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In this article, you will learn about Jade Green and Mint Green colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

jade green vs mint green wall art

Jade Green vs Mint Green

In nature, greens work together so well under the warm light of the sun that we barely notice the difference.

However, in or on your home, different greens can either play nicely together or cause a lot of disruption.

Both Jade Green and Mint Green can be lovely in your space, but they may not work side by side.

jade green and mint green wall art above a sofa

Jade Green

Jade Green is a luscious, smoky color with a lot of depth. By the numbers, this green has more red than blue, meaning that this color is a bit more muted and will back off if you want to pair it with other strong colors.

jade green wall art under lights

Inherently, Jade Green is quite warm. In your space, you can pair this with cherry wood for contrast, yellow oak for conviviality, or pale maple for a lovely yellow pop.

If you want to put this color to work beside a painted trim, consider a pale ivory or a very light beige.

Bright white against this shade can add too much blue, which can turn your jade green into an olive tone because it will draw out the yellow.

Fans of antiques will find jade green is a kind, flexible color. Wood tones of all shades, from dark walnut to palest ash or maple will pair nicely against this color.

Add some ivory lace drapes or sheers and you can create a warm, cozy space against this color.

Because jade green has a high level of red, it will also work beautifully with a variety of stone as long as the base tone is warm.

Yellow limestone fireplace surrounds, terra cotta floor tiles and even your exterior tile roof will be beautiful against this shade.

Do take care if you have permanent cool colors in your home. For example, if your entryway features a gray slate floor, a dark spring green with a higher percentage of blue may be a better choice.

jade green color infographic

If you choose this color for your accent wall, look for warm accents. A simply finished wooden bookcase may be just what you need to bring out the loveliest aspects of this color.

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Avoid anything bright white against this color.

Don’t be afraid to pair this with other smoky colors. A rich, dusky mauve or burgundy could work beautifully with this color. Anything in the rust or terra cotta color family will also work beautifully with this shade.

This color will gray as the room darkens. Keep an eye out for warmer lighting options if you choose to add this color to your home; under blue or bright white light, this color may go from smoky to sooty.

Plants and natural fibers will pair beautifully with this color. If you love strong colors and like a home filled with woven products such as rattan, show off your “beach-y” gear with a hanging rattan chair, a sisal rug, and all your favorite baskets.

RGB: 117, 148, 101
Hex Code: #759465

jade green wall art above a desk

Mint Green

Unlike more olive colors, Mint Green is a color that doesn’t back down. Since the blue and red are perfectly balanced, this is a green that is gentle to the eye but will stay strongly green no matter what colors you use.

mint green wall art under lights

Mint tends to appear cooler than warmer, but that is often because this tone is paired with other pastels.

Like many lighter, less saturated shades, this color will work well with bright or “snow” white. It’s a lovely color for a nursery or a child’s room.

If you have a kitchen loaded with white appliances and white cabinets, mint can also work. Just be aware that this is a color that doesn’t back down or gray out as the light fades.

Do your best to put blue or bright white on this color. Unlike jade green, this is a shade that will even work under fluorescent lighting. As you decorate, consider adding other cool pastel colors.

Pink, lavender, and blue can work beautifully with this color. If you want to add a light yellow to this shade, such as an accent wall or even wainscoting, lean toward a warm cream.

It will read yellow against this color. Using too bold a yellow will create a contrast that may be too intense.

If you want to use this shade in a grown-up space, keep an eye out for smoky purple, burgundy, or navy decorative pieces. A warm red, such as rust, will create a strong visual contrast.

mint green color infographic

It will draw the eye as you enter the space. If that’s what you want, consider adding a cool white frame to the item to set it off even further and reduce visual jarring.

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Historically, green was the color of the common folk; anyone who could go outside could gather greenery and flowers. Purple was the color of royalty.

Pairing these two shades can actually create a lovely, old-world feel. If your living room is mint and you add a rich shade of purple or a cool, dark blue, the mint shade will actually step back and let the purple shine.

This shade of green may not work well with every wood tone. If you’re using a wood with a lot of grain variety, such as hickory, mint may be too strong and provide too much contrast with the yellow tone in the wood grain.

Unless you like a lot of visual contrast, you may be happier with a warmer shade on the walls. If you want to use mint in a fabric or on an accent piece, consider a warm cream shade on your walls.

Mint is also a wonderful shade to help you keep summer in mind. If you love to DIY, keep an eye out for outdoor chairs that are in need of some TLC.

It may take some sanding, but some quality primer and a couple of cans of mint spray paint can provide you with a nifty patio set at a great price.

If your mint living room is a bit too bright or feels a bit too chalky as the light fades, keep an eye out for decorative pieces that feature gold-toned metals.

A reflective gold frame around a mirror could really dress up a mint wall that feels rather flat.

Mint can be quite visually stimulating. If you struggle to wake up, your breakfast nook may need a coat of mint. It can also be a wonderful shade for your office or your craft room.

Add white shelves and enjoy the visual pop!

RGB: 152, 255, 152
Hex Code: #98FF98

mint green wall art above a desk

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