Living In Finland - What Are The Pros And Cons?

Are you considering moving to Finland and wondering what to expect? While this Nordic country is perfect for some, it is not for everyone. Learning about the pros and cons of living in Finland will help you decide if this country is right for you.

Living In Finland - What Are The Pros And Cons?

Facts About Finland

Finland, officially called the Republic of Finland, is about 130,678 square miles in size and has a population of around 5.6 million people. This country shares borders with Sweden, Russia, and Norway.

Finland is considered a boreal forest biome, which simply means it has many coniferous trees. This country is home to over 180,000 lakes.

The capital and largest city of Finland is Helsinki. The government of Finland is a unitary parliamentary republic, and the currency of the country is the Euro.

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Pros of Living in Finland

Many people call Finland home, but is this country right for you? The following are some of the pros you can expect from living in Finland.

Universal Healthcare

Citizens of Finland enjoy one of the most progressive social systems in the world. Universal healthcare is one of the multiple pros of living in Finland. Even expats will find affordable healthcare, whether they need a quick checkup or a visit to the emergency room.

Finland has an above-average health level because of its healthcare initiatives in prevention. Certain communicable diseases have been eradicated in the country. The healthcare industry in Finland has a rating of good, with 88% approval.

Education in Finland

The standard of public schooling in Finland is extremely high. Best of all, all public education is free. Children in the country rarely have homework and are given more time for recess and other forms of recreation. One factor that makes Finland’s public schools so enriching for students is that teachers are paid well for their work and are highly respected.

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Adults can take advantage of free educational courses at Finnish public higher education institutions. Those wanting to study abroad should consider Finland.

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Public Transportation

Another key pro of living in Finland is that most areas of the country are accessible through public transportation. Buses, trains, and the metro are unrestricted from the suburbs, so one does not need to live in the city to gain admission to transportation.


Finland is also a very safe country to live in. This country is ideal for children and families, and visitors from all over the world can feel welcome and safe. Although the country’s crime rates are lower than many, this does not mean you should not practice caution.

Cons of Living in Finland

No country is perfect, and Finland does have some cons. The following are some of the cons you should be aware of if considering a move to Finland.

Language Barriers

Many people will find language barriers in school or on the job because most people speak Swedish or Finnish. These two languages are quite difficult to learn as a second language.

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Municipal Housing Waiting List

The cost of housing is on the expensive side in Finland, but there are options for municipal housing. Unfortunately, there are typically long waiting lists for this housing program. You may have to rent privately and remain on the municipal waiting list for a long time.

Unfriendly Finnish People?

When you first move to Finland, you may mistakenly think Finnish people are unfriendly. It is important to give people time to warm up to you by asking about their culture and learning their language.

High Taxes

Finland has many pros going for it, but one of the biggest cons is the high level of taxes. The tax system can be shocking to people who are new to Finland.

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Unfortunately, the cost of having universal healthcare means higher than average tax rates. You can expect a sizeable portion of your salary to go towards taxes. Most people agree the taxes are worth it because of the free healthcare, education, and public transportation.

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Dark and Dreary Weather

While Finland is known as one of the happiest countries in the world, the rate of depression is higher, due much in part to the climate. During the winter, daylight hours are shortened, and the country gets bitterly cold, making it impossible to enjoy any sunlight for long.

Challenging Job Market

Unless you have a strong grasp of the Finnish or Swedish languages, you may find it challenging to enter the job market. It is important to note that expats can receive help from the government to assist them in finding a job.

Finland Is a Beautiful Country

Finland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is full of exquisite places to visit. If you are considering moving to Finland, you should first visit the country for an extended stay before you commit.

While Finnish people are not overly talkative and keep to themselves, for the most part, you will find they warm up to you over time, especially if you respect their culture.

When deciding if Finland is the right country for you, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Consider them both carefully to ensure you make the right choice.

While Finland is not for everyone, many people love living in this beautiful country. Free healthcare, education, and transportation are undoubtedly beneficial.

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