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Have you been considering a move to Maryland and want to learn more about this beautiful state? Learning as much as possible about a state before you move is important.

In this guide, we plan on sharing all the details about Maryland, so you can decide if it is the state for you.

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Key Takeaways

  • Maryland is a vibrant state that is filled with many outdoor activities for families.
  • Maryland has Baltimore and is close to other large cities, including Washington DC.
  • The state offers a fascinating and diverse culture.
  • The jobs market in Maryland is booming.
  • Maryland is home to beautiful beaches and rich fishing culture.
  • The state has some of the most deliciously diverse food in the country.
  • Maryland’s cost of living is somewhat higher than other states in the country.
  • The traffic in Maryland can be stressful.
  • Real estate is more expensive in Maryland than in some other parts of the United States.
  • High property taxes are the norm for Maryland.
  • The crime rates are higher in Maryland than in some other states.

Maryland Is a Beautiful State

John Cabot discovered Maryland in 1498, but King Charles I did not allow access to the area until 1632. Today, this state thrives on its fishing market and is best known for its seafood, especially blue crabs.

If you are considering a move to Maryland, think about the pros and cons first.

1. Maryland Offers Boundless Outdoor Play

About 40% of Maryland is covered in beautiful trees of all types. There are many ways for Maryland residents to enjoy the Great Outdoors.

Those who enjoy hiking will appreciate the city of Thurman, which is filled with trails. Thurman is located between Cunningham Falls and Catoctin Mountain. You will find Thurman offers outdoor fun that will fill an entire day.

Maryland is also packed with beautiful state and national parks. From fishing to hiking, and everything in between, there is something to do for all outdoorsy types.

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2. Maryland Is Close to Big Cities

In addition to having its biggest city, Baltimore, Maryland is also close to other large cities, including Washington DC. Philadelphia is only an hour away, and you can get to New York City in around two hours.

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Those who enjoy large cities will appreciate Maryland and its close proximity to some of the biggest and most beautiful cities on the East coast. If you live in Maryland, travel to the big Northern cities will be easier.

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3. Maryland Is Home to Diverse Cultures

Maryland is one big melting pot at the edge of the sea. Because it butts the Mason-Dixon Line, Maryland is full of elements of Southern charm. You also get the bluntness of Northern hospitality in the state.

This beautiful mix is what makes Maryland such a richly diverse state to call home.

4. Maryland’s Job Market Is Booming

If you are ready to find a new job and start over in another state, Maryland should be your next destination. Maryland is full of service-related and governmental jobs.

The healthcare industry is also booming in the state. Even if you end up working in another large city, the commute should be short.

5. Maryland Has Beautiful Beaches & a Rich Fishing Culture

Maryland is known for its rich fishing culture and delicious seafood, but we must not forget its beautiful beaches. Ocean City is one of the best locations for beach fun in Maryland.

Chesapeake Bay is also a popular choice for fishing fun. Maryland offers fishing, boating, swimming, and sunning fun in multiple ways, including its beaches and 8,000+ miles of freshwater streams.

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6. Delicious Foods Are Everywhere in Maryland

If you have never visited Maryland, you are missing out on some of the most delicious foods. The fresh seafood is out of this world good, and there are several nationally renowned chefs cooking it up in the state.

With amazing breweries and cocktail destinations, the nightlife scene is inviting in Maryland.

7. The Cost of Living Is Higher

One of the biggest drawbacks of living in Maryland is the higher cost of living. Surprisingly, the greatest concentration of millionaires lives in the state.

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Maryland is not a cheap place to live, with one in seven households making seven figures or more.

The average income in the state is $70,000, and there are less expensive living options in the rural areas of Maryland.

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8. Maryland’s Traffic Can Be Stressful

If you are unaccustomed to heavy levels of traffic, Maryland may not be your preferred destination.

A 30-minute commute can end up taking twice as long, depending on the time of day. Public transportation can make things a little more bearable.

9. Real Estate Is More Expensive in Maryland

Because there are many wealthy people living in Maryland, you can expect the real estate market will not be as inexpensive as in other areas of the country. The average home price in Maryland is $330,000.

This is slightly below the national average but may be too high for some to afford.

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10. Property Taxes Are Problematic

Although the property tax rate in Maryland is the same as the national average, at 0.99%, homeowners are going to end up paying more in property taxes because property values are so high in the state.

On the flip side, the higher rate helps offer better schooling.

11. Crime Rates in Maryland

Baltimore has its share of crime problems, especially in the larger cities. Baltimore, for instance, is the third most dangerous city in the United States.

If you buy a home in Maryland, especially in Baltimore, you are going to need a good security system for your home and vehicles.

Final Thoughts

Maryland is one of the most beautiful states. It is full of life, fun, and delicious foods, but it is not without its problems. We suggest going for an extended visit first and determining if this state will be right for you.

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