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The sports of tennis and badminton are similar as players require the use of a racket to play. Although there are other similarities and differences between the two sports, this article will discuss the differences between a tennis racket and a badminton racket along with other information.

tennis racket and badminton racket
tennis racket and badminton racket

Key takeaways

  • Tennis rackets and badminton rackets are different in size and weight.
  • Both rackets have different designs.
  • The string patterns are different for both rackets.
  • Tennis rackets and badminton rackets are available in both adult and kids sizes.
  • Both rackets are designed using graphite along with other materials.

Tennis Racket vs Badminton Racket

Both tennis rackets and badminton rackets are crucial pieces of equipment needed to play the game. A tennis racket is used to hit a tennis ball and a badminton racket is used to hit a shuttlecock or birdie.

The biggest differences between the rackets are the overall design, size, and weight.


By looking at both a tennis racket and a badminton racket it is easy to notice the difference in design. Although both rackets are similar in length, the tennis racket is obviously thicker and wider than the badminton racket and the visual difference is apparent.

A tennis racket has a larger head and a thicker grip handle compared to a badminton racket. The tennis racket has a wider design and is more durable than a badminton racket.

tennis racket and ball laying on a court
tennis racket

The shaft of a badminton racket is much thinner than a tennis racket. The throats of both rackets are also different. The throat on a racket is the part that supports the head by providing a steady base while connecting the head to the shaft.

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Although not all badminton rackets have throats, certain ones do and it is optional.

The string patterns used by both rackets are different. The string patterns used on a badminton racket are much smaller with less space between the strings. The strings are much tighter on a badminton racket.

tennis racket and badminton racket

Size – tennis racket

The average tennis racket length for an adult is 26 to 27 inches. Other lengths are available for adults and they can range in length from 19 to 29 inches. Kids’ rackets are much shorter in length.

The maximum overall width of a tennis racket is 12.5 inches. The maximum hitting surface is 15.5 inches in length and 11.5 inches in width.

There are 6 different grip sizes available for a tennis racket. They are measured in 1/8″ and numbered 0-5. The grip size is measured as the circumference around the outside of the handle.

The “L” ranking system is used to detail grip size.

  • L0 – 4″
  • L1 – 4 1/8″
  • L2 – 4 1/4″
  • L3 – 4 3/8″
  • L4 – 4 1/2″
  • L5 – 4 5/8″
tennis racket image with dimensions

Size – badminton racket

The average badminton racket length ranges from 26.18 to 26.77 inches. The head width ranges from 8.66 to 9.06 inches. Kids’ rackets are normally 22.8 inches long.

The maximum length of a badminton racket is 26.77 inches or 680mm.

The most common grip sizes for a badminton racket are G4 and G5 (8.6 cm and 8.3 cm). This is the measured circumference around the outside of the handle.


The average weight of a tennis racket is 10.6 ounces although the weight can range from 8 to 13 ounces.

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Badminton rackets are much lighter than tennis rackets. On average, a badminton racket weighs 80 to 90 grams.

Badminton rackets are given a weight grade using the letter U ranging from 1U to 8U. The smaller the number, the heavier the weight.

  • 1U – 94g+
  • 2U – 90-94g
  • 3U – 85-89g
  • 4U – 80-84g
  • 5U – 75-79g
  • 6U – 70-75g
  • 7U – 60-69g
  • 8U – 59.9g and below
badminton racket with dimensions

What are tennis and badminton rackets made of?

Both tennis and badminton rackets have evolved over time. Some players will have a custom-made racket designed just for them with specific colors and patterns, weight, grip size, and more.

To ensure the best performance, modern rackets are designed by engineers who perfect everything about the racket which includes the material used for the design.

Newer rackets are built using lightweight graphite or graphite composites and other materials which include fiberglass, kevlar, and titanium.

Depending on the manufacturer, badminton rackets can be made of graphite, aluminum, or steel.

both hands on a tennis racket

Can you use a tennis racket to play badminton?

Technically, yes you can use a tennis racket to play badminton but it won’t be as effective as using a badminton racket. The game of badminton requires a racket designed to hit a shuttlecock effectively.

Tennis rackets are designed to hit a tennis ball. If you are training, you can use a tennis racket but it’s not ideal. If you are learning to play the game of badminton, it is best to use the right equipment from the start.

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