Male vs Female Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are well-known as beautiful, striking cats with big, loving personalities.

They’re also known to be highly intelligent, so many people opt for a Siamese when choosing a cat breed.

However, before you take a cat home, it’s a good idea to compare the differences and similarities between male and female Siamese cats.

Male vs Female Siamese Cats

Size and Appearance

Both male and female Siamese cats are relatively small, compared to other cat breeds, and they have slender builds. Males are usually slightly larger.

They can grow to between about 11 and 14 inches tall and usually weigh between 7 and 12 pounds.

Female Siamese cats grow to between about 10 and 13 inches tall and weigh between 6 and 9 pounds.

Aside from a slight size difference, male and female Siamese cats look very similar.

They are available in a few different colors, and many Siamese cats have darker or lighter ‘points,’ or areas of color on their ears, face, tail, and paws.

They are a short-haired breed, and they often have blue eyes.

female siamese cat with bell
Female Siamese cat


Almost all Siamese cats are playful, energetic, friendly, and loving. Male Siamese cats tend to be a bit more demanding about receiving attention than female cats.

Male cats will enjoy spending as much time with their owner as possible, and they love to cuddle.

Male Siamese do best in a home where at least one person is around for the majority of the day.

Otherwise, they can become very lonely and may develop anxiety issues.

Female Siamese cats also love to cuddle, but they’re a bit more independent than males.

They prefer playtime and affection on their schedule, and they don’t mind spending time alone by themselves.

This often makes them a good choice for people who work during the day or can’t always spend as much time as they’d like with their cat.

Male vs Female Siamese Cats

Whether or not a cat is spayed or neutered can also affect their personality. Female cats tend to be more clingy if they’re not spayed, while spayed cats are more independent.

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Although they’re more independent, female Siamese cats are still very sociable, and they often warm up to strangers quickly.

Male cats, on the other hand, are usually more wary of strangers. Males may also bond more closely with a single person, while females tend to bond well with the entire family.

Male cats can sometimes be stubborn. They might misbehave to stir up trouble during play.

Female cats, on the other hand, are usually a bit less stubborn, and they’re often considered to be well-mannered.

Male Siamese cat

Territorial Traits

Female Siamese cats are generally not overly territorial, but males can become defensive of their territory or even their favorite person.

If they aren’t neutered, male cats can become aggressive, and they may use spraying behaviors to mark their territory.

Having the cat neutered can stop these behaviors, and the cat will generally be friendlier and more sociable.

Roaming Behaviors

Male Siamese cats enjoy prowling around their territory, so they often prefer to have more room to roam. Neutering a male cat can help to curb this behavior, but they still prefer to have a large space.

Female Siamese cats don’t display roaming behaviors quite as much, so they require a bit less room than males.

Siamese cat on rocks


Siamese cats are known for their loud, frequent vocalizations. They’re considered chatty cats who enjoy letting their owners know exactly what’s on their minds.

In general, female cats are more vocal than male cats. This is particularly true in cats that haven’t been spayed. When a female cat is in heat, it will often howl continuously.

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This is one of the many reasons why most people choose to have their cat spayed.

Spayed cats will still be vocal, however, as will males, so this is something to consider if you’re thinking about adopting a Siamese cat.


In general, male and female cats have no noticeable health differences. Both males and females can develop cancer in the reproductive organs, and this is slightly more common in female cats.

However, spaying or neutering the cat can help to greatly reduce the risk of these cancers.

Both male and female Siamese cats are prone to eye problems, including progressive retinal atrophy, which can lead to blindness.

Due to genetics, Siamese cats can’t see as well in the dark as other cats, either.

Siamese cats can also be very picky eaters, which can lead to malnourishment problems.

Sometimes, a picky cat simply won’t eat, which can lead to severe weight loss.

It’s often best to offer these cats a variety of foods, and mixing wet and dry foods can be helpful for ensuring that the cat gets the proper amount of nutrients.

Conversely, when a Siamese cat finds a favorite food, it can sometimes overindulge, and obesity can be a problem.

Obesity can lead to a range of other health problems. It’s always a good idea to closely monitor a cat’s diet and weight to make sure it’s getting enough nutrients and hasn’t gained too much weight.

male and female siamese cats


Both male and female Siamese cats usually live for about 15 years. Some Siamese owners, however, have reported that females generally live a year or two longer than males.

Regular visits to the veterinarian and a healthy diet can help both male and female cats live long lives.

Siamese kitten

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