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Using cream, beige, and ivory colors can simplify and brighten your home without having plain white walls. This article will explain the comparisons and differences between cream, beige, and ivory colors so keep reading to learn more!

woman pointing at cream,beige,ivory paint colors

Cream vs Beige vs Ivory

The colors listed below offer quite a bit of variety and can really make your prized possessions sparkle. Each of these colors is inclined to recede; if you like bold accents in your home, walls in cream, beige, or ivory may be exactly what you need as a base.

cream vs beige vs ivory paint colors infographic
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By the numbers, cream is a neutral that will go with either warm or cool colors. However, it’s important that we take a look at the gap. There are just 20 points between the red and blue in this color. This small gap is an indicator that this color will work better with cool colors than with warm.

Cool colors are simply those with a higher percentage of blue than yellow. Cream will work beautifully with smoky blue tones, such as cobalt, cadet, and mist grey. Blue-green tones, from aqua to deepest teal will also work. Finally, if you want an accent wall, consider pairing cream with navy for a bold choice.

Because red and blue are nicely balanced, take special care when using warm tones with cream. Cool tones will reinforce the balance and the color will stay cream. If you pair this color with rust, olive green, or any shade of orange, it will read or appear yellow.

Do be aware that you can use this trend to your benefit. If you long for a yellow cottage but can’t find a yellow siding that you like, use cream. Add a red brick patio or shrubs with sage green leaves and the siding will appear as a pale, buttery yellow.

Finally, this is a color that is heavily influenced by sunlight. Unless your house windows have a heat-reflecting sheen, the sunlight entering your home will have a yellow undertone. If the room you’re painting cream gets a lot of sunlight, consider adding a blue-grey valance, drape or large piece of furniture to bring the color back into balance visually.

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cream color box with paint cans

Cream is neutral and can work with either warm or cool colors.

RGB: 254, 251, 234
Hex Code: #FEFBEA


Beige, like cream, is considered to be part of the white family of colors. When comparing beige to the other colors in this listing, we find an even balance between red and green and a 25-point drop assigned to blue. This makes beige a warmer tone than either cream or ivory.

When pushed with a stronger color, each shade in this listing will recede; none of these colors are out of balance enough to put up a fight. However, if you love warm tones, from deep moss green to a rich rust or burgundy, this is a great neutral to put to work in your home.

Hot colors will work with this color as long as they’re on the warm side. A deep claret couch throw over a brown leather cushion will look absolutely wonderful and warm up the space on a cold night.

Do take care with trim colors. If you like beige for a wall color, put up a flat or an eggshell finish on the walls and get a semi-gloss in this color for the trim. Add an accent wall of wine or burgundy to create a little drama.

Don’t forget brown tones if you’re working with beige. Neither brown nor beige need to be boring. Do look for warm browns; tawny colors, shades of cinnamon, and a warm caramel will work beautifully with beige walls and trim.

Another wonderful place to use beige is in your kitchen. If you long for a granite or stone countertop but are afraid they won’t go with your existing cabinets, you may get the results you want by painting your cabinets a semi-gloss beige.

If you’re considering replacing your cabinets anyway, bring home a granite sample and lay it against a beige wall in another part of the home. What happens to the browns and rusts in the granite?

Because beige works so well with warm tones, you may find that this color is ideal with your granite selection. Instead of paying for new cabinets, paint your current cabinets and splurge on the countertop. Like most painting projects, the prep work is the most labor-intensive part. Give yourself time to do it right.

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beige color box with paint cans

One of the best places to use beige is in the kitchen.

RGB: 245, 245, 220
Hex Code: #F5F5DC


Ivory is another cool off-white tone that will work beautifully with smoky colors in the cool spectrum. Like beige, the first two numbers of the RGB code matches. Treat If you do not like the idea of your walls appearing yellow on a bright sunny day, use ivory.

Ivory is also an excellent color for a whole house repaint. If you’re building a new house and aren’t sure what color to use on most walls, go with ivory. If you have children, you can pair this with a blue rug and baseball memorabilia in your son’s room, with purple bedding and unicorns in your daughter’s room, and with bookcases and a television stand in your family room.

This is a shade that pairs beautifully with pastels; while cream can appear yellow and beige may turn dusky, ivory on the walls will serve as a wonderful foil for your pink curtains in the craft room or your pale green kitchen towels.

cream, beige, ivory brush strokes

Ivory can also be a beautiful foil for many of the cool, elegant browns featured in furniture. Pick up a blank canvas at a craft store and paint yourself a large sample to take furniture shopping.

Pair your ivory sample with a deep coffee brown suede to see how the tones within that suede sample behave. Suede creates its own shadow and has an inherent visual richness.

Rely on ivory to let other colors shine. If you choose a brown suede sofa, keep an eye out for fabrics that feature a pale aqua, a smoky rose, or sky blue. As long as they’re cool, they’ll work.

Because it’s ivory, pastels will work. Your suede sofa can easily be warmed up by fleece throws in the winter and cooled off with bright pillows all summer long.

ivory color box with paint cans

Ivory is a great color to choose for painting a whole house.

RGB: 255, 255, 240
Hex Code: #FFFFF0

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