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If you love spending time in the outdoors, seasonal camping may be suitable for you. Some people camp on the weekends during the warmer months of the year, and some stay all summer. Learning about seasonal camping and its pros and cons will help you understand if it is right for you.

Seasonal Camping: Is It Right For You?

What Is Seasonal Camping?

Seasonal camping is when a person reserves a campsite for an extended period or purchases a piece of land meant solely for camping or RVing. Research is essential when deciding on a seasonal camping package. By learning about the pros and cons, you will be better equipped to decide.

What Are the Pros of Seasonal Camping?

Before delving into the cons of seasonal camping, you need to learn the positives, and there are many. If you have been considering purchasing or renting a campsite, consider the following benefits.

Your Family Can Go Camping Any Time

For most camping enthusiasts, this is the biggest advantage of seasonal camping. You have the space, so you can drop everything at a moment’s notice and go camping.

Your family can camp around your schedule, making camping more fun and less stressful. Decide to camp for a single night, several weeks, or just the weekend. It is all up to you!

You Do Not Have to Stress Over Driving and Parking Your RV

Let’s face it, driving, and especially parking, an RV can be intimidating. Many people struggle with parking their RV and getting it set up correctly.

If you have a seasonal campsite, your RV stays there during the season, and you only have to worry about driving it and parking once. When everything is hooked up, you can easily go camping any time you like.

fifth wheel camper parked at campsite

Packing Is Easier

Packing to go camping is time-consuming and often stressful. If you park your RV at a seasonal camping site, your basic supplies can stay.

When it comes time to go camping, you will not have to worry about loading up a trailer with many supplies. Just bring clothing and food.

Save Money on Camping

Renting a campsite for a week or even a weekend can become expensive. Many campsites offer discounts when you rent by the month. It is important to research carefully to find out the rates for each campsite. Ask about discounts for extended rental periods.

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Access to Amenities

Seasonal camping comes with numerous rewards, including amenities. Many campsites have pools, hot tubs, playgrounds, and walking trails. These amenities are included with the price of the rental.

playground for kids

Meet New People

Staying at a campground for an extended time affords you the opportunity to meet new friends. Campground communities typically become close-knit, and most people enjoy the friendships they make.

What Are the Cons of Seasonal Camping?

While seasonal camping is highly beneficial, it is not for everyone. There are some cons. Having a balanced idea of what to expect from seasonal camping is essential. You should always weigh both the pros and cons carefully.

Seasonal Sites Are Not Open All Year

One of the most significant cons of seasonal camping is that most sites are not open all year. Many campsites are closed for winter and are only available May through October.

Some sites are open all year. Campers sometimes split their time between two campsites.

You May Need to Commit to the Entire Season

Another drawback you may be unaware of is that some campsites require people to rent a space for an entire season. It can be stressful to rent a campsite for an entire season, especially if you have never stayed there before.

The good news is that you can leave any time you like. The bad news is you would not get refunded.

You Could Have Bad Neighbors

Although the RVing community is considerate and friendly for the most part, this does not mean you will always have good neighbors. In fact, you could be stuck with neighbors that make you dread going camping.

You could always change sites if one becomes available, but you should not count on this happening. Just keep in mind that seasonal camping does not always result in lifetime friendships and fun.

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Campground Requirements

You must research carefully before committing to renting a campsite for an extended period of time. Campsites almost always have specific requirements, and these rules can sometimes make camping difficult.

Some campgrounds only allow people over the age of 50. Campgrounds may not be pet-friendly or could allow only new RVs. When searching for a campsite, keep these things in mind and research carefully before committing.

senior couple at campground

The Theft Potential

Because you are not staying at your RV all season, it will often stay empty. Practice caution and realize thefts can occur.

You should invest in a trailer hitch lock, and do not leave any valuables in your RV when you are away. Investing in a security system is wise.

Exposure to the Elements

Another con of seasonal camping is that your RV will be exposed to the elements all season or year. Constant exposure to UV rays can cause your RV to fade and become damaged.

If you plan on leaving your RV parked at a campsite for an extended time, consider purchasing a cover. RV covers come in multiple sizes to fit just about any trailer. A cover will help shield your RV against damage due to long-term weather exposure.

You Will Travel Less

Many people purchase an RV because they want to travel and experience new places. If you are a seasonal camper, you are going to stay in the same spot all season. While this is not a dealbreaker, it is certainly something you should consider before taking the plunge and committing to a campsite.

Seasonal Camping Offers Extensive Fun

While seasonal camping is not for everyone, many people enjoy living part of their time in an RV. Although there are some cons to seasonal camping, many people feel the pros outweigh the negatives.

If you are new to seasonal camping, research carefully to learn as much as possible about your options. Do not commit to a campground you know nothing about.

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