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In this article, you will learn about Pure White, Simply White, and White Dove paint colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

Pure White vs Simply White vs White Dove paint colors infographic

Pure White vs Simply White vs White Dove Paint Colors

White actually comes in a lot of different shades. Because white will inevitably chalk as the light in a space fades, the sheen that you choose will also have an impact on your white walls.

The colors below offer a great deal of variety and can add a subtle but important difference to your decor.

Pure white vs simply white vs white dove paint colors wall art under lights

Pure White

Pure White from Sherwin Williams is a warm white that will suit any space that features brown, tan or gold. This is a color that will happily fade into the background if you enjoy a lot of color in your decorating choices.

Be aware that other pale shades may dull against this color. For example, if you have undyed canvas drapes that have a slightly yellow caste, that yellow may dull down against this color.

If you want to paint your children’s room with this shade, pastel posters and rugs may appear faded.

This is a lovely shade to use in a satin or semi-gloss finish, especially against other warm colors. For example, if you want an accent wall in a rust or wine, this color will be a beautiful choice for your trim.

pure white paint color infographic

You may also choose to put this shade to work on doors and cabinetry. As it’s warm, this shade would be lovely against a dark rubbed bronze or even a black wrought iron hardware choice.

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Take care when putting this shade on the walls in a room that you want to feel restful. White paint can too often have a utilitarian, chilly feel.

If you want to use this shade in a family room or in your bedroom, take care to use a flat finish and consider using a texturing agent or painting tool to avoid bouncing light around the space.

If your current home is loaded with gray, such as gray flooring or tile, proceed with caution. This warm shade may cause your charcoal gray carpet to read as more blue than gray.

It can also turn your Pure White walls into a shade closer to old oatmeal.

RGB: 238, 236, 229
Hex Code: #EEECE5

Pure white paint color wall art over a desk

Simply White

Benjamin Moore’s Simply White is a creamy warm shade that offers a lot of variety for such a pale color. It shadows beautifully and could offer a lot of visual interest and variety with the right lighting.

Don’t be afraid to push this color with other strong shades in the warm family. This paint color offers a touch of yellow that should hold up against colors such as sage green, burgundy, rust or terra cotta.

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If you want a very pale yellow for a baby’s or child’s room, pair this shade with bright white shelving and trim color. Bright whites are so designated because they contain blue.

The blue in items painted bright white will boost the yellow in this color and create a very soothing shade. A small swatch of yellow can lead to a wall color that feels bold instead of restful.

Cream that reads yellow will not be so overwhelming.

simply white paint color infographic

Look for ways to put the shadow colors of Simply White to work. If you have this on the walls of your dining room, consider adding wall sconces and leaving the overhead lights off.

The shadow tones of this paint color are actually quite interesting. If you have textured walls or have even painted over beadboard or paneling, this shade will add interest.

If you’re going to put this color on the walls, consider also putting it on the ceilings. Ceiling paint tends to be cool, which may lead to visual confusion if the top of the wall looks yellow but the bottom of the wall looks like an ivory or cream.

Skip the confusion and create a clean field of this lovely warm white.

Because this color creates such lovely shadow shades, it’s a good idea to add even more texture to the space. Nubby fabrics, velvets and corduroys will enhance the warmth of this color.

For those who love painted trim, this is likely a good choice as long as your flooring is warm. Take the time to paint a sizable sample and lay it down on your carpet once it’s dry.

View it in full sun to make sure that you like how the paint color reads against your carpet. If your carpet is cool, your trim may read as pale yellow.

Finally, if you want to try out a new painting technique or play with different sheens, this color will be easy to work with.

Because it will chalk no matter what you do, adding stripes or a random sponge or floral pattern is a fun way to practice. If you don’t like it, paint it flat again!

RGB: 247, 244, 235
Hex Code: #F7F4EB

Simply white paint color wall art over a desk

White Dove

White Dove from Benjamin Moore is the warmest white in this listing. To that end, it’s not a good idea to treat it as a neutral. Instead, you will want to use this shade as an integrated part of your decor.

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Unlike a basic warm white, this color will push back if you pair it with a cool shade. If your favorite rug is gray, White Dove may read peach rather than white. Your rug may also read blue against this shade.

No matter what your decorating plans are, take your time and invest in a sample container of your favorite color so far. Head to the nearest craft store and get a few plain canvases.

Paint yourself a large sample, let it dry and move it around the space you plan to redecorate. You can save yourself a lot of heartache by testing out colors, especially shades that will take up a lot of real estate when you’re done.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t use White Dove in the right setting. For example, this color would be ideal if you are trying to show off your deep green sofa.

white dove paint color infographic

If you love plants and natural materials, such as bamboo or woven wicker furniture, go ahead and put this on the walls. Houseplants in every shade of green will glow against this color.

Fans of bright brass or warm wood tones, such as red oak, will adore how this color sets off their favorite pieces. If your family sectional is a tan suede, this color could leave it looking dingy and dirty.

If the family section is rust or warm brown, putting White Dove on the walls will make your furniture look new.

Like Simply White, White Dove offers a lot of visual interest as the light changes. It will also appear to be a very different color in yellow sunlight.

If you love very pale colors, such as peach, go ahead and push this wall color with shades of blue, from pale aqua to deepest cadet blue.

If you have White Dove on the walls, a blue bedspread could be all you need to turn your walls a warm, very pale peach.

Make sure to light White Dove with yellow light. Blue LED tones will leave this color looking rather dingy. If you plan to paint your cabinets and want to use White Dove in a semi-gloss finish, make sure you get rid of any fluorescents in the room and replace them with warm light.

Additionally, make sure you are embracing the warmth in this shade fully before you apply it across a large stretch of wall or cabinets. Don’t think of it as a white with no personality or push-back.

RGB: 240, 237, 228
Hex Code: #F0EDE4

white dove paint color wall art over a desk

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