actions. In other words, luck is out of your hands, whether good or bad. Luck just happens. People often say, “Luck of the draw.” Luck hurts or helps at whim.

Considering a prime example of chance, we can look to the lottery. A player picks their numbers. The player has no control over the selected numbers, and neither does the picker because it is random. If the player wins big money, it is by luck alone. Luck is considered bad or good fortune.

Luck is often shrouded in the supernatural. Many people believe in luck so strongly that they will not go anywhere without their lucky rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, crucifix, or another good luck charm. People also carry four-leaf clovers to attract luck.

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What Is Chance?

Chance, while similar to luck, is the reality of random outcomes. Chance is based more on science because it deals with probability. We can look at rolling a pair of dice to understand chance.

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If you are playing a dice game that requires a roll higher than ten, the chances of this happening are 25%. We can look at this scenario more deeply and realize there are 12 possible rolls. You need 3 of them. You have a 2% chance of rolling a ten or higher sum. Chance can help you determine if the risk is worth taking.

Another example is when flipping a coin, there is an equal probability (50%) for either heads or tails being revealed – this exemplifies pure randomness associated with chance.

If you are a gambler, chance is a constant consideration. Think about horse racing. Before betting, you research each horse and its history. Research helps you determine which horse has the highest chance of winning. You choose the one with the highest chance and see if it pays off big.

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Comparing Luck to Chance

Comparing luck to chance is not that challenging. Although people use these terms interchangeably in conversation, they are not the same, and we must remember the meaning of each to take advantage of opportunities in life.

Luck is when something good happens to you that is out of your control. An example of luck is finding money on the sidewalk while walking along. You did not try to look for it, but it was just there.

Chance is something you pursue. Chance is the opportunity to bring about something good. If you buy a lottery ticket, you are taking a chance. If you are the winner, that is pure luck. Now you can see why so many people confuse these two terms because they work hand in hand.

Is It Possible to Increase Your Luck?

While we know luck is something that happens out of our control, some people believe there are ways they can increase their luck. Does wearing your special blue socks make you lucky?

Here are some tips that can help some people get lucky. Following these tips can help increase your chances of bringing about good outcomes.

  • Visualize the outcome you desire. Visualization is a popular way for people to bring on luck. You will have to try it to see if it works.
  • They say you attract what you think, so think positive thoughts. Positive brings about positive, right?
  • Be prepared to take action when opportunities arise. Do not be afraid to take risks, especially if the chances of success are high.
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities to make good choices. You may surprise yourself!
  • Take the fear out of the equation. If you never take risks, you will never reach goals or see positive outcomes, whether regarding luck or chance.
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Examples of Luck

Luck gets used in three main ways. Understanding these different expressions of luck will help you gain deeper knowledge that may help you be in the right place at the right time more often.

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Superstitious Luck

We briefly touched on this type of luck above. Some people are highly superstitious regarding luck, and it affects their day-to-day lives. For instance, if the following occurs, some people will say bad luck is coming.

  • Break a mirror
  • Black cat crosses your path
  • Accidentally stepping on a crack
  • Opening an umbrella inside
  • The number 13 (Friday the 13th)
  • Walking under a ladder
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Retrospective Luck

This type of luck means looking back on the past and considering circumstances where bad or good luck played an important role. You may hear someone talk about an auto accident and how they are lucky to be alive.

Seizing Lucky Opportunities

Some people are naturally lucky or unlucky; they believe it is true. What you are convinced of can impact your actions. If you believe you are unlucky, you will not take risks and seize opportunities.

Luck, Chance, or Both?

Most opportunities and outcomes are based on a little bit of chance and a little luck. When luck and chance combine, the outcome is often favorable.

Is luck on your side? Are you willing to take a chance? Next time the subject arises regarding luck and chance, you will know the difference and can educate those who do not. Strike up a conversation by chance, and you just might end up lucky, and they talk back.

Each day is full of opportunities to experience luck and chance. You just have to be willing to pursue them. The casino is not the only place to take a chance. Luck can be on your side anywhere you go.

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