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In this article, you will learn about Dover White, Snowbound, and Creamy paint colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

Dover White vs Snowbound vs Creamy: Paint Colors infographic

Dover White vs Snowbound vs Creamy: Paint Colors

Dover White vs Snowbound vs Creamy: Paint Colors wall art under lights

All 3 of the paint colors in this review are, at their base, a warm shade of off-white. Choosing the best cream or off-white color for your home will require a careful review of the colors you already have.

These three colors can all be pushed towards yellow if you use them next to cool colors. Charcoal gray, navy blue, plum and burgundy can all turn these warm shades to a buttery yellow.

If you’re happy with yellow, you can pair Dover White and Creamy with nearly any shade.

One of the best features of each of these shades is that you can use them in a monochromatic decorating scheme.

If you love minimalism but are tired of plain white, you can use each of these paints on your walls and ceiling.

In a semi-gloss, you can also use these colors on your trim.

Dover White

Dover White from Sherwin-Williams offers home decorators a luscious backdrop for many different colors. Warm colors will glow against this paint color.

Wood tones, from warm maple to red oak to rich mahogany, will also pair well with this shade.

Because this color will lean towards yellow if you push it with cool colors, avoid pure blues and reds. Smoky shades, such as teal, will pair beautifully with this paint.

dover white paint color infographic

Of course, if you are using this color on all your walls, you might consider bumping up the yellow by adding a red bedspread, blue play rug or bright white shelving.

If you’re looking for an accent wall color to pair with Dover White, consider colors in the green family.

With an olive green sofa or a hunter green armchair, you will create a visual anchor in your space that will allow your off-white walls to stay off-white, rather than turning yellow.

Tan carpets, medium toned wood flooring, and natural rugs will also pair beautifully with this wall color.

Do create a sample and study this wall color in full daylight. There’s a very good chance that this wall color will appear yellow when in full sun. It will also chalk as the light fades.

If you need to sleep in full dark, don’t use this color in the bedroom.

RGB: 240, 234, 219
Hex Code: #F0EADB

dover white paint color wall art


Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams is another color that is ideal for monochromatic decorating. Do take care when pairing this shade with warm tones.

By the numbers, Snowbound is a color that is prone to turning a bit sooty. While it’s on the warm side due to the high percentage of red, there’s not much of a gap between the red and blue pigment in this paint.

In a room that contains a lot of warmth, such as a space with rich wood flooring or a sumptuous brown leather sofa, there’s a good chance that Snowbound will turn from a warm off-white to a tired, pale gray.

Instead, use this color in combination with cool blends. Plum Dandy would be a terrific accent wall color.

snowbound paint color infographic

If you choose to use this paint on all of your trim and some of your walls, try Green Bay at the end of a long room or on one wall of your kitchen.

Unless your living space gets a great deal of yellow light, this color should not turn yellow if you push it with cool colors.

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However, it will likely lean towards a gray, or more truthfully a dirty white, if you use too much warmth against it.

Snowbound will work well with both white and black. Paint your kitchen cabinets in this color and add wrought iron hardware. Tile your bathroom in gloss white and put this paint on the walls.

Unlike Dover White and Creamy, this color should not develop a yellow glow against white trim paint, tile or furnishings.

Thankfully, you can also pair this color with a well-balanced gray, or a gray that contains a bit of green. If you need a darker color for sleeping spaces, check out Night Owl.

RGB: 237, 234, 229
Hex Code: #EDEAE5

snowbound paint color wall art


Creamy from Sherwin-Williams will put you in the mood for some top quality vanilla ice cream. This color is a luscious, buttery shade that would be a marvelous foil for many different decorating styles.

If you like natural fibers, cork floors and houseplants, put this shade to work in your sunroom. Get this same color in a semi-gloss finish if you plan to paint your trim.

This color will not work and play well with white trim, though it will pair beautifully with warm wood.

Ivory canvas drapes, wicker furniture and terra cotta pots will all glow against this color. You can also put this shade to use behind your favorite antiques.

creamy paint color infographic

Red oak, rich cherry and warm maple will all look terrific against this shade.

As you expand your decorating choices, look for warm, natural materials. Brown leather, cowskin rugs and sheepskin fleece throws will work very well with this color.

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If you’ve been considering going a bit Hygge in your decorating choices, glowing ivory candles will pair beautifully with this shade.

Fans of cool tones will need to be careful against this color. Creamy will appear yellow against denim blue, navy or charcoal gray. Again, consider the location you’re decorating.

A yellow living room may not suit your style, so keep things in the common areas warm to avoid pushing this color.

In children’s bedrooms, pull out all the bright primary colors. Cherry red and royal blue will turn your Creamy walls into yellow ones with little effort on your part.

Be careful when pairing this shade with a strong sunflower yellow; you may actually push this off-white towards tan.

Keep your metals dark against this shade. Bright copper will likely make this color look a bit tired. Rubbed bronze will glow against it, especially if you’re upgrading your kitchen or bathroom hardware.

Do your best not to pair this color with bright white. A white porcelain sink or bright white appliances will push this color into the yellow zone.

A matte black or stainless steel would likely be a better choice as these tones, in combination, often appear neutral.

Accent colors for Creamy will need to be both warm and richly saturated. Sturdy Brown would be an ideal choice against this color, especially if you’re using Creamy as your trim shade.

Light this shade in a neutral, balanced bulb color if at all possible. Yellow light will mean yellow walls, but yellow walls convey an energy that may not be welcome.

In your home office, yellow light and sky blue curtains will boost the energy of this shade and help you engage your brain. In your family room, you will likely want a color that allows your brain to relax a bit.

I’m not a fan of painting every wall in the house the same color. However, if time is short and you need to choose a color for your whole home, Creamy offers a lot of flexibility.

If you use a satin-finish mildew-resistant paint in your kitchen and bath, be aware that these rooms will be quite bright and may appear yellow in full light.

If your walls are heavily textured, be aware that this color throws a richer than expected shadow tone. Stick with a flat finish to get the most consistent color from your application.

RGB: 238, 231, 217
Hex Code: #EEE7D9

creamy paint color wall art

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