Tennis Shoes vs Basketball Shoes

In the world of shoes, there are so many different types, brands, and styles that it can become overwhelming trying to differentiate them.

One of the comparisons people make is between tennis shoes and basketball shoes.

Both tennis and basketball require adeptness on the court. Players must move fast and keep their focus. A significant part of player success means having the right gear.

Shoes are a sizeable consideration because they determine how fast players move and how they respond to their opponents.

What Are the Differences Between Tennis Shoes and Basketball Shoes?

Learning about the differences between tennis shoes and basketball shoes is essential. While some people wear these shoes casually, it is especially critical to understand the contrasts if you play sports.

Differences in the Uppers

One of the first distinguishable contrasts between the two types of sports shoes is the uppers. Tennis shoes always have a low top to allow the ankle the highest level of flexibility.

tennis shoes with tennis balls on a court
Tennis shoes

Though basketball shoes come in low, medium, and high-top varieties, most professional players wear high-tops because they offer a much more increased level of protection against ankle injuries, which are common in the sport.

Pair of basketball shoes. Isolated on white background
Basketball shoes

Differences in the Soles

If you look at the soles of basketball and tennis shoes, you may see similarities, but there are also distinctions. Almost all basketball shoes have a herringbone design on the sole. This traction design allows for sudden stops.

Tennis shoes have a variety of soles based on where the game is being played. For instance, smooth soles are made for indoor tennis because they do not mar the floor. You will also see herringbone soles for clay court tennis matches.

basketball shoes and basketball on a court
Basketball shoe sole design

Differences in the Weight

One of the key differences between basketball shoes and tennis shoes is the weight. Pick up one of each shoe, and you will quickly see that basketball shoes are always heavier. There is a specific reason for this difference in weight.

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When playing tennis, players primarily move laterally, so they need a shoe that is light on their feet and allows them to make quick moves with an elevated level of flexibility.

Basketball players, on the other hand, need to perform a wide array of moves, including jumps, blocks, and runs. Heavier shoes keep basketball players balanced and give them greater power for bold moves on the court.

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Differences in Cushioning

If you study the insoles of tennis shoes and basketball shoes, you will quickly see one is thicker than the other. Tennis shoes have less padding because tennis players are only moving back and forth. They do not need to jump often.

Basketball players need much more cushioning because of the impact their feet feel when coming down from a big jump and hitting the court. Without ample padding in the heel and ball of the feet, basketball players would suffer serious pain.

A man is returning a ball during a tennis match with his racket

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes to Play Tennis?

Now that you know about the differences between basketball shoes and tennis shoes, you may wonder if you can wear them interchangeably for each sport.

If you enjoy playing both sports, it may seem natural to wear basketball shoes while playing tennis, but is this a good idea?

Although you will find basketball shoes offer plenty of traction for a game of tennis, they will not allow the lateral movements that are so essential during a match.

Basketball shoes are not going to permit you to play with flexibility, and you will likely find your game is off because your ankles cannot move adequately. Wearing heavy basketball shoes would make a game of tennis excruciating.

A basketball with blue high tops on a white background
A basketball with blue high tops

Could You Wear Tennis Shoes to Play Basketball?

Although some basketball players play the game in low-tops, tennis shoes are not always appropriate for basketball. Tennis shoes do not rise high enough on the foot to protect the ankle, leaving it vulnerable to supination, which can cause injuries.

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You may get away with wearing a pair of tennis shoes for a basketball game with friends, but playing professionally or even semi-professional play will require strong protection and a durable sole.

Dangers of Wearing the Wrong Footwear

There is a reason manufacturers make shoes for specific sports. A great deal of work goes into designing and manufacturing shoes to perform well in various sports and on multiple terrains.

Basketball shoes are very supportive of the ankle, have extensive cushioning, and feature sturdy and heavy outsoles that are meant to hold up to aggressive movements during basketball games.

Tennis shoes, on the other hand, have a lighter weight and less padding because the moves a tennis player makes are mainly lateral. While it may be tempting to wear different shoes for both sports, dangers could result, including the following.

  • Ankle injuries
  • Ball and heel bruising
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Stress fractures
Plantar fasciitis vector illustration. Labeled human feet disorder diagram. Educational medical scheme with orthopedic leg disease. Painful plantar fascia bone inflammation and irritation infographic.
Plantar fasciitis illustration.

Select the Correct Sports Shoes

Wearing the right shoes is paramount when playing a game of basketball or tennis. Without the correct shoes, you will be unable to play effectively and could become severely injured and be sidelined for weeks or even months. When playing basketball, tennis, or any other sport, choose your footwear wisely.

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