Men's vs Women's Snowboards

Snowboarding is a winter sport that is often seen in the olympics and can be very competitive. Many people also like to go snowboarding for fun and recreation. The main piece of equipment required to go snowboarding is a snowboard. This article will discuss the differences between men’s and women’s snowboards.

man and woman holding a snowboard

Men’s vs Women’s Snowboards

At first glance, men’s and women’s snowboards often look very similar, so you might assume there isn’t too much of a difference between them.

However, each snowboard was made for a specific type of rider. Depending on your gender, what your height and weight are, and how experienced you are, one board option might be the better choice for you.

Key takeaways

  • Men’s snowboards are larger and heavier than women’s.
  • Men’s snowboards are generally more durable and can hold more weight.
  • Men’s and women’s snowboards can have different styles and appearances.
  • Men’s snowboard bindings are normally placed in different locations on the board.
  • Both men and women can ride either board if it suits you and your body type.


In general, men have larger, longer feet than women. For this reason, men’s snowboards are usually wider, particularly in the center, or waist, where your boots go.

This wider size ensures that your snowboard bindings will fit on the board properly and the heel or toe or your boot won’t stick out over the snowboard’s edge.

Men’s snowboards usually have a waist width of about 25 centimeters or 9.8 inches. The waist on a woman’s snowboard is usually closer to 23 centimeters or about 9 inches.

man mid air snowboarding jump


Women’s snowboards also tend to be shorter than men’s snowboards. The shorter the snowboard, the lighter it will be. Theoretically, this makes it much easier for women, who tend to be lighter than men, to control the board.

Snowboards vary in length, and it’s generally best to use a chart to help you choose the right board length based on your height. This also means that the length of some men’s and women’s boards overlap.

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In general, however, a men’s snowboard is usually between 156 and 178 centimeters or about 5 and 5.8 feet long. A woman’s snowboard is usually between 144 and 153 centimeters or about 4.7 to 5 feet long.

girl holding a snowboard on one shoulder


Because they’re taller and larger, men usually weigh more than women. Therefore, they usually need a board that’s a bit stiffer, so it can support their weight without flexing too much, bending, or even snapping.

The board will have to support them as they ride down a slope and will also need to be rigid enough to stand up to the weight of impact during jumps or tricks. For this reason, men’s snowboards are usually stiffer and have less give.

Women, who tend to be lighter, don’t need a snowboard that’s as stiff. In fact, a snowboard that’s too stiff for their lighter weight can be much more difficult to control. Women’s snowboards are usually about 10% more flexible than men’s snowboards.


Most snowboards don’t come with bindings, but when you purchase a snowboard, you’ll want to make sure that the board will work with bindings that fit you.

Men’s and women’s snowboard bindings are very similar, but men’s snowboard bindings are usually spaced farther apart, and the spaces on the board where the bindings can be placed might reflect that.

Men often have a wider stance, but this wide stance might be uncomfortable for women, particularly if they’re shorter.

When you purchase bindings, remember that they’re often sized like clothing, and, like clothing, the sizes are not standardized.

You can get a good feel for what size you might need based on your boot size. However, a large size, for example, in one brand might be a completely different size compared to a large of another brand.

red snowboard and bindings


Men’s and women’s snowboards can be decorated in thousands of different styles, and many snowboard companies pay little attention to gender norms when decorating their boards.

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However, boards with pastel colors or flower designs are much more common when they’re made for women. Many men’s boards tend to feature darker colors and less traditionally feminine designs.

snowboards with different designs leaning against a wall

Can a woman ride a men’s snowboard or vice versa?

Women can ride men’s snowboards and vice versa. The important thing is to find a board that suits you and your body type. Men’s snowboards are better for people who are taller or weigh more.

If you’re a tall woman, you might feel more comfortable on a men’s snowboard, and the stiffer board might offer more support. If you’re a shorter or lighter man, on the other hand, a women’s snowboard might be better for your weight.

A lighter, more flexible board will offer more control, but it needs to be strong enough to hold your weight.

Taking your boot size into account can also help you figure out what type of snowboard to purchase. You should be able to stand comfortably on the board without feeling cramped or like your feet are too far apart.

Your boots and bindings should not extend past either edge of the board, and there should be plenty of room for your feet. As you ride, you should feel balanced and in control of the board.

women snowboarding down a slope

Are unisex snowboards available?

More and more unisex snowboard options are becoming available. These boards are designed to be strong yet flexible, and you can choose a board that suits your height and weight.

This also allows couples or siblings of similar height to share a board, helping to save money.

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