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In this article, you will learn about Plum, Eggplant, and Grape colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors for your home project, the following information will help you make the right decision.

Plum vs Eggplant vs Grape

Plum vs Eggplant vs Grape Colors

Purple has long been associated with royalty because the dye was rare and the process of fixing it was quite labor-intensive.

For most citizens in the past, a pound of purple dye cost more than they made in a year. Eventually, purple pigment was included in the sumptuary laws of England and you could be fined or jailed for wearing it.

Synthetic purple dye didn’t become available until the mid-1850s. To this day, purple still has a connotation of sumptuous comfort if not wealth.

If you long to use any of the purple colors in this listing in your home, look for ways to incorporate a lot of texture for the best results.

Plum vs Eggplant vs Grape colors wall art under lights


Plum is a beautifully balanced color that will serve as a lovely foil for many warm shades.

plum color wall art under lights

When we review the RGB numbers, we see that plum includes almost equal percentages of red and blue with enough green to back the color down and give it a bit of gray or soot.

You can use plum in several ways. This shade would work well on an accent wall or in a fabric on a large piece of furniture.

If you have an interest in doing any custom wallpaper finishes in your home with paint, you can pair flat and semi-gloss paint in the same shade and create stripes.

Stripes can be fiddly and hard to line up in an older home; corners are seldom square.

You can also create floral finishes using a feather duster or a stippling brush. Give yourself a testing space to make sure you like the look of the finish and use a light touch.

plum color infographic

These processes will take a bit longer than stripes, but the layout will be much simpler.

Where plum really shines is when it is paired with warmer colors. Plum is an ideal backdrop for sage green seagrass baskets, sisal rugs, or yellow wicker furniture.

While this color won’t back down, it also will allow naturally warm colors to shine.

If you want to put plum on your walls, consider pairing it with a pale cream or pale yellow trim. Pale maple, for example, would work beautifully with this shade, as would unfinished ivory canvas curtains or a creamy sheer.

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Avoid pushing plum toward blue by pairing it with bright white. Too much contrast against this color will bring out a strong response. You will lose the subtle qualities of this wonderful shade.

RGB: 142, 69, 133
Hex Code: #8E4585

plum color wall art over a desk


Eggplant is plum’s smoky, sultry neighbor. The high percentage of green in this fairly balanced combination of red and blue means that eggplant will back down when you pair it with bright things.

Like plum, eggplant will work best against cream, pale yellow wood finishes, or ivory.

If you want eggplant on the walls of your home, be ready with quality lighting. Light this color from below and keep the color of your lightbulbs warm.

While plum can function well in a lighter, brighter room, eggplant will quickly turn a room into a cave if it appears on too many walls.

Do consider using eggplant on the walls of your bedroom. As the light fades, this color will create a sumptuous space where you can snuggle in and sleep deeply.

eggplant color infographic

Keep the floor lighter in tone and try to use light-finish furniture or pieces with a high gloss so you get plenty of light reflection when it’s time to get out of bed.

In the rest of your home, the place to put eggplant to work is in your fabric choices. If you have a tan leather sofa and ivory walls, add an eggplant throw with lots of loft and gloss.

If you need an armchair, look for an eggplant suede piece where you can snuggle in with a book. Look for fabrics with lots of texture or ribbing so you gain more colors when the light hits the item.

Keep your color palette around eggplant simple. A pale sage green can work beautifully against this color, but if you have too much warmth against an eggplant accent wall or even a large piece of furniture, the purple shade will fall back against the contrast.

There is already a lot of green in eggplant. If you push this color with contrast, it will appear to turn a duller shade.

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RGB: 97, 64, 81
Hex Code: #614051

eggplant color wall art above a desk


Grape does not back down. By the numbers, grape is quite blue.

grape color wall art under lights

This is the shade to use if you love white trim, pastel pillows, or gray carpets.

Grape can also be a lot of fun to play with if you’re interested in mixing your own colors.

If you can find a can of grape (or similar) latex on the scratch and dent rack, buy it. Take it home with a container of plain white latex and try working the purple into the white in small dabs to see if you can come up with a lilac or lavender that you love.

For anyone interested in mixing their own colors, I recommend the following rules:

1) Mix big batches. It’s hard to match a custom color should you run out.
2) Stick with water-based paints. Oils are really hard to clean up and can be hazardous to work with.
3) Don’t trust a wet color. Let it dry completely and try to do a wall swatch before you make your final choice.
4) Paint is paint. Primer is primer. Don’t mix white primer into a bright color and expect it to simply tint the paint a lighter color. It will also turn chalky once it’s on your walls.

grape color infographic

Be prepared for all your grape shades to be pretty bold. If you use grape on your walls and find it overpowering, be aware that you’re going to have to use an even hotter shade to calm it down.

A deep rose or hot pink may do it.

Unlike plum and eggplant, grape will not work and play well with warm tones. You may be able to get away with mint green or pale peach, but if you pair this color with a bold yellow, your color scheme will take on the strength of a sporting franchise.

If that’s not what you’re going for, keep the colors around grape nice and cool.

Bright white trim, white sheer curtains, and blue-gray flooring can be an ideal combination. If you put in barnwood flooring and are struggling to pair it with anything besides more gray, adding a pop of purple can really brighten your space.

RGB: 111, 45, 168
Hex Code: #6F2DA8

grape color wall art above a desk

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