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In this article, you will learn about Saybrook Sage, Clary Sage, and October Mist paint colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

Saybrook sage vs clary sage vs October mist paint colors infographic

Saybrook Sage vs Clary Sage vs October Mist Paint Colors

Shades of green, like other blended colors such as purple and orange, tend to be kind to decorators looking to incorporate a lot of colors into their home.

If you’re considering adding a shade of green to your home, any of the colors listed below will serve as a warm, pleasant background for other warm colors.

It’s important to note the high concentration of red in each of the colors listed below. While warm tones will work well with them, you will want to take care when pairing them with cool tones such as blue.

Saybrook sage, Clary sage, october mist paint colors artwork under lights

Saybrook Sage

Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage is a lovely shade of pale green gray that will work beautifully with natural tones.

If you enjoy decorating with a variety of wood tones, especially warm woods such as cherry or red oak, this color is an ideal choice. It will also serve as a wonderful background for ivory and warm tan tones.

To get the most out of this color, consider using it in spaces that will get a lot of daylight. This color is pale enough to turn a bit chalky when the natural light drops.

In a bedroom, this may be a problem as it will reflect lights from electronics. If your sleeping space has any light bleed around draperies, the space may be too bright to allow you to sleep in total darkness.

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Saybrook Sage could also be a fun color to use if you’re interested in playing with different sheens. To that end, you can easily put this to use in a mildew-resistant semi-gloss for your bathroom or kitchen.

saybrook sage paint color infographic

Do be prepared for the reflective surface to produce a slightly different tone than if you use an eggshell or flat paint in an office or a family room.

This color will read either green or gray, depending on how you light it and what colors you pair it with. You can push the green color forward with warm tones, such as a burgundy side chair or a collection of terra cotta pots.

Natural wicker, such as a series of baskets, will bring out the green to great effect. Brown tones, especially warm dark shades such as rust, will also boost the green in this paint color.

If you want to boost the gray, light this paint with blue lights. Many LED bulbs are inherently cool and will tone down the green in this shade.

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For those with this color on all or most of their walls, this switch from cool to warm contrasts can actually add a great deal of variety.

Make sure you are consistent; a charcoal gray sofa and gray carpet will work well with this color and enhance the gray in this color.

RGB: 177, 182, 162
Hex Code: #B1B7A2

Saybrook sage paint color wall art above a desk

Clary Sage

Clary Sage from Sherwin Williams is a richer shade of green that will hold its color against other shades. This paint color is also more saturated than Saybrook Sage and may be more effective in sleeping spaces.

Fans of ivory will love working with Clary Sage. If you plan to paint your trim, consider Ivory Lace from Sherwin Williams as a clean, warm color that will bring out the green of Clary Sage.

For those rehabbing or updating cabinets, Clary Sage on the bottom and Ivory Lace on top could be a great pairing.

Clary Sage can provide you with wonderful options for shadow tones. If your walls are textured and your space is strongly lit from above, make sure your bulbs produce a warm light to get the full benefit of this lovely gray-green.

Warm metals will also work beautifully against this color. A clock with a brass frame or polished brass curtain rods could add a great deal of visual interest. Simple canvas drapes or upholstery fabrics will also work well with this color.

Take care when pairing this green with white tones. White paint colors often include a bit of blue to brighten them.

Clary sage paint color infographic

A bright white against this color will push the green in a way that could be visually jarring, especially if your flooring is warmly tinted.

Clary Sage would be a wonderful background color for dark woods. If your home has mahogany trim and you’ve been considering painting it to brighten your space, go ahead and paint the walls first. You may find that your dark mahogany is refreshed by proximity to this warm green.

This shade of green gray is also a wonderful background for shades of warm black. It can be hard to determine whether a black is warm or cool, especially if you’re dealing with upholstery fabric.

As a general rule, suede tones are cool while leather or faux leather tend to be warmer. If you’re not sure, take a piece of cherry red fabric and lay it over the black upholstery fabric.

If the black recedes or becomes rather dusky, it’s warm. If it is cool, it will stand up to cherry red.

Fans of yellow may also have very good luck using Clary Sage on their walls. If you’re keen on very bright yellows, such as sunflower or goldenrod, be prepared for the green to stand out even more strongly.

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Pale yellow shades, such as whipped butter, will pair beautifully with this color.

RGB: 172, 173, 151
Hex Code: #ACAD97

Clary sage paint color art work above a desk

October Mist

If you’re looking for a rich green that will fade as the day darkens, October Mist from Benjamin Moore is a wonderful choice.

This color is saturated enough that you can put it to work in a sleeping space or in a relaxing family room that you enjoy after sunset.

Put this shade to work with other warm tones and let it glow. If you have a red brick fireplace, put this on the wall around it to make the bricks stand out.

Your rust-toned sofa, your wine-red armchairs and your red oak bookcases will look beautiful against this shade.

October Mist paint color infographic

If your home is generally a light shade of off-white or ivory, this color can also be a useful accent wall. No matter what you do to this color, it will hold onto it’s tendency to read green, unlike Saybrook Sage.

If you have a library with a lot of visual variety in your book jackets, October Mist is a great choice for the walls behind your bookcases.

Because this shade is so warm, take care when pairing it with primary shades. There’s a lot of green in this paint color, but there’s also a lot of red.

If you push this color with stop-sign red, royal blue or sunflower yellow, it may appear dirty rather than green.

If you want to pair this color with anything in the purple family, go ahead. Just make sure that the color is smoky rather than bright.

For those interested in playing a bit with mixing their own colors, you can dull down purple with a strong green.

Like the other green tones in this review, October Mist would pair beautifully with whites that have a good dose of yellow.

As someone who loves to mix their own paint colors, I don’t recommend trying to come up with your own shade of ivory or off-white. Most white paint colors contain blue for brightness.

It will take a lot of yellow to turn a bright white into a shade of ivory that you like, and you may end up with a bucket of muddy white instead of ivory.

October Mist is dark enough that it offers home decorators a lot of visual interest when you choose a different sheen.

For example, you could use this color in an eggshell on most of your walls and put a semi-gloss or satin behind a set of open-backed shelving to create more visual interest.

RGB: 182, 184, 165
Hex Code: #B6B8A5

October mist paint color wall art above a desk

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