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Both children and adults can enjoy having Bearded Dragons as their pets.

The main challenge in providing them care is getting their environment correct. However, once everything is in order, these reptiles are easy to care for and are quite enjoyable. 

Have you ever considered the dissimilarities between Bearded Dragons of male and female genders? Maybe you want to know the sex of your dragon or how to tell them apart when selecting one as a pet.

Today, we will discuss the differences between male and female bearded dragons.

male vs female bearded dragons infographic

What Is a Bearded Dragon?

How did the Bearded Dragon get its name? They got the name because of the spiky beards that line their chins. These spikes make them look quite ferocious, but they are docile unless threatened and provoked. 

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You may hear people calling these reptiles by the name “Beardies.” These reptiles typically live 10 to 15 years and are native to Australia. Bearded Dragons have a gentle demeanor and are curious creatures. In the wild, they live in warm, arid locations such as deserts. 

How Do Male and Female Bearded Dragons Compare?

If you consider bringing a Bearded Dragon into your home, knowing how males and females compare will help you choose the right one. Are there differences in their personalities, size, and care needs? Keep reading to learn more!

male and female bearded dragon are sitting on a green meadow on a sunny day
male and female bearded dragon are sitting on a green meadow on a sunny day

How Do Their Lifespans Compare?

When comparing the lifespans of males and females, males almost always live longer. Scientists believe males live longer because of their larger size and ability to handle harsh environmental extremes. 

Although pet Bearded Dragons live around ten years, one beat the world record by living almost 19 years! Lifespans are also affected by their environment, food quality, and genetics. 

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Comparing Their Behaviors

You will likely notice differences in their behaviors. Males tend to be more aggressive and territorial. They are likelier to puff out their spiky beards and hiss at other Dragons. Males are also more likely to bite other Beardies.

Here’s an interesting fact that may shock you. When in hot temperatures, they can change sexes, but only temporarily. 

How Do Their Care Needs Differ?

One of the concerns people have when choosing male or female Dragons is if the sexes require similar care. When considering the two, we must remember that males grow larger than females.

Therefore, a female may be the best choice if you have limited space. 

Females are often calmer and do not require as large a cage or as much heat as males because of their smaller size. However, no matter their gender, you will enjoy having a Bearded Dragon as a pet. 

pair of brearded dragons in the grass

Do Males and Females Eat Differently?

As omnivores, Bearded Dragons consume both insects and herbs.

Males typically consume more than females because of their larger sizes. Bearded Dragons must be fed three times a day. Feed them as many insects as they will eat in 10 to 15 minutes. Supplying them with safe plants and vegetation on a daily basis would be beneficial.

bearded dragon eating a cricket in front of white background
bearded dragon eating a cricket

Do Males and Females Look Different?

As we discuss the comparisons between males and females, it helps to understand their physical differences. For example, male Bearded Dragons can grow as long as 24 inches, while females max out at around 19 inches. 

Males have larger and wider heads than females. Males also have two hemipenal bulges located under their tails, while females only have one. Female Bearded Dragons have thinner tails than males. 

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The following video shows the hemipenal bulges on both the male and female bearded dragon.

Can You House Two Bearded Dragons Together?

You should never house two male bearded dragons together in the same enclosure. Male Bearded Dragons are highly territorial, and they tend to engage in fights and biting with one another. A male and a female can be housed together, but you must realize the great possibility of offspring. 

Two female Bearded Dragons may do well together in an enclosure, but you must monitor their behavior. If fighting occurs, it is always best to separate them. 

Special Tips for Caring for Bearded Dragons

Regardless of the gender, Bearded Dragons demand specific care and attention.

The right living conditions and diet can significantly affect a Beardie’s health and lifespan. 


Bearded Dragons need plenty of room to live. Depending on size, adults may require a 40-gallon glass tank or larger. Baby Bearded Dragons need a ten-gallon tank. 


Bearded Dragons need a warm environment and exposure to UVA and UVB rays. The heat bulb must be placed at the end of the enclosure, not in the middle, so the dragon can escape the heat when needed.

Keep the temperature within 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Light vitamin UVB shine to body and head of beard dragon in enclosure.
Light vitamin UVB shine to body and head of beard dragon in enclosure.


Bearded Dragons must have constant access to water. Use a water bowl that is large enough for the Bearded Dragon to soak and drink from. 

Male and Female Bearded Dragons Have Differences

Having learned about the differences between male and female Bearded Dragons, it is evident that these reptiles are stunning creatures and make fantastic pets.

Whether you opt for a male or female, Bearded Dragons will undoubtedly bring joy and excitement to your household.

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