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In this article, you will learn about Light French Gray and Repose Gray colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

Light French Gray vs Repose Gray infographic

Light French Gray vs Repose Gray

Gray may appear to be a shade that will retire and serve as a peaceful backdrop to your decor. Obviously, gray can be a basic blend of black and white.

However, it’s entirely possible for gray to be either warm or cool. Depending on the other colors and wood tones you use in your home, the gray you choose can either appear warm and cozy, or muddy and grim.

light french gray and repose gray wall art over a couch

Light French Gray

Light French Gray is a beautifully balanced neutral that can serve as a lovely foil for other balanced colors. Before you choose this color for walls, ceilings or cabinets, make sure you check a sample of it beside your largest pieces of furniture, your flooring and your favorite pieces of wall art.

If you’re keen on using cool grays in your home, such as charcoal, Light French Gray may not be the best wall color. Grays, as previously stated, are actually highly complex color blends.

light french gray wall art over a desk

The RGB code for Light French Gray tells an interesting story. There is nearly as much green in this color as red, so it is assuredly muted.

However, there’s only a very small difference between the amount of red and the amount of blue in this shade, so the warmth of this color may not hold if you pair it with a saturated shade that boosts the blue in the blend.

Very warm colors, such as burgundy or rust, could bring out the blue in this paint color, especially if you light it with cool bulbs. Yellow light will be the best option to help Light French Gray stay neutral. Keep the fabrics and flooring you put directly against this color as close to neutral as possible.

For those who love a darker shade to add coziness to a room, try a rich brown. Browns would work beautifully with this color, as would fabrics with a lot of texture.

Corduroys, velvets and nubby woven fabrics come with a built-in shadow. Because this shadow will be a variation on the original color, putting a deep sandy tan carpet on the floor and adding a brown suede sofa could actually bring out the warm glow inherent in Light French Gray.

Take great care with trims. A rich cherry or a yellow oak could appear muddy against this shade, while a medium brown maple or mahogany could actually work very well.

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If you’re interested in painting your trim, avoid shades that include the word “bright” and go for something a bit more subtle. “Bright” in shades of white means blue. You need something a bit more muted.

light french gray infographic

This is a color that will not change much if you need to use a paint with a higher sheen. If you choose to paint your entire house in one color, Light French Gray will not change much if you use a semi-gloss moisture resistant paint in your kitchen or bath.

That being said, make sure that your walls are in good repair and all holes have been patched so you don’t create your own shadows on freshly painted walls.

Do take care to pre-mix paints before embarking on a very large job. Paint tints can settle out and you don’t want to get to the bottom of a single gallon and find a swirl of blue or red.

If you can’t get multiple gallons mixed into one bucket at the store, get yourself a paint mixing paddle, good rollers and a screen to hang over the bucket so you can mix up large batches for uniform color.

RGB: 194, 192, 187
HEX Code: #C2C0BB

Repose Gray

Repose Gray is a warmer and richer shade of neutral gray. This color is also a bit more saturated. Unlike Light French Gray, which will probably grow chalky as the light level drops, Repose Gray would dull as the daylight fades and be a nice choice for a bedroom.

This shade of gray is unashamedly warm and will lean towards tan with very little effort. To that end, you can use this color as a foil for other warm blends. Colors from terra cotta to wine will work beautifully against this shade.

Repose Gray will also serve as a terrific foil for a variety of wood tones. If you like antique wood tones such as varnished oak or warm maple, you can easily combine them against this color to good effect.

repose gray wall art over a desk

Consider also using this color with natural tones. Raw canvas curtains will glow against this color thanks to the yellow in the ivory fabric. Sisal rugs, wicker furniture and green plants will also look terrific against Repose Gray.

Take care when pairing this color with pure colors. Cardinal red cushions will turn Repose Gray muddy, as will royal blue bath towels. Against a slightly out of balance blend, other blended colors are often the best choice.

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If you want to get more bang for your decorating buck, pair this color with blended blues. Go for sooty shades of aqua and teal to bring out the red in this gray and boost that tendency to go tan.

You can further extend this tendency to read as tan by pairing this color with greens. Keep your green palette very simple. If you’re adding a touch of olive to the space, don’t confuse the eye by adding pine. Because this gray is rather saturated, darker shades may look best.

As possible, avoid a strong color tendency in flooring against this color. Like Light French Gray, this shade will do best against a muted flooring. If you love bamboo flooring, go for a darker stain. Warm oak will work well, but yellow oak will turn this color muddy and drab.

Repose Gray has enough color saturation to give you a bit of room to play. If you’ve ever been interested in pairing a gloss sheen with a flat or eggshell paint, this is a great color to experiment with.

repose gray infographic

Once a wall has been painted with flat paint and has fully cured, you might consider adding a piece of chair rail at about 32 inches off the floor. Use a good quality masking tape to lay out stripes and add a layer of gloss paint to the bottom of the wall for a subtle faux wainscoting effect.

Small foam rollers are an ideal tool for adding gloss or semi-gloss paint to walls and trim. You’ll waste less paint in the application and get a clean, light layer over the surface. Just make sure you carefully remove the tape before the top layer is completely dry.

As ever, be very careful if you plan to pair this color with white. Consider a warmer shade of white, such as Silk Pillow from Behr in a semi-gloss for your trim choice.

Keep metals muted as well. If you want a bright copper sink or shiny brass fixtures, Repose Gray may not be the best color for kitchen and bath.

However, if you love the look of a black stone sink and brushed metals, this color will make your bathroom fixtures stand out beautifully.

RGB: 204, 200, 191

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