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The most famous beagle in the world would have to be Snoopy. Beagles are small hound dogs that are similar to foxhounds in appearance. Breeders developed this breed to hunt rabbits at first.

An incredible sense of smell is the beagle’s most remarkable attribute.

Have you been considering adding a beagle to your family? These dogs typically have a spotted coat with a white background of fur. The spots range in color from black to brown and sometimes meld together. 

Before bringing a beagle into your home, you must know the pros and cons. Are these dogs easy to train? What kind of personality do they have? Keep reading to find out more!

pros and cons of owning a Beagle infographic

History of Beagles

Breeders developed modern beagle breeds in the 1830s. The American Kennel Club accepted the beagle breed in 1885. Beagles came from breeding Talbot hounds, Southern hounds, North Country beagles, and the Harrier.

Today, beagles are one of the most popular breeds in America. The earliest beagles were so small they could fit inside your pocket at only eight to nine inches tall.

These eventually became extinct in 1901 because people preferred larger dogs for hunting. 

Pros of owning a Beagle

  • Beagles love people
  • Beagles love to eat
  • Beagles do well with other dogs
  • Beagles love to snuggle
  • Beagles are low maintenance

Beagles are one of the cutest breeds on the planet, but you need to know much more than their cuteness levels. If you want to bring a beagle into your family, read the pros below. 

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pair of Beagles sitting in grass

Beagles Love People

Some dogs tolerate people, while others, like the beagle, love them. Beagles are the perfect addition if you have a large family or frequent visitors. 

Overall, beagles love being around people and even do well with children. However, because all dogs are different, you should practice care when introducing a new dog to children. 

Beagles Love to Eat

Beagles love to eat and are open to food choices. Because they love food so much, owners can use it to their advantage with training.

Beagles will eat just about anything that smells good. Their intense sense of smell will likely have them begging for a bite when you cook delicious food.

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Beagles Do Well with Other Dogs

As they are with humans, beagles also enjoy being around other dogs. So if you have multiple dogs in the family, most beagles will fit right in with the rest. 

Beagles are also good around cats and other animals, including rabbits. Monitor interactions until you are sure the beagle and furry friends get along.

Beagles Love to Snuggle

Who doesn’t love a loveable dog who likes to snuggle? Beagles love to sleep with their owners or cuddle up on the couch for a nap.

Beagles love being held and loved. However, they are happiest when it comes time to snuggle up tight with their owners. 

woman kissing a beagle

Beagles Are Low-Maintenance

Beagles have short coats, so they only require a little time grooming. Brush the dog two to three times a week and give baths regularly. 

Beagles love to explore and dig in the ground. So when your beagle plays outside, it will likely develop dirty paws that require frequent cleanings. 

Cons of owning a Beagle

  • Beagles dig conststantly
  • Beagles shed
  • Beagles run away
  • Beagles are stubborn
  • Beagles are easily distracted
  • Beagles eat a lot
  • Beagles are full of energy

Although most people feel the pros outweigh the cons, you must know the disadvantages of owning a beagle. Therefore, learn about the following before you decide.

Beagles Dig Constantly

Beagles love to dig in the dirt. Not only do they dig, but they also love to roll in it and can become quite dirty. 

You will need to train away this behavior with consistency. For example, keeping your beagle supervised in the backyard can lead to messes.

Beagle digging in dirt

Beagles Shed

Although your beagle will not need a lot of grooming, it can still shed fur throughout your home. Brushing can prevent a furry couch. Feeding high-quality food can also cut down on shedding. 

Beagles Run Away

They call it fight-or-flight. Some dog breeds will stand their ground and fiercely defend their home. For example, Beagles will run away and hide if they feel threatened.

Never take your beagle out in public without a leash. If Beagles get spooked, they will run away and could become lost or injured. 

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Beagles Are Stubborn

As lovable and social as they are, it is surprising to learn beagles are naturally stubborn. Beagles have a mind of their own regarding training and listening to commands.

Beagles love food rewards, so that you can use that fact to your advantage. However, be prepared that your beagle may ignore you from time to time. 

Beagles Are Easily Distracted

Beagles are easily distracted. Taking them for a walk means they will literally sniff everything and everyone. 

Beagles get excited meeting a new friend, whether human or animal. They will tug at their leashes, howl, and jump if they see a potential friend around. 

Beagles Eat a Lot

Beagles love food, but you need to know they love it a little too much. Beagles will attempt to eat just about anything, even non-food, like smelly shoes. 

When becoming a new beagle owner, keep everything out of its reach. Some people compare beagles to goats, and this is an accurate comparison. 

Beagles Are Full of Energy

While you might consider this fact a pro, the beagle’s seemingly unlimited energy can be exhaustive for owners. Even after a long walk at the park, beagles are still ready for more playtime. 

Beagle running with a stick

Beagles Are Man’s Best Friend

Beagles are huggable, lovable, and full of energy. Although they train well, they are a little on the stubborn side but will do just about anything for a tasty treat. 

Beagles do not make good guard dogs, but they are excellent around children and other animals, including cats and dogs. However, this breed dislikes being left alone, so crate training may become necessary. 

Beagles love adventuring and will happily dig for hours in the dirt. They are a wonderful addition to any family, though care should be taken to keep them in line. 

Control their diet and control them, and beagles make excellent companions. If you have decided this breed is a perfect addition, buy from your local animal shelter or a licensed breeder.

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