fall vs spring

It’s nearly impossible to decide if spring or fall is the better season. Each season brings its own beautiful weather, sights, and experiences. Comparing the two can make you appreciate each season more, but it’s still difficult to come up with a definitive answer for which is the better season.

fall vs spring - which is better

Flowers and Leaves

Both spring and fall bring beautiful natural sights. During the spring months, green leaves and grass begin appearing after the long dormant period of winter. In many parts of the world, flowers start blooming during the spring months, so there is often a riot of colors to see. Many animals also migrate back to cooler climates during spring, so you might spot birds, such as robins or hummingbirds, that you haven’t seen all winter.

Spring is also the time during which many animals have babies, so you’re likely to see baby birds, fawns, or young squirrels and rabbits.

Fall, on the other hand, is the season during which plants and animals prepare for winter. Plants begin to go dormant, and trees lose their leaves. This time can be just as beautiful as spring, however. When trees shed their leaves, the leaves often turn gorgeous shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown. Plants often produce bright berries during this season, and other plants produce the last of their seeds.

During the fall, it’s common to see animals, particularly squirrels, gathering nuts or seeds and storing food for the winter.

fall trees and leaves

Cool Weather

Spring and fall each experience a mix of warm and cool weather. During the fall, temperatures gradually drop. The heat of summer is left behind, and temperatures become cooler, particularly at night. If you live in a warm area, this change from the summer heat can be a big relief.

Spring weather does the opposite. The season shifts from the cold of winter, and temperatures become warmer. For people who experience long, cold winters, this return to warm weather can boost your mood, and it makes it enjoyable to be outside.

Although spring weather is often warmer, however, it can also be wetter. Many regions see a great deal of rain during the spring months. This rain helps trees regain their leaves and increases the number of blooming flowers, but it can also make for many dreary days. Days late in fall, however, might occasionally see snow.

rain in spring time

Choice of Outfits

The temperature changes of both spring and fall offer a wide range of new options for clothing. During the spring, you can finally move away from sweaters, jackets, and long pants. It’s often warm enough for t-shirts, especially at the end of the season, and many people find it a relief not to be bundled up all the time.

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When fall arrives, it’s time for many people to get out their favorite cold-weather clothing, such as comfortable sweaters, warm coats, scarves, and hats. This is also a great time to wear your favorite boots.

Because both seasons fluctuate between warm and cool weather, you’re often able to wear many different pieces of clothing, so your options are much greater than during other times of the year.

people having photo taken during fall

Upcoming Vacations and Holidays

During the spring, many people begin to look forward to summer vacations. This is especially true for children in school, as late spring often marks the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation.

Many families often plan a trip to the beach during the late spring or summer months as well, since the weather will be more pleasant. For many people, spring marks the start of the part of the year that offers fun and freedom.

During the fall, the holiday season arrives, and many people enjoy these holidays even more than summer vacation. In the United States, Halloween is celebrated on the last day of October.

Thanksgiving falls not long after for both the United States, and there are several winter holidays, such as New Year’s Eve, to look forward to after that. These holidays are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends.

happy thanksgiving sign

In-Season Fruits and Vegetables

Fall is traditionally thought of as the time for harvesting fruits and vegetables. Many vegetables and fruits have been growing throughout the spring and summer. After the fall harvest, favorite dishes can once again be made using fresh produce. Many people also enjoy venturing out to pick their own produce, such as apples, to take home and make delicious baked goods or meals with.

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Fall also features many traditional dishes, such as pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, and casseroles, which aren’t usually made during other times of the year.

Some fruits are only harvested during the spring months, though. These fruits include melons, strawberries, kiwis, apricots, grapefruits, and rhubarb. If one of these fruits is your favorite, you might prefer spring, as you’ll have easier access to this sort of fresh produce.

fresh strawberries growing

Longer Days

During the fall months, the amount of daylight shortens, and the nights become longer. During the spring, however, the opposite happens. Instead of long nights and short days, the amount of daylight each day lengthens. This means there’s more time to enjoy outdoor activities after school or work, and you won’t be going to or coming home from school or work in the dark.

Recreational Activities

The warmer weather of spring allows for many options when it comes to recreational activities. Since the weather is warmer and the days are longer, many people head outside for picnics, hikes, walks in the park, or mountain biking. Camping is more popular during the spring and summer months, and spring is often a good season for fishing.

Fall also offers opportunities for outdoor activities, but anyone outside during this season might be cold. Hiking during the fall is popular, as it often allows people a better view of the foliage. Many people also enjoy biking during the fall, and stargazing is often considered to be better during the clear nights of autumn. Once the snow arrives, many people also enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing.

woman hiking uphill

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