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Working with the color gray in your home can be challenging. While mixing gray is a simple combination of black and white, both of these tones can include blue, which creates a cool gray, or yellow, which makes a warm gray. The recent color combination, greige, allows home decorators some flexibility.

To make sure that the gray you’re planning to put on your walls has the right base tones to work with the rest of your space, it’s a good idea to paint a large swath of the color on a movable item, such as an artist’s canvas.

Make sure you check the color on the canvas against other large surfaces, such as your carpets, wooden floors, and sizable pieces of furniture.

In this article, you will learn about many different dark gray paint colors along with images showing the difference between the tones.

If you are considering any of these paint colors for your home, the following list will help you compare and make the right decision.

  1. Dark Gray
  2. Aluminum
  3. Graphite Gray
  4. Anthracite
  5. Asphalt Gray
  6. Pewter
  7. Dark Steel Gray
  8. Gunmetal Gray
  9. Templeton Gray
  10. Slate Gray
  11. Sheffield Gray
  12. Charcoal Gray

dark gray, aluminum, graphite gray, anthracite colors wall art
asphalt gray, pewter, dark steel gray, gunmetal gray colors wall art
templeton gray, slate, gray, sheffield gray, charcoal gray colors wall art

1) Dark Gray

Dark gray is on the cool side. Because there is more blue than red in this color, it will create a very rich impression on an accent wall.

Blue-based grays offer another benefit; these colors create beautiful shadow tones. You could use this color on a display wall, pairing it against simple light-toned woods or glass shelving and lighting each piece.

Use cool light colors, such as blue-white LED bulbs against this color.

RGB: 99, 102, 106
HEX: #63666A

dark gray color wall art under lights

2) Aluminum

If you want a gray on your walls that will step back and create a calm background for an eclectic mix, Aluminum is a great choice. The blue and red in this color are very well balanced.

This shade would be a wonderful choice for a library, an office, or even a craft room. A basic white trim would suit this color beautifully; avoid bright whites, as it will have a strong blue tint in the mix.

A blue-white trim against this gray may bring out a muddy tone.

RGB: 136, 139, 141
HEX: #888B8D

aluminum gray color wall art under lights

3) Graphite Gray

Graphite gray is a rich, deep shade of gray. This color is actually dark enough to pair with other grays; if you’re interested in mixing any of your own colors, you could use this shade on a paneled or boxed-out wall that includes display boxes.

You could easily paint the back of the display boxes in different shades of this color for visual interest within the same color family.

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RGB: 83, 86, 91
HEX: #53565B

graphite gray color wall art under lights

4) Anthracite

If you love rich, deep colors in your decor, anthracite would be an ideal choice. It is cool, but it has enough red in it to tone down the blue in the mix and enough green to keep it stable.

Consider pairing this color with other blends, such as burgundy and teal. Again, this is an ideal shadow color. Light this shade from below with table lamps, or indirectly with a soffit light.

RGB: 57, 61, 71
HEX: #393D47

anthracite gray color wall art under lights

5) Asphalt Gray

Don’t let the name “asphalt” keep you from considering this color! If you’re struggling to come up with a basic gray that will both soothe your space and work with all the colors in your home, this one may be a keeper.

It is extremely well-balanced and slightly on the warm side. If you’ve got beige or greige walls and want an accent wall, this color will work.

Sandy-colored carpets and a basic yellow wood tone will also pair beautifully with this color.

RGB: 128, 126, 120
HEX: #807E78

asphalt gray color wall art under lights

6) Pewter

Pewter gray is another nicely balanced color, just a bit darker than asphalt gray. This is a shade that will allow other shades to glow.

Your navy blue armchair, tan leather sofa, and hunter green ottoman will all stand out beautifully against this color. Because it is so dark and rich, do your best to use other bold shades with it.

Pastels may wash out against this shade.

RGB: 96, 98, 99
HEX: #606263

pewter gray color wall art under lights

More information about Pewter Gray is in the following video.

7) Dark Steel Gray

Those who love red brick, red oak tones or cherry cabinets will get great use out of dark steel gray. This color is cool enough to let reds stand out but stable enough to appear gray with a bit of red competition.

Put this on the walls behind your red oak bookshelves, your warm maple piano, or your red brick fireplace.

Special Tip: Take a good look at the mortar in your fireplace or other stone feature around your house. We tend to see mortar as gray, but against this gray, it may take on a yellow tone and look more like oatmeal than cement.

A lighter shade of this color on the fireplace wall may be more effective.

RGB: 67, 70, 75
HEX: #43464B

dark steel gray color wall art under lights

8) Gunmetal Gray

Gunmetal gray is a color that will work beautifully with metals. By the numbers, it’s also a bit on the cool side. Pair this shade with chrome, silver, and brushed nickel.

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If you’ve been thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets a deep gray, Gunmetal would be a wonderful choice. You can upgrade your hardware too!

RGB: 83, 86, 90
HEX: #53565A

gunmetal gray color wall art under lights

9) Templeton Gray

This shade of gray is a wonderful choice for a bedroom or a study. If you need a color that will encourage you to relax, refresh and rest, this is your color.

You can also pair this color with white and put it to work on the outside of your home. Most deep colors don’t work well in cottage-style decor, but this one will.

The high percentage of green in this shade will help all of your houseplants to stand out beautifully as well.

RGB: 120, 135, 135
HEX: #788787

templeton gray color wall art under lights

10) Slate Gray

If you’re looking for a gray that you can texture, Slate is an excellent choice. That being said, note the high percentage of blue in this mix.

If you stand this color up beside red or other warm tones, both colors will get combative and your walls will appear a smoky dark blue instead of gray. Pair this shade with other cool blends.

Plum or eggplant would be a terrific shade against this color, as would teal or any cool green.

RGB: 118, 134, 146
HEX: #768692

slate gray color wall art under lights

11) Sheffield Gray

If I had to pick a favorite in this listing, it would be Sheffield. This color has enough blue to be soothing and enough green to work with a variety of colors.

While it’s cool, it’s not so saturated that it will immediately appear blue if you pair it with warm tones. Consider pairing this with pale, warm blends. A light maple floor would work beautifully with this color, as would a sisal rug or a wicker chair.

Pale greens, such as sage or a muted olive, would also glow against this shade. If you love the beach house look but want a deep gray accent wall, try Sheffield.

RGB: 106, 118, 128
HEX: #6A7680

sheffield gray color wall art under lights

12) Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray is a terrific choice for anyone who wants to add a bit of elegance to their space. Again, this cool gray would be a gorgeous background for wooden items with a variety of stains and finishes.

This is also a color that will look terrific in shadow; if you’ve been thinking about adding a chair rail, a picture rail, or a series of display shelves, this color will maintain visual appeal no matter how much light you shine on it.

RGB: 54, 69, 79
HEX: #36454F

charcoal gray color wall art under lights

The following video highlights a few charcoal gray paint colors.

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