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In this article, we will compare Aegean Teal and Moody Blue paint colors from Sherwin Williams.

This includes a side by side color comparison with Hex and RGB numbers. If you are considering either of these colors for your home, the following information will help you decide which paint color is best for you.

aegean teal vs moody blue paint colors infographic

Aegean Teal vs Moody Blue

Both Aegean Teal and Moody Blue offer a rich neutral blue gray that you can nudge in new directions.

There’s enough green in both shades to add a bit of soot, making either color an ideal choice for a bedroom.

Warm whites will pair beautifully with either of these colors. You can also bump up the blue in these blends by putting subtle shades of orange and red to work.

Terra cotta pots will glow against either of these shades and bump up the rich quality of the blue gray.

Aegean teal and moody blue paint colors wall art

Aegean Teal

Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore is a velvety shade that would be an ideal choice in a space where you want the wall color to recede.

It won’t chalk, so it would make a great choice for a bedroom. It also pairs beautifully with a balanced black.

If your walls are heavily textured or if you’ve been considering adding texture to a space, Aegean Blue is a terrific choice.

This rich combination of blue, gray and green fades to a lush charcoal that will add a lovely touch to any space.

This color is sturdy and saturated enough to push a bit. You can use it to anchor a room with a pale maple floor and a sisal rug.

aegean teal paint color infographic

Wicker furniture will stand out beautifully against this color, as will un-dyed canvas curtains and raw muslin.

If your tastes run to antiques, use Aegean Teal on an accent wall behind oak bookshelves or a maple desk. Warm wood will work beautifully against this color.

Shades of warm red, from rust to orange, will bring out the blue in this shade. Be aware that cool reds, such as burgundy or cherry, may turn this color a bit muddy.

As ever, take care when pairing any blended shade with gray.

Warm whites, up to and including a pale buttery yellow will work well with this shade. With this color on your walls, Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore would be an ideal trim or cabinet color.

If you prefer white walls and are looking for an accent wall color, look for a white that includes a touch of peach.

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Blanched Coral would allow you to create a gentle palette of colors throughout your home, and an accent wall of Aegean Teal would be a dramatic spot to draw the eye. Both colors will draw the best from one another.

Aegean Teal features a lot of green as well as blue and gray. Consider your preferred lighting palette when you put this color to work.

If your light source contains too much blue, you may turn this color a muddy gray. Keep your light neutral and put it on a dimmer so the blue and green in this color don’t have to compete.

When you dim the lights, this shade will recede.

Use dark accessories when you put this color to work. Now is a great time to try out wrought iron hardware, black frames on your prints and photos, and rubbed bronze fixtures in the kitchen and bath.

RGB: 113, 137, 139
Hex Code: #71898B

aegean teal paint color wall art under lights

Moody Blue

Moody Blue from Sherwin-Williams is an excellent cure for all things greige. This sooty blue gray pairs beautifully with browns.

If your carpet is tan and you want a wall color that will glow against it, use moody blue. Do take care not to use bright white in the vicinity of this color.

It will try to go green, but since the blue and green in this shade are so close, there’s a chance it will just go swampy.

Because the color is so beautifully balanced in this blend, it’s ideally suited for sheen play.

If you’re not keen on trying to create stripes and you really don’t like stencils, consider investing in some open-backed shelving. A set of light maple shelves would look beautiful against this color.

Trim the bottom of the shelves so they fit tightly against the wall, or build a base to lift the shelf unit over your baseboard trim. Use an L bracket to secure the shelves to the wall.

moody blue paint color infographic

Paint the wall behind the shelves Moody Blue in a satin or semi-gloss finish and install puck lights to show off whatever you’re displaying on your shelves.

Paint the rest of the wall a flat or eggshell shade of Moody Blue. When you turn on your lights, the glossy paint will increase the light that glows on your belongings.

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When you turn off the lights, this paint will actually appear darker than the wall color and add more visual interest to your space.

Moody Blue could be considered a modern cottage color. If you love open shelving, lightly finished wood tones and natural wicker or sisal, you’re in luck.

You can also use this shade on the outside of your home. If you’ve got cedar siding or rusty brick, this color would make either shade glow.

This color is not an ideal foil for a solid green. If you love your houseplants and want to really show them off, pair them with the other colors that go well with moody blue.

Ivory sheers or drapes would pair beautifully with Moody Blue and serve as a wonderful backdrop for your plants.

A brown planting barrel in front of your home would look terrific with Moody Blue siding and allow your green plants to stand out effectively.

If you want to pair this color with a darker shade, start with a flat black or dark brown and work backwards.

Gray will be hard to pair effectively with this color; there’s a chance you can push this shade towards a swampy green if you use a gray that has too much blue.

A rich brown, such as French Roast, would be an ideal choice.

Moody Blue is a wonderful shade for anyone who loves the Hygge style. Ivory rugs with lots of puff, lightly finished wood tones and even cowskin rugs will look terrific against an accent wall of Moody Blue.

Because brown works so beautifully with this color, look for ways to put rubbed bronze to work in your space.

Even if you prefer a brighter metal finish, brass and copper will work better than silver or nickel when you use Moody Blue.

Do be aware that this shade is less saturated than Aegean Teal. If your plan is to use one of these shades in a bedroom and you need a really dark space, Moody Blue may chalk more than Aegean Teal.

Stick with a flat sheen and consider adding paint sand to bump up the texture and reduce the risk of light reflection.

RGB: 120, 143, 144
Hex Code: #788F90

moody blue paint color wall art under lights

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