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Warm white tones are a wonderful way to subtly add comfort and coziness to a home. This article will compare Snowbound and White dove colors allowing you to see the difference and decide if either one of these colors will work for you.

snowbound vs white dove wall art

If you’re looking for that one color to use throughout a new home or to apply in a space that is new to that will help the space feel clean and comfortable, either of these colors will be a good choice.

One is slightly brighter and a bit more energizing; the time of day that you are most often home may help you make your ultimate choice.

Snowbound vs White Dove

snowbound and white dove wall art above a sofa


Despite the fact that Snowbound looks like a blend of cream and tan, it’s part of the red family. This is a warm color that can serve as a trim in the right setting.

snowbound wall art under lights

By the numbers, red is stronger than blue in this RGB blend.

Curiously, the number that most impacts this color is that middle number.

The high percentage of green in this color means that this is a shade with some smoke in it.

We know that if we blend red and green we get a mucky brown (think swamp water) and if we blend red and blue we get purple. Pure red and pure blue makes a royal purple, but if you add green to this color you will smoke down the brightness and can come up with some really interesting shades.

Because Snowbound contain such a high level of green in a very warm color, you can use this in your home as a trim paint if you love saturated colors.

Consider colors such as teal, cadet blue, burgundy, and a rich mauve. Do be aware that, in such a color scheme, white will look like a mistake.

Plain white ceilings will likely not make you happy if you love darker colors in your home, but a ceiling of Snowbound will really set these colors off.

Smoky, saturated shades are simply a matter of preference. Some people love a cheery yellow kitchen; others need a smoky plum, such as Autumn Orchid in the family room to relax and snuggle in.

Often, your paint color choices can be defined by the amount of light a space gets.

snowbound color infographic

Snowbound is warm. In yellow sunlight, it will get warmer. Against blue or blue-gray furniture, it may get a bit muddy. Avoid gem colors; royal blue and Barney purple will really pop against this color and may muddy it up.

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If you add large blocks of any shade, such as an emerald green play mat in a child’s room, you may not like what happens to the wall color.

Do pair this shade with ivory. Sage green would be beautiful against this color. Cyan or lime green likely will not work as you expect. As the light dims this color will likely not gray down much.

White Dove will also chalk after the sun goes down. If you need a dark bedroom to sleep deeply, consider one of the smoky, snuggly colors listed above and use Snowbound on the trim.

If you want to paint doors and cabinets with this color, consider updating the hardware with something dark. Bright polished brass will likely be too much and feel oddly shiny, but a rubbed bronze hardware would look terrific with this shade.

RGB: 237, 234, 229
Hex Code: #EDEAE5

snowbound wall art above a desk

White Dove

White Dove is another very light shade of cream in the red family. It also contains a lot of green, making it a wonderful foil for furniture of all shades.

white dove wall art under lights

You can also use this color on the trim in your home.

If you love a cottage style but your color scheme is warmer than the traditional denim feel, this creamy color may be just what you need.

Pair this with natural products. Bamboo flooring, a sisal rug, wicker baskets and sea grass in a jar. If you love the look of barnwood but don’t want gray, get a short piece of pine and play with stains made at home with tea for a yellowed, aged finish.

You will still need to prepare the wood by sanding and cleaning, and there will be a bit of sanding after staining to knock down raised grain. If you want a rustic stain that is a bit darker or warmer, let a steel wool pad dissolve in the tea before you start playing.

White Dove also works beautifully with red tones. Again, jewel tones are likely out; don’t add large fields of cherry or poppy red. Instead, think of the rusty red of old bricks or the terra cotta tones of a new flower pot.

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Pale tones will work as well; if you want to put this on all the walls of a new house, pretty peaches, and sage greens will work beautifully in the nursery or your child’s bedroom.

Because this is such a subtle color, it would be a great choice for your ceiling. You can paint your ceiling with any flat latex paint; if it’s textured, you may way to remove the texture before you paint.

In my experience, the texture on the ceiling will flake away a bit as you roll on paint, but you likely won’t lose enough to make a difference as you look across the space unless moisture has been an issue.

If you’re painting a bathroom with this color and you want to paint the ceiling, you will need to remove the texture first (or the texture may come off in large, unappealing chunks). Use a fairly thick nap roller and be ready to toss it when you’re done.

white dove color infographic

As a trim paint, White Dove will be a wonderful foil for any flooring that isn’t cool. Gray Barnwood likely will not work, though there are some wonderful manufactured Barnwood finished planks that have a lot of brown in them.

Warm browns, from milk chocolate to caramel, are a great option. Cherry wood, red or yellow oak, and warm maple will also glow against this trim color.

If your house is very small, you may want to consider using this both on the walls and on the trim. It’s a very inviting shade that doesn’t argue much. Do take care not to fill a small space painted White Dove with lots of cool shades.

If you love your denim quilt and use it as a bedspread, don’t be surprised if the walls suddenly appear a yellow color similar to whipped butter.

This is a delicate shade that has enough warm tones to provide a mild contrast. As the day darkens, this shade will chalk and stay reflective.

RGB: 240,237, 228
Hex Code: #F0EDE4

white dove wall art above a desk

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