Men's vs Women's Golf Bags

If you are searching for a new golf bag or perhaps just curious, this article will explain the differences between men’s and women’s golf bags.

man and woman with golf bags

Key takeaways

  • The main differences between men’s and women’s gold bags include size, weight, style, and design.
  • Other differences include storage, colors, and material.
  • Golf bags can be custom-made to suit you better.

What Are the Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Bags?

You would find it quite difficult to enjoy a game of golf without a golf bag. A complete set of golf clubs can weigh around 30 pounds. Imagine trying to lug those around without a golf bag! Not many people would play golf if they had to carry their clubs in their arms.

Thankfully, we have golf bags that make carrying a set of clubs much more manageable. Not only do these bags improve how we carry the clubs’ weight, but they also make it easier to find a golf club.

If you have ever been shopping for a golf bag, you have likely seen them marketed differently to men and women. Are there distinctions between men’s and women’s golf bags, or is this just a clever marketing ploy? Continue reading to find the answer.

We all know golf is marketed as more of a men’s sport, but millions of women play the game worldwide. Now that more women are taking interest in golf, manufacturers have realized the need for differences in the design of golf bags.

Below, we will discuss some of the key contrasts between men’s and women’s golf bags and even offer some tips to help you choose the right bag for your game.

golf bag standing on a golf course

Size Differences

One of the key differences between men’s and women’s golf bags is the size. Generally speaking, women are usually shorter than men. Because of the discrepancies in height, golf club manufacturers make golf clubs in various sizes.

Men’s golf clubs are usually longer than women’s and have more weight. For this reason, a man is going to need a longer golf bag than a woman.

You will usually find women’s golf bags are up to one foot shorter in length than men’s golf bags. Of course, some women are taller than the norm and need a longer golf bag. When there are anomalies in height, women sometimes use a man’s golf bag or purchase a custom option.

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Differences in Material

As we have already mentioned, men’s golf clubs are usually larger and heavier than women’s. Because of this difference, men’s golf bags often need to be more durable than women’s bags.

You will frequently find that men’s golf bags are made of more robust and durable materials. You may also discover the stitch lines are made with heavy-duty lacing to ensure puncture damage does not occur to the golf bag.

golf bag with cover on fairway

Differences in Storage

Another critical difference between men’s and women’s golf bags is the storage options. Most women have a lot more belongings they carry around, hence the reason they use handbags.

Women’s golf bags often have many more storage compartments than men’s bags. There are usually places for lotion, a mirror, makeup, and more.

Women like to have places to put all those little things they need during a game of golf that men might not even think twice about.

Differences in Style

One of the first differences people will notice between men’s and women’s golf bags is the style. Men’s golf bags have less style and are more functional, while women’s golf bags are meant to complement their personal style.

woman holding a golf club with a pink and black golf bag

You will find women’s bags available in brighter colors and with beautiful designs. Some women’s golf bag designers are even designing complementary handbags and matching shoes to allow women golfers to look their best on the course.

You will find most men’s golf bags are available in solid colors like white, gray, black, and blue. Occasionally, you will see stripes and other stylish details.

When it comes to the style of women’s golf bags, the sky is the limit. You will find hearts, polka dots, flowers, kisses, puppies, and much more. Women can even have custom bags made to their desired style.

women playing golf with pink golf bags

There Are Also Unisex Golf Bags

While women often prefer a golf bag made for females, some golfers simply want a straightforward golf bag that has no bells and whistles and can be carried by a male or female.

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For these golfers, there are unisex designs. Some males and females share golf bags, making it important to have one that does not cater to either gender.

man and woman playing golf with unisex bags

How to Select the Right Golf Bag

Choosing a golf bag is almost as important as selecting a set of clubs. The following provides some helpful tips that will assist you in choosing the right golf bag for your needs.

How Do You Play?

First, you need to think about how you play. Do you walk or ride from green to green? If you prefer walking, look for a stand bag. If you ride in a golf cart, look for a cart bag.

Check the Club Dividers

When choosing a golf club, make sure there are enough bag dividers to prevent your golf clubs from slamming into one another and becoming damaged. Full-length dividers are best.

Choose a Comfortable Strap

If you are going to be walking between greens, you are going to need a comfortable strap. A well-padded strap with plenty of room is going to give you the highest level of comfort during a round.

man and woman carrying golf bags on a course

Consider the Weight

While a weighty bag is likely going to offer greater durability, it can take its toll on a long round. Although most people prefer lighter bags, just remember the lessened weight may also decrease the storage capacity.

Choose the Right Golf Bag For You

Whether you are a woman or a man, playing golf offers fun, challenge, and relaxation. Selecting the right golf bag is essential for your comfort and golf game. A golf bag makes it easier to transport your golf clubs and protects them between shots.

With the tips above, you will find it easier to choose the right golf bag for your needs. When in doubt, try the bag out before you purchase so you can get the best level of comfort.

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