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Air fryers have been around for years but have grown in popularity among foodies. Those who use them claim them to be better than the invention of sliced bread.

However, people who do not own an air fryer wonder what the fuss is all about. 

Today, we will examine the pros and cons of using an air fryer. We will even delve a little into how these cooking devices work.

Every kitchen appliance has advantages and disadvantages, and air fryers are no exception. 

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Key takeaways

Pros of using an air fryer

  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • Safe and secure
  • Healthier cooking
  • Compact and stores easily

Cons of using an air fryer

  • They are expensive
  • Too small for large families
  • Risks of burning food
  • Short power plug
  • Too noisy
air fryer sitting on wooden counter with a dish cloth

What Is an Air Fryer? How Does It Work?

Air fryers are countertop appliances that cook foods and make them crisp without adding excessive oil. These units circulate hot air to produce food with a crispy outside and juicy and tender inside.

Because of the circulating air, air fryers cook in half the time of traditional ovens. 

Pros of Using an Air Fryer

Many people say they could not live without an air fryer. The following are some of the top pros of using these small appliances to put a meal on the table or enjoy a snack. 

Easy to Clean

People enjoy using air fryers because they are so easy to clean. Because little to no oil is used, you only need to use a soft cloth and a little soap.

In addition, you may only need to wipe out the basket with a paper towel between items when cooking multiple foods. 

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Simple to Use

Air fryers are simple to use. You only need to push a few buttons and hit the start button. After that, the air fryer does all the work for you.

So throw in your frozen fries, and enjoy them hot and crispy in about fifteen minutes. 

woman reading a tablet while using an air fryer

Safe and Secure

Air fryers do not produce radiation like microwaves. You also are less likely to be burned on an air fryer, though you should practice caution and use oven mitts when removing the hot basket. 

Healthier Cooking

Air fryers also make healthier foods. You do not have to drown your foods in oil to get them crispy like a deep fryer. You can also make many foods without any oil at all. 

green beans in an air fryer

Compact and Stores Easily

Most air fryers are compact, occupying only a little space on your countertops. Therefore, you can easily store these in a cabinet when not in use. 

Cons of Using an Air Fryer

 No kitchen appliance is perfect. Air fryers have some cons, and we explore these below. 

They Are Expensive

For such a small kitchen appliance, air fryers can pack a punch into your wallet. Simple air fryers are more affordable, but multi-function options can offer more usability.

Depending on the brand and model, you can get a good air fryer that ranges between $75 to $250.

Too Small for Large Families

Most air fryers contain small baskets that only hold a little food. People who cook for a large families find these units impractical. There are now extra large capacity models that can hold up to 12L.

You will need to cook in many batches if you have an extensive family. 

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Risks of Burning Food

Because of the dry circulating air, it is possible to burn your food and make it dry, especially if you do not follow the air fryer’s directions. Cooking with an air fryer requires a learning curve.

You must experiment with different foods and cooking times to learn how to use your fryer effectively. 

Short Power Plug

Most small kitchen appliance makers manufacture them with short power cords. The short cord prevents children from pulling the unit by the cord.

You will need to use your air fryer near an electric wall outlet. Never use an extension cord. 

air fryer with short power cord

Too Noisy

While some air fryer models are quieter than others, many are quite noisy. The sound of the circulating fan can be annoying, especially if you use the air fryer when others are sleeping.

Research carefully when searching for a model to ensure you choose one that operates quietly. 

Air Fryers Offer Convenience and Fun

Do you miss eating crispy french fries but do not want to consume large amounts of fat? Do you hate heating up the entire kitchen for a single batch of pizza rolls?

 Air fryers are amazing little kitchen appliances. People either love or hate them based on how they use air fryers. Most people love using them for the convenience factor. 

You do not need an expensive, fancy unit to benefit from using an air fryer. Even the most compact versions allow you to cook delicious foods fast.

Many people who own air fryers find they eat out less because of the convenience of using these units while saving money.

potato fries in an air fryer basket

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