cyber yellow vs royal yellow vs mellow yellow

In this article, you will learn about Cyber yellow, Royal yellow, and Mellow yellow colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors for your home project, the following information will help you make the right decision.

Cyber Yellow vs Royal Yellow vs Mellow Yellow infographic

Cyber Yellow vs Royal Yellow vs Mellow Yellow

Yellow is a cheery color that will brighten a space quickly. Depending on your tastes and the amount of light your home gets, yellow can also become overwhelming.

If you’re considering adding yellow to your home, consider the shades and tips below.

Cyber Yellow vs Royal Yellow vs Mellow Yellow wall art color comparison

Cyber Yellow

Cyber yellow is a very hot shade. By the numbers, it contains no blue at all. In your house, it would be an ideal choice for a north-facing room that gets little sunlight.

cyber yellow color wall art under lights

This is an energizing, attention-grabbing shade.

In general, yellow shades are also quite uplifting; for example, sunsets and sunrises tend to catch the eye and draw our attention.

If you need a color to help you focus, cyber yellow on the walls of an office could be ideal. Because yellow is also quite cheery, it could also work well in a playroom.

Cyber yellow presents a special challenge because it is quite intense. With no blue in the color, there’s nothing to cool it down.

When pairing it with furniture, avoid shades that are bright white unless you like a lot of contrast. The white furniture will appear very bright and the cyber yellow wall behind it may read orange.

You’ll also want to be cautious about mixing your own paler shade of yellow should you find a bucket of cyber yellow paint on the scratch and dent shelf.

I am a big fan of custom mixes at home; only you know the amount of light your rooms get during the times that you use them, and if you are willing to experiment, you can get great colors at a budget price.

cyber yellow infographic

However, there’s no blue in cyber yellow. Any white you add to it also needs to be free of blue tint. Start in very small batches.

If you can find a piece of plain white cardboard, mix the colors on the surface with a teaspoon or just by dabbing your fingers in both buckets.

If you get a muddy, mucky green color, the white paint is tinted with blue for brightness.

Because cyber yellow is such a hot color, it will need to be paired with strong colors. Cyber yellow will stand out strong against colors such as

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When looking for other paint shades and fabrics to use with cyber yellow, make sure you avoid any colors that are sooty.

For example, any shades that are on the smoky side will put cyber yellow in fighting mode. Subtle shades will not pair well with this color; it will read orange instead of yellow and your beautiful upholstery fabric will look dirty.

RGB: 255, 211, 0
Hex Code: #FFD300

cyber yellow color wall art above a desk

Royal Yellow

Royal yellow is a strong shade that would be ideal in a child’s bedroom or play space. This shade can be deceptive; while it is better balanced than cyber yellow, it’s still pretty warm.

royal yellow color wall art under lights

Make sure you paint a large sample of this color and check it when the space is in full sunlight.

If you want to use royal yellow inside the rest of your house, consider using it in small doses. For example, you could use this color to great effect at the back of bookcases in your office.

They would make all the book bindings stand out, brighten any decorative objects you have, and light the space up without overwhelming the room.

Many of us have lived in beige for a long time. We long for stronger colors but can’t quite commit. A simple way to test if you’re ready for royal yellow on the walls of your home is to paint the inside of a cabinet in this shade.

Pay attention to your brain’s reaction when you open the cupboard. Are you excited to see what the cabinet contains, or are you just looking forward to shutting the door?

If this color makes you smile when you open the cupboard, it will thrill you when you put it on your walls.

royal yellow color infographic

Bold colors require a commitment to change in other ways. Tan carpet against beige walls will appear crisp and serviceable. Tan carpet in a room painted royal yellow will appear rather mushy.

This is not to say that you need to replace the flooring each time you paint your walls, but you will be happier with the paint color if you bump up the contrast with a throw rug, some bright cushions, or a painted piece of furniture.

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Because royal yellow is more balanced, try pairing this with other balanced shades. Pale turquoise would be beautiful with this color, as would salmon pink or a cerulean blue.

Charcoal gray, as long as there is some blue in it, would also work beautifully with this shade. Keep an eye on balance; large pieces of furniture will work better against this color as long as they’re not too dark a shade.

RGB: 250, 218, 94
Hex Code: #FADA5E

royal yellow color wall art above a desk

Mellow Yellow

Mellow yellow is the most evenly balanced yellow in this comparison. That being said, it’s yellow, so it’s still quite intense. This is a great color for a bathroom, a baby’s room, or a play space for your children.

There is something about a yellow house that is quite cheery.

If you are remotely interested in using any of these shades on the outside of your home, proceed with great care.

In full sunlight, each of these colors will be very bold.

If you’re interested in yellow but worried about applying too intense a shade either inside your house or out, start with ivory. Ivory is a lovely combination of plain white and just a bit of yellow.

mellow yellow color infographic

While I don’t recommend mixing your own exterior paint colors, coming up with a color you like and matching it may be possible.

Try mixing 2 parts ivory to 1 part mellow yellow and apply it to a large sample. Set it out in full sun and note the color intensity. Mild yellows are restful to the eye; your house will have great curb appeal and appear welcoming and calm.

Too intense a yellow on the outside of your home will take away any visual restfulness you’re trying to create. Sunlight adds a yellow tint to the great outdoors.

Under a yellow sun, your yellow house may appear more sunflower than butter.

mellow yellow color wall art above a desk

Even mellow yellow is a color that provides strong contrast. It has a hard time backing down when paired with other shades.

A bright green cushion and a blue play rug will look terrific against mellow yellow walls in a playroom. However, this color scheme may not please you elsewhere in your home. It can be very effective in areas that you want to draw attention to.

RGB: 248, 222, 126
Hex Code: #F8DE7E

cyber vs royal vs mellow yellow paint colors infographic

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