With a decade of immersion in home and design and a graduate degree specializing in painting, Emily has honed her craft both as a scenic artist and a custom color mixer for renowned theatrical scene shops.

Her expertise doesn’t just stop at mixing the perfect shade; it extends to helping you understand the nuances between paint colors.

Emily’s articles dive deep into the world of hues, offering readers insights that guide them in selecting the right palette for their spaces.

Female designer working with colors

Her philosophy? “Don’t just choose a paint color because it’s in vogue. Choose a shade that makes you smile. After all, your home is your canvas, a work of art.”

Step into Emily’s world, and let her guide you in choosing the right colors for your space.

Emily has been writing for over 18 years and although painting is her favorite topic, she also enjoys writing about finance, real estate, and entrepreneurship.

Emily has written over 100 articles for How Things Compare, and has plans for many more.

Articles include: