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Whether you’re planning a vacation away from home or simply trying to choose when to make at-home plans for summer or winter break, it can be challenging to decide whether winter or summer vacation is better.

Both times of year offer different opportunities, advantages, and disadvantageous, and taking all of these things into account can help you make better plans that suit your needs.

Summer Vacation vs Winter Vacation


Weather plays a big factor in deciding whether a winter or summer vacation will be best. For many people, traveling during the winter is a better option.

This is especially true for people who live in colder climates. If you live in a cold climate that sees a good amount of snow, you can often travel during the winter to a more southern area that sees warmer temperatures and clear skies.

This can be an excellent opportunity to relax and enjoy some warmer weather activities, even during the winter. It can also be excellent for your mental health.

Sunshine and warm weather can make a big difference when it comes to your overall mental health, which can sometimes dip if temperatures have been cold or skies have been cloudy for a prolonged period.

family overlooking the ocean

Other people who enjoy winter activities such as skiing, sledding, or snowshoeing also prefer to travel during the winter, but they might choose to travel to a cold region where snow is plentiful.

In these cases, traveling during the winter makes a winter vacation a more appealing option.

On the other hand, people living in very warm climates sometimes prefer to travel to an area with milder summer temperatures during the summer months.

Getting away from the heat can be just as appealing to some people as getting away from the cold is for others.

couple on snowy mountain


How crowded a vacation spot will be depends largely on where you’re headed. Warm destinations are often very crowded with tourists during the winter season.

Visiting the same location during the summer can help to ensure that the area will be less packed with people, but it may be hotter and less comfortable weather-wise.

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On the other hand, beach areas in colder climate locations are often very crowded during the summer season.

crowded beach


Cost is also greatly affected by how popular an area is during a particular time of year.

For example, traveling to a warm beach during the winter will most likely be more expensive than traveling to the same location during the summer months.

Similarly, a beautiful mountain getaway might be more expensive during the winter months when people come to ski or snowboard but could be less expensive during the summer when fewer people visit.

If you’re looking to save money, it’s a good idea to check the peak travel times for a particular location.

Most areas have on and off seasons, and some locations might have rainy or stormy seasons.

Although the weather might not be as pleasant in these areas during those off-season times, the cost of vacationing there can be greatly reduced.

empty beach during off season


When considering a vacation, it’s important to factor in how much vacation time you have.

If you’re traveling with kids or college students, you may be limited to the length of their break from school. A winter vacation only affords between one and two weeks of travel time, and plans must be made within that very exact timeframe.

Summer vacations from school, however, can last two or three months. Not only can you enjoy a longer vacation, but you’re less tied down to specific dates, and you can plan a vacation during a timeframe that works more for you.

summer vacation on calender


Whether a winter or summer vacation is better can also depend on what events you’re interested in attending.

For example, if you’re a music lover, you may want to travel to music festivals during the summer months, when they are more common.

Many locations hold fairs and festivals for food, music, and other activities only during the summer months. Planning a vacation during the summer, therefore, can leave you with more options for different daily activities.

Some locations, however, particularly those known for their winter activities, might hold festivals, such as lights festivals or ice sculpture events, during the winter months.

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Before you plan your vacation, think about what events you want to experience and then decide whether a winter or summer vacation can accommodate those.

outdoor concert

Daylight Length

During the winter months, daylight hours are much shorter, with a longer period of darkness. During the summer, however, daylight can stretch into the evening.

This means that summer vacations offer longer daylight hours, giving you more time to explore an area or plan activities without worrying about it getting dark early on in the day.

Packing for the Vacation

Packing for a summer vacation is often a bit easier, and you may need fewer items than when packing for a winter vacation. Summer vacation clothes are lightweight and much less bulky.

For extras, you might want to pack a hat, sunscreen, and swimming accessories.

When packing for a winter vacation to a cold place, however, you’ll need to pack bulkier clothes, including boots, hats, gloves, extra socks, and heavy pants.

If you plan to engage in any winter activities, you’ll need to pack gear, such as skis, snowboards, or snowshoes, or rent these items when you arrive.

Even if you’re heading to a warm place during the winter, you’ll need to pack or wear warm clothing for the journey from and then back to the colder climate.

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In-Season Foods

Many areas are known for their foods or regional dishes, and some of these foods may only be in season during the summer.

For example, many places are known for their fresh fruits and vegetables, and these are only fresh during the summer months.

Other areas might offer fresh seafood, such as oysters, crabs, or lobsters, and these foods are often best enjoyed during specific times of the year.

If you’re excited about trying an area’s foods, check to see when the foods you’re looking forward to will be in season.

fresh lobster on table

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