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If you are starting a new paint project, one of the most difficult tasks is paint color matching. You are most likely reading this article as you are looking for an alternative to traditional paint color samples which is an outdated thing of the past.

Let’s face it, using traditional paint color samples can present several difficulties that can complicate the process of selecting the perfect paint color for your space. Here are some common challenges:

  • Inaccurate Representation: Traditional paint swatches are often small paper samples that may not accurately represent the true color when applied to a wall. Factors like gloss, texture, and lighting can significantly alter how the color appears in your home compared to the swatch.
  • Mess and Cleanup: Testing paint colors using small cans of paint can be messy. You need to use rollers or brushes to apply the paint, which can lead to spills and splatters. Cleaning up afterward can be time-consuming and cumbersome.
  • Limited Mobility: Once you’ve painted a sample on the wall, it’s fixed in one spot. This makes it difficult to see how the color will look in different areas of the room or under various lighting conditions. You may need to paint multiple areas, adding to the mess and effort.
  • Waste: Traditional paint sampling often results in leftover paint that may never be used. This not only leads to waste but also requires proper disposal of the unused paint, which can be environmentally unfriendly.
  • Time-Consuming: The process of buying sample cans, setting up to paint, waiting for the paint to dry, and then cleaning up can be quite time-consuming. This can delay your decision-making process and extend the timeline for your painting project.
  • Cost: While individual sample cans of paint might seem inexpensive, the cost can add up if you need to test multiple colors. Additionally, the cost of rollers, brushes, and other supplies can make traditional sampling more expensive than anticipated.
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There is a much better way to accurately sample paint colors without all of the problems associated with traditional paint samples.

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I recommend using a peel and stick paint sample from SAMPLIZE. Peel and stick paint samples are very affordable and easy to use. They are also clean and environmentally friendly!

“Our peel-and-stick samples help to ensure you never make another design mistake. Our product allows you to test drive paint from several manufacturers before you commit to a full can. Unlike paint color chips that create a printed “close match,” we apply two coats of the actual paint from the brand to make our samples—providing you with 100% color accuracy. Our patented peel-and-stick samples have the flexibility to adhere to any interior wall, including uneven or textured surfaces, and can be reapplied in various locations.”

With 8,000 paint colors to choose from, you will surely find the perfect color for you.

Advantages of using peel and stick paint samples:

  • EASY TO USE: Simply move your SAMPLIZE paint sample around the room to test under a variety of lighting conditions.
  • AFFORDABLE: Budget-friendly solution and no more buying inaccurate swatches, rollers, wasted paint.
  • SUPER FAST DELIVERY: Depending on your location, 1 day delivery is possible.
  • ORDER FROM HOME: Save a trip to the store looking for samples.
  • NO MESS: SAMPLIZE uses real paint samples with zero-mess
  • NO WASTE: No leftover cans or wasted paint.
Samplize Peel and Stick Paint Samples

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