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Deep green colors have long been connected both with the second rustic homes of the wealthy and with money in general.

At one point in time, there was a green dye used on silk and taffeta that turned out to be poisonous; a woman in a green gown made quite a statement in anything dyed with this arsenic-laced dye.

Anilines soon replaced the toxic dyes and green came to be associated with money and power.

In this article, you will learn about many different dark green paint colors along with images showing the difference between the tones.

If you are considering any of these paint colors for your home, the following list will help you compare and make the right decision.

  1. Thor
  2. Juniper
  3. Green Velvet
  4. Forest Green
  5. Hunter Green
  6. Tropical Rainforest
  7. Medium Jungle Green
  8. Myrtle Green
  9. Sacramento Green
  10. Fern Green
  11. Russian Green
Thor, Juniper, Green Velvet, Forest Green wall art colors
hunter green, tropical rainforest, jungle green, myrtle green wall art colors
sacramento green, fern green, russian green wall art under lights

1) Thor Green

Thor Green is a deep olive shade that could serve as a beautiful foil for light woods or ivory tones.

If you’ve been thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets, put this on the walls and use a pale cream color on your cabinet doors.

Because there’s a lot of blue in this shade, do your best to use a warm, yellow light on this color.

RGB: 116, 122, 112
HEX: #747A70

Thor Green wall art under lights

2) Juniper

Juniper Green is nearly as deep as Thor but has a more yellow caste. This is a color that you will need to experiment with; your oak dining table will glow against this wall color in a dining room, but any dark wood with a red finish may muddy up this color.

Warm colors, such as a tan carpet or a beige sofa, will look terrific against this color.

RGB: 119, 124, 107
HEX: #777C6B

jumiper green color wall art under lights

3) Green Velvet

Green Velvet is a wonderfully balanced color that will serve as a wonderful foil for almost any shade in your home.

The only thing that you will need to be especially careful about when using this color is to avoid anything labeled “bright” white. Bright white colors are brightened by adding a bit of blue tint.

This green may go muddy if you pair this with any blue tint, particularly in trim paint. Go for ivory.

RGB: 69, 84, 73
HEX: #455449

green velvet green color wall art under lights

4) Forest Green

Forest Green is a strong shade that will need other bright colors to balance it out.

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For example, if you wanted to create an accent wall for display of colored pottery or tinted glass, this green will provide you with plenty of bounce or contrast.

Each collectible will stand out and be well-supported by this color. Don’t be afraid to light this shade brightly; the blue in this color will take it and make it work.

RGB: 11, 102, 35
HEX: #0B6623

forest green color wall art under lights

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5) Hunter Green

Hunter Green was a wonderful shade that got a bit over-used several years ago. However, it deserves another look; it’s a wonderful color for creating a homey, cozy space.

This color is a bit on the cool side. If you’re going to put it on the walls, do your best not to pair it with a large patch of a yellow-based tan.

Your brown leather sofa or burgundy suede sectional will look terrific against this color; that beige armchair may appear mustard yellow against a hunter-green wall.

RGB: 63, 112, 77
HEX: #3F704D

hunter green color wall art under lights

6) Tropical Rainforest

The important number to consider if you’re planning to put Tropical Rainforest on your walls is the complete lack of red.

If yellow and blue make green, adding a touch of red to green makes soot. Red tones green down, allowing the color to back down if you apply it over a large area.

Tropical Rainforest won’t back down. It will, however, support both pastels and bold floral shades with equal fervor.

RGB: 0, 117, 94
HEX: #00755E

tropical rainforest green color wall art under lights

7) Medium Jungle Green

One of the nicest things about Medium Jungle Green is that you can dress it up. If your child loves anything from trains to dinosaurs to chimpanzees, you can put this on the walls of their room.

You can also use this color in your family room or your kitchen to create an elegant look.

Don’t be afraid to mix up the colors you put with this wall color; a charcoal gray upholstered piece would look terrific against this green, as would most wood tones.

RGB: 28, 53, 45
HEX: #1C352D

medium jungle green color wall art under lights

8) Myrtle Green

As a huge fan of teal, I can say that I’m also a huge fan of Myrtle Green. This shade offers itself up both as a background color and as a “front and center” sort of dark green.

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Where Myrtle could really serve you is as a color base behind metals. If you have brass candlesticks on the dining room table, they’ll look even better against this green.

If you have silver collectibles in your study, just put this color on the walls and they will glow.

There is a lot of blue in this shade, but the high percentage of red in relation to green keeps this from getting too bright. Pair this color with the cleanest white you can find for trim color paint and it will serve you well.

RGB: 49, 120, 115
HEX: #317873

myrtle green color wall art under lights

9) Sacramento Green

Sacramento Green is actually used by Sacramento State University. This very deep green, however, would be lovely on an accent wall, sofa or even carpeting.

While this is technically a cool color thanks to a greater concentration of blue, it’s deep enough to fade into the background against a variety of colors.

If you love antique wood finishes, all of them have a good chance of glowing against this rich, deep green.

RGB: 4, 57, 39
HEX: #043927

sacramento green color wall art under lights

10) Fern Green

Fern Green is a lovely choice for a room that has a yellow base. If your flooring is tan carpet, yellow oak, or pale maple, this color would work beautifully on the walls.

If your plans include painting your trim, consider a light ivory shade with a touch of yellow as well. Avoid pairing this color with white; the high percentage of yellow in this shade may appear sooty against white trim.

RGB: 79, 121, 66
HEX: #4F7942

fern green color wall art under lights

11) Russian Green

Russian Green is a beautifully balanced shade that would serve well on an accent wall or on a large piece of furniture.

Thanks to matching levels of red and blue, this color will maintain a strong presence without overpowering other shades in the room.

Don’t be afraid to pair this with vibrant colors; like the leaves on a rose bush, any color from sunny yellow to hot pink will thrive against this green.

RGB: 103, 146, 103
HEX: #679267

russian green color wall art under lights

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