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The color yellow has been around for a long time and has therefore been assigned to many different feelings. Sunshine is obviously associated with yellow, so some find it a cheery color.

In early Christian art, Judas was depicted in yellow. The connection between yellow and cowardice is often attributed to this connection.

If you’re going to use yellow in your home, it’s a good idea to pair it with colors close to it. As a primary pigment, yellow is inclined to push back against other colors.

It will often work well with green and warm red tones but will bump up hard against cool tones such as blue and gray.

Dark yellow, brass yellow, goldenrod yellow colors wall art under lights
Harvest gold yellow, golden yellow, honey yellow colors wall art under lights
Taxi cab yellow, saffron yellow, maize yellow colors wall art under lights
Marigold yellow, mustard yellow, ochre yellow colors wall art under lights

1) Dark Yellow

Dark yellow is an ideal choice if you prefer warm colors in your home decor. There’s enough green to tone down the brightness in this color, but no blue to take the edge off.

While green will enrich yellow, blue will add a touch of soot or smoke. If you’re interested in using this color in a room that gets a lot of sunlight, consider adding natural canvas or unbleached muslin to your window treatments.

Green houseplants will be especially attractive against dark yellow.

RGB: 246, 190, 0
Hex Code: #F6BE00

Dark Yellow color wall art above a desk

2) Brass

Brass is a rich, warm yellow that may actually fade into the background against other shades. Wood tones and brown leather or suede will look especially luscious against the warmth of Brass.

You may even be able to pair this with greige; a sandy tan carpet will also combine well with this shade. Because this color is so warm, it’s a good idea to avoid pairing this with bright white.

Putting this color close to any shade that is tinted with blue may leave it looking muddy.

RGB: 172, 159, 60
Hex Code: #AC9F3C

Brass Yellow color wall art above a desk

3) Goldenrod

Goldenrod is a nicely subdued shade of dark yellow. If you have a separate office or a craft room, you may find this color boosts your creativity.

In large swaths, some may find that shades of yellow create agitation. If you need a spot that is ideal for meditation, yellow in general shade may not be your best choice.

However, this shade would work well with a pale ivory or a dark wood tone.

RGB: 224, 165, 38
Hex Code: #E0A526

Goldenrod Yellow color wall art above a desk

4) Harvest Gold

If you find the name of this color is an unpleasant reminder of some rather outdated appliances, look again. While this shade contains no blue at all and is a very warm color, it’s not pushy. Nor is it unpleasant.

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In fact, this color could be a nice addition to your kitchen or dining area. There are indications that yellow is an effective appetite stimulant.

If you’re looking for an accent wall color in your dining room, try Harvest Gold.

RGB: 218, 145, 0
Hex Code: #DA9100

Harvest Gold Yellow color wall art above a desk

5) Golden Yellow

Golden Yellow is a rich, warm shade that would pair well with many wood tones. If your home already features golden or yellow oak, adding fabrics of this color could ring out the depth of color in your flooring or cabinets.

That being said, this color is unlikely to back down if you pair it with bright white or any shade of blue.

RGB: 255, 184, 28
Hex Code: #FFB81C

Golden Yellow color wall art above a desk

6) Honey

Honey is likely the mildest shade of yellow in this listing. While it makes a strong dark yellow statement, it is not edgy or inclined to bump up hard against other colors.

It will not work well with royal blue, but this is a color that could work with shades of denim blue or charcoal gray.

Best of all, this shade would be beautiful with pastels, from creamy pale yellow to peach to light sage green.

RGB: 235, 188, 78
Hex Code: #EBBC4E

Honey Yellow color wall art above a desk

7) Taxi Cab Yellow

Without gloss and contrast, Taxi Cab Yellow is actually a lovely shade. Home decorators can put that knowledge to use.

If you plan to use a blue-based black in your home decor, such as a black suede chair or black leather sofa, you can expect this shade to bump back and create some visual agitation.

Rust or a warm brown would pair beautifully with Taxi Cab Yellow.

RGB: 253, 184, 19
Hex Code: #FDB813

Taxi Cab Yellow color wall art above a desk

8) Saffron

Saffron is a luscious yellow that actually will pair well with many colors. It also has a tendency to fade as the light drops, thanks to the high percentage of green in the mix.

If you’re interested in trying textured paint on a wall, Saffron would be a great choice. Consider pairing this shade with natural features in your home, from houseplants to wicker baskets to woven rugs.

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It would also pair very well with wine or burgundy.

RGB: 255, 199, 44
Hex Code: #FFC72C

Saffron Yellow color wall art above a desk

9) Maize

Maize is a wonderful shade to use on a textured surface. Thanks to the saturation of both green and blue in this shade, interesting shadow colors can be created by

  • molding
  • plaster or sheetrock texture
  • shelving

Maize is another shade that will set off green plants and dark green fabrics. When pairing green with yellow, try to use more complex shades.

Kelly Green will create a lot of visual contrast, which may or may not be what you want. Sage green or a deep hunter green would be more restful.

RGB: 241, 190, 72
Hex Code: #F1BE48

Maize Yellow color wall art above a desk

10) Marigold

Because yellow is so invigorating, this may be a great shade for a room that is used for work. A laundry room, painted in this shade, could actually make it easier to tackle this household task.

Your home gym may see more use if the color wakes up your brain and lifts your spirit. This color would also work beautifully with pastels or with faded colors, such as acid-washed denim on a sofa or on bean bag chairs.

RGB: 255, 173, 74
Hex Code: #FFAD4A

Marigold Yellow color wall art above a desk

11) Mustard Yellow

Unlike the spice it’s named for, Mustard Yellow is actually a fairly calm color. There’s no blue in it, but there’s enough green to mute the power of the yellow in this pigment.

If you’re interested in putting any strong primary shade on your walls, invest in a couple of plain framed canvases and cover them in your intended color.

Note what the lighting in the space does to the paint color on the canvas. In a space that features bright overhead lighting, this color may be too much. Lit from below or indirectly, it may work well for you.

RGB: 234, 170, 0
Hex Code: #EAAA00

Mustard Yellow color wall art above a desk

12) Ochre

Ochre is a color that indicates age. If you’re decorating an older home, this shade could be a wonderful addition to your family room. Ochre has been found in ancient cave paintings.

It’s the color of earth, of storytellers, and of gathering. If you have a stone fireplace that features a natural stone surround, ochre could be a wonderful choice.

RGB: 205, 150, 0
Hex Code: #C99700

Ochre Yellow color wall art above a desk

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