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In this article, you will learn about 12 light gray paint colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

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Light Gray Paint Colors Compared

In the most basic sense, gray is a simple combination of black and white. However, black and white are not simple. Shades of white are brightened by blue and dulled with yellow.

Black can have a cool base or a warm base. If you’re planning on using gray in your home to match an existing shade of floor tile or carpet, it’s a good idea to invest in a sizable sample and study the new color against the existing gray before you commit to a new paint color.

As you search for just the right gray, don’t be afraid to look at other color families. If you love a cool gray against barnwood, look through the blue color samples.

If you want a pearl-gray with a bit of a sheen, check out the purple color lines. Make sure you also look at colors in the white family. There are many versions of white that can be classed as a light gray.

The colors below offer a wide variety of cool and warm tones. All are light enough to serve as a useful neutral in your decorating palette.

Do take note of the amount of sunlight your space gets. Sunlight is inherently warm and may turn a warm gray tan.

Here are 12 light gray paint colors.

  1. Daydream
  2. Unique Gray
  3. Misty
  4. Sea Salt
  5. Grayish
  6. Gray Clouds
  7. Gray Screen
  8. Evening Shadow
  9. Drift Of Mist
  10. Vaguely Mauve
  11. First Star
  12. Pussywillow
daydream,unique gray, misty, sea salt paint colors wall art
grayish, gray clouds, gray screen, evening shadow paing colors wall art
drift of mist, vaguely mauve, first star, pussywillow paint colors wall art


Daydream is a gorgeous, cool gray that would be an elegant touch to a cottage decor. If you already have white trim and have been using pastels, putting this color on the walls of your family room or dining area would be a wonderful way to dress up your space.

Reds will stand out against this color, so if you have cherry cabinetry or flooring, this color will set it off well.

RGB: 189, 195, 205
Hex Code: BDC3CD

Unique Gray

Unique Gray is a beautifully balanced shade that could easily be used to draw together many colors in your home, especially if you already have a lot of blended shades.

If you’ve got sandy brown carpet, this gray will hold its color well. Avoid pairing this with blue tones; there’s just enough red in this mix to turn it a bit muddy if you push it with a cool color.

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RGB: 203, 201, 201
Hex Code: CBC9C9

daydream, unique gray paint colors wall art above a sofa


Misty from Sherwin Williams is a subtly cool gray. It would pair beautifully with navy blue, hunter green and burgundy. Misty is also light enough that you could use this shade to play with sheens.

It offers a beautiful shadow color and would work beautifully in a semi-gloss on wainscoting as well as in a flat or eggshell on your walls.

Again, because it leans to the cool side, be careful when pairing it with brown tones as it could appear dull.

RGB: 205, 210, 210
Hex Code: CDD2D2

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is a lovely green gray with a light touch. It’s slightly warm but there’s enough green to make it a wonderful foil for yellow tones.

Yellow oak flooring, light maple finishes and natural fibers such as wicker would stand out beautifully against this color.

If you have display shelves, consider putting this color at the back of the shelf to make your collectibles stand out even more boldly.

RGB: 205, 210, 202
Hex Code: CDD2CA

misty, sea salt paint colors wall art above a sofa


Grayish honestly deserves a better name. This warm gray is actually quite serviceable and would be a terrific color in a room that contains a lot of brown.

Because this gray is warm, you can play with it a bit by pairing it with deep blue tones. If you have this on all of your walls, you can get it to read tan by pairing it with blue, teal or purple fabrics.

RGB: 207, 202, 199
Hex Code: CFCAC7

Gray Clouds

Gray Clouds is a light gray with a decent saturation of color. If you’re working to find a light gray for your sleeping space, this one might work.

In your family room, consider using an eggshell finish for a bit more light bounce. For bedroom applications, you might add a sand texture to add a shadow tone to this color.

Unlike many shades of light gray, this color is less likely to chalk as the light fades.

RGB: 183,183, 178
Hex Code: B7B7B2

grayish, gray clouds paint colors wall art above a sofa

Gray Screen

Gray Screen is a yummy shade that leans cool, thanks to the higher percentage of blue. However, the higher percentage of green also means that this color will hold its own if you want to push it with a dark upholstery fabric or a bold curtain color.

The balance of green and blue means that this color will stay gray if you pair it with your brown sofa or a dark wood floor. Like Gray Clouds, this color could be very interesting with a touch of texture.

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RGB: 198, 202, 202
Hex Code: C6CACA

Evening Shadow

Despite the name, Evening Shadow is actually a light tone with a lot of personality. It leans cool and could be a wonderful option for rooms that need a bit of light reflection.

If you plan to use a mildew resistant semi-gloss in your kitchen and bath, try Evening Shadow and a bright white trim. Consider using rubbed-bronze or wrought iron hardware for more visual interest.

RGB: 201, 204, 205
Hex Code: C9CCCD

Gray screen, evening shadow paint colors wall art above a sofa

Drift of Mist

Painting your home in Drift of Mist actually gives you a lot of options with the rest of your decor. This warm gray would be a wonderful foil for green plants.

It will stand up to a variety of wood tones and bring out their luster; if you have a library space, all the spine colors will stand out against this shade.

Put this on the walls of your bedroom and you can bring out the tan tones by putting out a blue rug or a navy blue comforter.

RGB: 220, 216, 208
Hex Code: DCD8D0

Vaguely Mauve

Vaguely Mauve is a very warm, very pale gray. It’s also a nice reminder that you can find beautiful shades of gray in many different families.

While this shade is undoubtedly warm, you can use this subtle gray to wonderful effect against rich shades of brown that might otherwise turn your gray walls muddy.

If you’re a fan of houseplants, deep green shades will look terrific against this color.

RGB: 209, 197, 196
Hex Code: D1C5C4

drift of mist, vaguely mauve paint colors wall art above a sofa

First Star

First Star is a very pale, slightly warm gray that lives on the white color chip card. If you plan to put this on your walls, consider using the flat version on your sheetrock and a semi-gloss on your trim.

This warm gray would also be a terrific option if you’re thinking about painting your cabinets. Use brushed metals to avoid creating visual distractions so this shade of gray can stand alone.

RGB: 218, 217, 212
Hex Code: DAD9D4


If you are weaning yourself off of greige, Pussywillow is a nice option. This color is assuredly warm, but it’s not quite tan or beige.

If the majority of your upholstery fabrics are not a warm brown leather, this wall color will help them stand out. It’s also a terrific option against black leather or suede.

RGB: 178, 173, 164
Hex Code: B2ADA4

first star, pussywillow paint colors wall art above a sofa

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