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In this article, you will learn about Light Blank Canvas and Swiss Coffee colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

blank canvas vs swiss coffee colors infographic

Blank Canvas vs Swiss Coffee colors compared

Finding the right white paint color can be a surprising challenge. If you go with a bright white, you may find that your walls read a very light blue or an extremely pale shade of gray.

The light you put on your walls will also have an impact on the way the color reads.

Luckily, both Blank Canvas and Swiss Coffee are fairly balanced. They are warm, but not intensely so. To make sure that you get exactly the color that you want behind your furniture and in your spaces, take the time to paint sizable samples.

Invest in a large blank canvas and cover them in your chosen color. When they’re fully dry, lean them against your sofa or flat on your carpet to help you make the choice that pleases you best.

blank canvas and swiss coffee colors wall art above a sofa

Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas from Behr is a yummy warm white with a surprising amount of character. If you’re planning on using this in an office, kitchen or dining room, consider using an eggshell or satin finish for more light bounce.

Any time you put a light color on a wall that was previously covered in a more saturated shade, you will need to prime the surface.

While paint can dry pretty quickly, remember that primer needs to fully cure before you put paint on top of it. If you have any patching to do, take the time to at least prime the freshly sanded mud.

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Small foam rollers are an ideal application tool for primer if you’re just covering patched nail holes. If you need to prime the whole wall, use a low-nap roller and avoid putting a lot of pressure on it.

Primer is sticky. Putting too much pressure on the roller can increase spatter, which will be harder to clean up than plain paint.

blank canvas paint color infographic

Worse, you can end up creating a striped texture if primer is forced out of the edge of your roller.

The warmth of Blank Canvas means that other blended colors will benefit from it. If you love houseplants and green upholstery fabric, this is a great wall color.

Teal and aqua will also stand out beautifully against this color. Coral, rust and burgundy will also suit this shade.

Take care not to push Blank Canvas by putting it directly against a primary color. Cherry red and royal blue will make this color read yellow.

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It may be a nice effect in a child’s room, but there’s a good chance that boosting the warmth of this color could create some visual agitation in a family room or dining area.

There’s an inherent elegance to this color. If you prefer a very simple decor but want an accent wall, consider using navy, hunter green or a rich wine shade.

A smoky plum could also work well with this shade.

Because Blank Canvas is close to white, you can create a very simple decor by using flat or eggshell on the walls and getting a semi-gloss to use as your trim paint.

If your floors are a warm tan carpet, a brown maple finish or a yellow oak, the trim and wall paint will pair nicely.

Do avoid pairing this paint with a cherry floor. A rich red finish will boost the yellow in this color and it can be visually disturbing to note the yellow in the trim paint but not be able to see it above your green sofa. You want to pair this color with warm tones, not hot shades.

RGB: 241, 237, 225
Hex Code: #F1EDE1

blank canvas paint color wall art above a desk

Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee from Benjamin Moore is another warm white that will work beautifully with rich shades.

This color also offers a lovely shadow tone that makes it ideal for custom trimmed walls and display shelves.

If you’re ready to try some new paint techniques, Swiss Coffee is a terrific choice. For example, this is an ideal color to use if you want to learn to create faux wallpaper.

Once you’ve applied a flat coat to your wall and let it dry completely, you can lay out randomly spaced stripes from top to bottom with a good masking tape.

Use a small foam roller to paint the same color in a satin or semi-gloss. Take care not to overload your foam roller.

As soon as you finish painting your stripes, pull the tape from the top down and roll it up as you go. Yes, it will be wet. You’ll get paint on your hands and your clothes.

swiss coffee paint color infographic

However, if you let the semi-gloss paint dry completely, you risk tearing the top coat of paint.

Swiss Coffee is a lovely, rather old-fashioned shade of white. If you want to use this on your kitchen cabinets, consider changing out the hardware and install a dull black cast iron.

The creamy color of Swiss Coffee will stand out beautifully against the sooty black of iron.

Fans of stencils and other decorative painting styles can put this shade to terrific use. Greens, from olive to lime to hunter will look wonderful against this color.

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Don’t be afraid to change up your stencil placement and patterns for a unique display over Blank Canvas.

This color is also a lovely background for pastels. If you’re looking for a shade that will suit your children’s bedrooms or a baby’s nursery, do be aware that this color will lean toward yellow against bright primary colors.

Deep denim blue, cranberry red and forest green will help Swiss Coffee hold onto a basic warm white shade. Sky blue and cardinal red will bump up the warmth and cause it to read yellow.

Bright yellow will make this warm white look rather tired.

Light warm white shades with great care. LED bulbs, which often have a blue undertone, will make Swiss Coffee look dingy and tired. Warm tones, including sunlight, will boost the warmth of this shade.

Both of the warm white shades in this listing will tend to go chalky as the light dims, though Swiss Coffee will offer slightly less reflection.

If you plan to put this on the walls of your bedroom and need a dark space for sleeping, make sure that your draperies completely block out exterior light.

Avoid placing or turning digital clocks so their light bounces off any walls covered in either of these shades.

Plan for 2 coats, especially if you’re covering a deeply saturated or bright color. Invest in extra buckets and go ahead and combine your paint before you start rolling it out.

While your freshly purchased paint will likely hold the blend, plans can fall apart.

If your paint needs to sit for a week or two before you can apply it, you want to be certain that the pigments don’t settle out.

Invest in a mixing tool you can chuck into a drill and a roller screen as well as quality 1/2″ nap rollers for a top-notch application of both coats. An extendable roller pole will also make the job easier.

Both of these warm whites will also work for your ceilings. Because ceiling paint tends to be a cool white, you can get a much more consistent finish if you start with either of these warm whites on the ceiling and work your way down.

If your ceilings are texture, make sure you have spare rollers; once the roller fills up with texture, it needs to be discarded.

RGB: 237, 234, 224
Hex Code: #EDEAE0

swiss coffee paint color wall art above a desk

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