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In the natural world, green is often a backdrop for brighter colors. Green alone can be incredibly energizing or comfortably soothing. The greens listed below include both warm and cool colors.

Some are bright enough for children’s spaces and others would be ideal for an elegant accent wall.

When choosing the right green for your space, pay special attention to the texture you will need to cover. Greens tend to throw beautiful but strong shadow colors.

A light green on a heavily textured wall can look rather polka-dotted from a distance. If you’ve been thinking of smoothing out the texture on your walls, do it before you paint your walls any shade of dark or smoky green.

Here is my list of amazing green paint colors for you to compare.

  1. Essex Green
  2. Mint Condition
  3. Cushing Green
  4. Tantalizing Teal
  5. Rookwood Dark Green
  6. Pewter Green
  7. Isle Of Pines
  8. Sea Salt
  9. Saybrook Sage
9 Amazing green paint colors infographic

Amazing Green Paint Colors: Side By Side Comparisons

essex green, mint condition, cushing green paint colors wall art
tantalizing green, rookwood green, pewter green paint colors art work
isle of pines, sea salt, saybrook sage green paint colors wall art

1) Essex Green

Essex Green from Benjamin Moore is the darkest shade in this review. If you want a green that is nearly black, this is your color.

To bring out the green most effectively, avoid pairing it with light colors or glossy reflective surfaces.

Pair this green with a true black. A piece that is slightly distressed could be even more effective. This green is a bit on the warm side and will tolerate a very deep charcoal.

You could also pair this with a clean burgundy or wine shade. Tans and browns could turn this color rather dowdy or dull. Light this shade cleanly with mid-tone bulbs to help it maintain that green tint.

RGB: 41, 53, 46
Hex Code: #29352E

essex green paint color wall art

2) Mint Condition

Mint Condition by Sherwin-Williams is an incredibly flexible color. It leans slightly to the cool side and would be a terrific choice for a kitchen or utility room. It would be a fun shade for a playroom or child’s bedroom.

Because this green is beautifully balanced and has plenty of personality, it would also be a great fit for anyone who loves an eclectic decorating style.

If you adore colored glass or a variety of ceramics, this would be a great wall color. For those who enjoy being a bit more daring with their decorating choices, this color is also light enough for your ceiling.

RGB: 206, 227, 211
Hex Code: #CEE3D3

mint condition paint color wall art

3) Cushing Green

Those who love earthy upholstery fabrics and textures need Cushing Green from Benjamin Moore on their walls. This green has a strong presence but will be extremely supportive to your medium wood tones, leather upholstery and warm-toned rugs.

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Because this color leans slightly to the warm side, it will also be a wonderful foil for metal. Put this on the walls of your kitchen and hang your copper pots. Put it on the walls of your bathroom and install rubbed bronze hardware.

Take care not to overload Cushing Green. It will work beautifully with warm shades from ivory to brown, but add colors such as terra cotta, peach or salmon in very small doses.

RGB: 104, 118, 102
Hex Code: #687666

cushing green paint color wall art

4) Tantalizing Teal

If you love the cottage style and color palette, Tantalizing Teal from Sherwin-Williams needs to be on your list. This is a high energy color, ideal for a small kitchen or a tidy breakfast nook.

Fans of pastels will adore this color. Pale pink bedding, buttery yellow towels and peach pillows will all glow against this light shade of teal. If you want to pair this color with blues, lean a little darker.

A sky blue may gray out against this shade, but a bold purple will stand up well.

RGB: 133, 220, 205
Hex Code: #85DCCD

tantalizing teal paint color wall art

5) Rookwood Dark Green

Rookwood Dark Green from Sherwin-Williams is a very warm green. Pair this with yellow tones and richly texture fabrics. Light it with yellow, and if you can, light it from below with table lamps for an elegant touch.

As a general rule, green shades will work well with white paints. However, if your current trim is white and you want to use Rookwood Dark Green in the space, consider repainting your trim.

This color will probably not work or play well with bright whites or other colors with a blue undertone. Consider the warm and slightly smoky White Duck from Sherwin-Williams as a different option.

RGB: 87, 93, 75
Hex Code: #575D4B

rookwood dark green paint color art work

6) Pewter Green

Benjamin Moore’s Pewter Green is a beautifully balanced color that will work well with both plain white and plain black. If you’ve been living in an apartment and aren’t sure how to personalize your own space with paint, putting this shade on one accent wall is a great choice.

For those with more painting experience, you may get more use out of this color by changing up the sheen. For example, you could put a flat version of this color on 3 walls and use a semi-gloss on the other wall for more light reflection.

The key to working with different sheens is to start with a well-prepped surface. After you wash your walls, you’ll need to rinse them. As you work, note where there are nail holes, dips or dings on the surface of your walls.

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Put a piece of painter’s tape on the floor below the area that will need patched. When the walls are completely dry, patch the holes and sand before you prime for best results.

RGB: 94, 98, 89
Hex Code: #5E6259

pewter green paint color wall art

7) Isle of Pines

Isle of Pines is an extremely versatile green offered by Sherwin-Williams. By the numbers, it’s on the cool side. Thanks to the high percentage of red, it’s slightly smoky and will pair well with warm tones.

Take care to avoid pairing this color with primary shades. Sooty reds that lean toward burgundy will work well; cherry red will cause this green to gray out.

Because this color is cool, it will work beautifully with navy. This is also a green that will pop against white trim.

RGB: 60, 85, 66
Hex Code: #3C5542

isle of pines paint color wall art

8) Sea Salt

If you’re ready to paint every wall inside your house, Sea Salt from Sherwin-Williams is a wonderful option. This beautiful pale sage leans slightly to the warm side. It will work beautifully with a pale ivory and pale wood tones.

Sea Salt is also a green that will pair well with your houseplants. Sisal rugs, wicker furniture and light-toned baskets will also work beautifully with this color.

Light this color with a neutral bulb for best results and try to use filtered lights against this color to avoid harsh shadows.

Do be aware that Sea Salt is light enough to chalk when the sun goes down. If you need a dark bedroom for best rest results, consider using a differen shade in your sleeping space.

RGB: 205, 210, 202
Hex Code: #CDD2CA

sea salt paint color wall art

9) Saybrook Sage

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve the greige of your space, Saybrook Sage from Benjamin Moore is here to help! This is an extremely warm green with enough personality to shine against warm tans, warm grays and buttery ivory tones.

This green throws a beautiful shadow color. If you’ve got some bookcases that could use a bit of oomph, put this color on the inside of the back wall. You will be delighted with the results.

Those who have been longing to play with textured rollers or DIY stripes will want to put Saybrook Sage to work.

This color is saturated enough to hold its own against other warm shades and light enough to give you a bit of grace if you want to play with different sheens.

RGB: 178, 180, 161
Hex Code: #B2B4A1

saybrook sage paint color wall art

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