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In this article, you will learn about 12 light blue paint colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

light blue paint colors compared infographic

Light Blue Paint Colors Compared

Choosing the right blue for your home can be a challenge. Do you want a clear, obvious blue? Would you be better off choosing a color that leans more toward gray? How about aqua?

As a general rule, blue shades with a high percentage of red tend to be a bit on the smoky side. As you review the numbers, make sure you also keep an eye on the gap between green and blue.

The more green in your paint pigment, the milder the color.

If you love a clear sky blue, go ahead and use it! Just be aware that this color will not back down and may create a visual tussle with other colors in your home.

Gray against blue can be especially problematic if you’re using a clear blue against a warm gray. Create some sample canvases and study them in all lights before you paint.

Here are 12 light blue paint colors. #6 is my favorite!

  1. Meander Blue
  2. Raindrop
  3. Open air
  4. Stream
  5. Sky Fall
  6. Atmospheric
  7. Porch Ceiling
  8. Balmy
  9. Honest Blue
  10. Icelandic
  11. Mild Blue
  12. Byte Blue
meander blue, raindrop, open air, stream blue paint colors wall art
sky fall, atmospheric, porch ceiling, balmy blue paint colors wall art
honest blue, icelandic, mild blue, byte blue paint colors wall art

1. Meander Blue

Meander Blue from Sherwin Williams is a lovely shade of clear blue with just a hint of aqua. Because this is a warm shade of blue, you can easily use it with other warm shades.

Ivory tones and warm whites will work beautifully with this shade. If you love this color but want something a bit whiter, consider a satin finish for more light reflection.

RGB: 190, 219, 216
Hex Code: #BEDBD8

meander blue paint color wall art above a desk

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2. Raindrop

Raindrop is another lovely shade that will both brighten and warm up your home. This shade is a bit more saturated than Meander Blue, meaning it offers wonderful shadow tones if your walls are textured or if you need a background color for shelving.

Pale wood tones and light reflective metals, such as bright brass, will work beautifully against this color.

RGB:158, 198, 198
Hex Code: #9EC6C6

3. Open Air

If you have a space that gets a lot of sun and you want to create a lot of visual interest, put Open Air on your walls. This pale blue will glow in a room full of natural light.

Like any pale color, this will tend to go a bit chalky as the natural light fades. If you need a dark sleeping space, this probably won’t suit your bedroom.

However, it could add gentle energy to an office space or your kitchen.

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RGB: 199, 223, 224
Hex Code: #C7DFE0

raindrop, open air blue paint color wall art over a couch

4. Stream

If you love warm tones and also love blue, Stream is a great choice for your space. This light shade of blue has enough heft to serve as a lovely foil for warm, sandy carpet or brown tile.

You can also show off a variety of wood tones if your walls are coated in this shade. For those who love to experiment, this would be a wonderful color to texture with a bit of synthetic sand for a velvety finish on your walls.

RGB: 173, 204, 211
Hex Code: #ADCCD3

5. Sky Fall

For a light shade of blue, Sky Fall has a strong presence. The very low percentage of red in this color gives it the feeling of a primary color once on your walls.

It would be a terrific choice for a decorator who loves cool black fabric, such as you’d find on a black suede sofa. This would also be a wonderful color for a child’s room or a play space.

If you want to pair this color with gray, make sure you paint a large sample and study it in all light levels. Warm gray tones may appear muddy against this color.

RGB: 137, 198, 223
Hex Code: #89C6DF

stream, sky fall blue paint color wall art above a couch

6. Atmospheric

If I had to choose a favorite, Atmospheric blue would win out. This is a warm blue, thanks to the high percentage of red in the color.

However, this blue also has a visual sturdiness that will stand up to many different levels of daylight. It will serve as a lovely foil for a variety of wood tones and will make your houseplants glow.

If you want to paint your trim, take care to use a warm white so you don’t clash with this lovely blue.

RGB: 194, 218, 224
Hex Code: #C2DAE0

atmospheric blue paint color wall art above a desk

7. Porch Ceiling

If you love the old-fashioned feeling of cottage decor, Porch Ceiling is an ideal choice. It’s very close to sky blue, though lighter.

Pair this with clean white trim or medium wood tones for a comfy, charming decor. This color also provides a lovely shadow tone.

For those who have plaster walls and want to add a picture rail or wainscoting to prevent damage or cover scars, this color will add a great deal of visual interest.

RGB: 155, 200, 222
Hex Code: #9BC8DE

8. Balmy

Balmy is a lovely pale shade of blue gray that will work in many settings. This shade of blue is actually smoky enough that it could work on your bedroom walls without chalking too severely as the light fades.

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You can also likely pair this shade with gray as long as the gray is not too cool.

RGB: 197, 216, 222
Hex Code: #C5D8DE

porch ceiling, balmy blue paint colors wall art above a couch

9. Honest Blue

Honest Blue is another lovely option for those looking for a blue gray that will fade, rather than push back, against warm colors. It’s a very grown-up shade that would work well with browns, tans and ivory.

If you want to use this on several walls, you can probably push the blue to stand out a bit more boldly if you pair it with wine or burgundy upholstery fabric.

RGB: 178, 199, 211
Hex Code: #B2C7D3

10. Icelandic

Icelandic blue has enough red in the blend that you can push this color to recede to gray with the right contrast.

If you’re looking for a soothing color for a family room and have brown leather furniture, put this on the walls and light it with warm tones.

In bright light it will still read blue, but as daylight fades this color will gray out nicely into a very soothing, restful shade.

RGB: 203, 216, 225
Hex Code: #CBD8E1

honest blue, icelandic blue paint colors wall art above a couch

11. Mild Blue

Mild Blue is well-named! This pale shade of gray blue is a wonderful choice for any space that needs to soothe. Because it tends to recede, this is an ideal color for those who like to experiment with different sheens.

If you want a pale blue for your kitchen and bathroom, go ahead and put this on the walls in a semi-gloss mildew resistant paint. Pair it with a clean shade of white on trim and cabinets to bring out the blue.

Avoid bright whites unless you want to boost the tendency of this color to go gray.

RGB: 203, 213, 219
Hex Code: #CBD5DB

12. Byte Blue

Byte Blue is a yummy pale aqua that you can use in a variety of ways. If you have a space that is full of many colors, such as a library loaded with multi-colored book spines and cabinets of different materials, put a flat or sanded version of this on the walls.

For those who love natural light and need to bounce it around a bit, use Byte Blue in eggshell or semi-gloss. If you want to bump up the blue in this color, pair it with rich warm shades, such as a deep green or a rusty brown.

If you want to reflect the hint of green in this color, push it with a deep gray or a velvety black.

RGB: 197, 220, 224
Hex Code: #C5DCE0

mild, byte blue paint colors wall art above a sofa
light blue paint colors infographic

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