dark blue paint colors compared

Blue is a primary pigment color, which means that it will stand in opposition to some other colors. If you plan to put dark blue on your walls, it’s unlikely that this color will fade entirely.

If you like a lot of different colors in your decorating scheme, just be aware that your space may appear a bit busy.

That being said, dark blue can add a rich and elegant touch to your space. Dark blue also produces wonderful shadow colors.

You can greatly increase the visual interest of a dark blue wall by adding simple trim pieces, such as a chair rail, picture rail, or box paneling across the wall.

As a background for collectibles, a dark blue wall can make your ceramics and glass pieces look terrific.

In this article, you will learn about many different dark blue paint colors along with images showing the difference between the tones.

If you are considering any of these paint colors for your home, the following list will help you compare and make the right decision.

  1. Rich Royal Blue
  2. Crisp Navy Blue
  3. Prussian Blue
  4. Night Sky
  5. Independence Blue
  6. Ocean Blue
  7. Deep Blue
  8. Bunglehouse Blue
  9. Blue Peacock
  10. Charcoal Blue
  11. Still Water
  12. Sapphire Blue
royal rich, crisp navy, prussian blue color wall art under lights
night sky, independence, ocean blue colors wall art under lights
deep,bunglehouse,peacock blue colors wall art under lights
charcoal, still water, sapphire blue colors art work under lights

1) Rich Royal Blue

This shade of dark blue will add a touch of jewel tone to your space. Unlike a more saturated navy or a smoky charcoal blue, this color will stand up to other colors that feature pure pigments.

Red will be hotter, yellows will be bolder and even green will read brighter against this shade. However, this is a terrific color background for milder shades.

Pale peach, buttery ivory, and a soft pink will all work very well with this shade. If you like a feminine color scheme but want a bold wall color, this one will work.

RGB: 17, 30, 108
Hex Code: #111E6c

rich royal blue color wall art above a computer desk

2) Crisp Navy Blue

Navy blue is a wonderfully clean color and will also work with pale colors. This shade creates a terrific background for anything you want to light as well.

If you’re applying this to a wall, take the time to do the prep right. Any unevenness, such as nail holes or scars, will show up when you light this paint color.

Once the wall is perfectly smooth, apply your paint with a roller that has at least a 1/2-inch nap. You want this paint to go on thick and smooth. Work from the top down and check back for drips.

RGB: 32, 42, 68
Hex Code: #202A44

crisp navy blue color wall art above a computer desk

3) Prussian Blue

If you love the subtle colors of nature or are a big fan of houseplants, Prussian Blue is a terrific wall color. Note that this shade contains no red at all; warm colors will bring this shade out.

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However, it will also add richness and depth. Be bold with your texture choices; a rich brown suede sofa would look terrific against this color, as will velvets and velour fabrics.

RGB: 0, 49, 82
Hex Code: #003152

prussian blue color wall art above a computer desk

4) Night Sky

If you love the look of pale ivory furniture against a dark blue wall, paint the space in Night Sky. While this can’t be called a balanced color, it will be a wonderful foil for shades of ivory and even pale beige.

If you want to use brown against this shade, stick with lighter fabrics. Keep the structure of your furnishings light as well; the leggier your furniture, the cleaner this color will appear in the space.

RGB: 29, 41, 81
Hex Code: #1D2951

night sky blue color wall art above a computer desk

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5) Independence Blue

Independence Blue is as close to gray as you’re going to get in this listing. However, this shade would be absolutely ideal in a room that gets a lot of natural light.

Take care to use fabrics and draperies that are on the warm side. From ivory lace to an undyed canvas, you can bring out the blue in shade by pairing it with colors that contain a lot of yellow.

If you like sage green, it will work and play very well with this color.

RGB: 76, 81, 109
Hex Code: #4C516D

independence blue color wall art above a computer desk

6) Ocean Blue

Like Prussian Blue, there’s no red in this shade. It will stay cool no matter what you put in front of it. It would also be a terrific choice for a space that you use to show off your treasures.

From antique wooden furniture to treasured glass and ceramic pieces, this wall color would make them glow. Because it would be such a good foil for bright shades, consider pairing this with a bold oriental carpet or a bright tapestry piece.

RGB: 0, 84, 119
Hex Code: #005477

ocean blue color wall art above a computer desk

7) Deep Blue

Deep Blue is just that. It has a touch of red and a bit more green. The dab of red does a lot for this shade; it gives this color a smoky edge that will allow it to back away when the light dims.

Take your time with this shade. Get a sample of paint and put it on a plain white canvas. Study this one in all levels of light.

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Because of the high percentage of green in this color, it may take on a teal edge under warm light.

RGB: 7, 42, 108
Hex Code: #072A6C

deep blue color wall art above a computer desk

8) Bunglehouse Blue

Bunglehouse Blue from Sherwin Williams is a terrific choice for someone who doesn’t want gray but isn’t completely sure of a bold blue.

This color includes a lot of red, which when combined with the green in the pigment mix actually turns this blue into an almost neutral shade. If you want it brighter, add white trim or a red wood finish.

If you want it to fade a bit, pair it with pale maple or ivory trim.

RGB: 71, 98, 111
Hex Code: #47626F

bunglehouse blue color wall art above a computer desk

9) Blue Peacock

If your home is on the small side, the idea of adding a strong color may be worrying; what happens if your dark blue walls turn your home into a cave?

However, this shade of blue will give you a bit of flexibility. In a small space, it could be paired with a bright white trim to great effect.

While dark colors don’t always lend themselves to cottage decor, this blue will.

RGB: 1, 78, 76
Hex Code: #014E4C

peacock blue color wall art above a computer desk

10) Charcoal Blue

Charcoal Blue pairs a rich shade with a bit of soot thanks to the high levels of red and green. A single wall of this color could serve as a foil for warm wooden bookcases, glossy green houseplants, or a large suede sectional.

The shadow colors created when you put this on the wall are also extremely pretty; box shelves could be a wonderful addition on a wall of Charcoal Blue.

RGB: 61, 68, 80
Hex Code: #3D4450

charcoal blue color wall art above a computer desk

11) Still Water

Still Water is a wonderful option if you need a clean, soothing paint for a library or a room that has a lot of color. If you need a paint color that will calm down a game room, paint it with Still Water.

You can put up a cork wall for darts or hang up your pool cue rack and this shade will maintain a sense of elegance.

RGB: 74, 93, 95
Hex Code: #4A5D5F

still water blue color wall art above a computer desk

12) Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue is a color that will pair well with many shades. If the walls in your home are currently cream or beige and you want Sapphire Blue color in your decor, it will work in drapes or a bedspread and add richness and depth without requiring a labor-intensive paint job.

RGB: 31, 56, 85
Hex Code: #1F3855

sapphire blue color wall art above a computer desk

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