Men's vs Women's Soccer Cleats:

Soccer is one of the most popular games played around the world. To play this game safely and effectively, you need the right gear. One of the decisions soccer players must consider is what kind of cleats they will wear.

When searching for soccer cleats, you will quickly discover there are male and female shoes. Are these shoes simply labeled as such, or are there true differences between the two? We will deliver the answer to this question and more below.

men's vs women's soccer cleats infographic

Why Do You Need Cleats to Play Soccer?

The game of soccer is played on grass and requires heavy traction and friction to prevent improper foot movements. Cleats dig into the turf and allow players to carry out fancy footwork without causing themselves injuries.

Interestingly, soccer players run an average of seven miles during each game of soccer. Cleats support a soccer player’s feet and allow them to play more intuitively without fear of becoming injured.

black soccer cleat

What Are the Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Soccer Cleats?

Understanding the differences between men’s and women’s soccer cleats is essential. Although you would think there are no real distinctions between these two soccer cleats, you may be surprised to learn there are a few. Below, we will discuss these.

Female soccer player holding a pair of cleats and a football isolated on white background

Size Differences

One of the first things you will notice is the size differences. Generally, most men have larger feet than women.

Soccer cleat manufacturers create shoes with larger sizes and wider widths for males.

Most females will find soccer cleats for men do not fit them correctly and move up and down on their heels.

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Shape Differences

Another key difference between men’s and women’s soccer cleats is the arch. Generally, a woman’s foot arch is higher than a man’s, so women’s soccer cleats need greater arch support than men’s.

You will also find the toe box for women is wider. Because women have a higher arch, their toes spread slightly more than a man. Having a wider toe box on a female soccer shoe leads to greater comfort.

various soccer cleats on turf

Stud Configuration Differences

There are also stud configuration differences between men’s and women’s soccer cleats.

Because a man’s and a woman’s body pressure loads are different, soccer cleat manufacturers must change the way they implement their stud configuration.

For instance, a woman’s hips are set wider apart, which places greater pressure on the sesamoid bone.

When women wear soccer cleats designed for men, they can experience pain in the ankles caused by Metatarsalgia or ankle sprain injuries.

Cutting Motion Traction

Cutting motions are critical for soccer players. If your foot cannot move properly, injuries are going to happen, and you are going to be unable to control the ball.

Men’s and women’s soccer cleats are made with different traction patterns to allow for unique movements.

If you attempt to wear soccer cleats that are not made for your gender, you could experience foot and leg fatigue and an increased risk of injuries.

pair of soccer cleats showing studs

Style Differences

One of the most obvious differences between men’s and women’s soccer cleats is the design.

Generally, men’s soccer cleats are found in basic colors like red, black, blue, white, yellow, and green.

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Soccer cleat manufacturers usually offer more design choices for women and a broader range of colors, including purple and pink.

pink soccer cleat with soccer ball

Select Soccer Cleats Carefully

One of the most significant mistakes you can make as a soccer player is choosing the wrong soccer cleats.

While some people do not want to admit there are differences, men’s and women’s soccer cleats are designed and manufactured in distinct ways.

By choosing the right soccer cleats, you are protecting your feet and legs against injuries. You will also allow for easier flow in movement, so you are more effective at your soccer game.

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