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Both Natural Cream and Edgecomb Gray from Benjamin Moore are included in the off-white family of colors.

While both are on the warm side, they offer a versatile blend of color that can serve as a background for many other shades.

These shades each reflect a great deal of light. If you’re looking for a single shade to paint many rooms, the color of your light sources and the amount of natural light the space receives will have a large impact on the vibrance of each of these colors.

natural cream and edgecomb gray

Natural Cream

Natural Cream from Benjamin Moore is a buttery shade that will lean yellow with little encouragement.

To increase the tendency of this color to appear yellow, do your best to pair it with strong, unblended colors such as cerulean blue or poppy red.

A vivid green will also bump this color closer to the shade of whipped butter.

This yellow tendency makes this color an ideal choice for a child’s room, a kitchen or an office. Pair it with bright white shelving, white sheer curtains and white trim to enhance the glow.

Warm wood tones, particularly those with a lot of red in them, will increase the impact.

By pairing this shade with more subtle blends, particularly in the warm spectrum, you can push this color toward greige.

natural cream paint color infographic

Blended warm tones, such as Brownberry will calm the yellow in this color and bring out the smokier off-white aspect. If brown isn’t your favorite, a rich burgundy such as Cascabel Chile may be a better choice.

Both as a painter and a decorator, I love the option to paint walls and ceilings the same color. First of all, it saves cutting in the line where ceiling meets wall while standing on a ladder.

Secondly, many ceiling specific paints have a touch of blue tint. This hint of blue may force your Natural Cream walls to appear more yellow at the top, while your warm tan carpet will pull it back to off-white.

When such disparities occur in a brightly lit space, it can make the lower part of the room appear heavy and may even leave your walls looking grubby.

To further increase the greige quality of this color, use an accent wall color to boost the high percentage of green in Natural Cream.

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A sooty shade such as Dartsmouth Green could serve well in a space that doesn’t include a great deal of white.

natural cream vs edgecomb gray paint colors infographic

For example, if your office walls are mostly Natural Cream but your office furniture is a very warm wood tone, put it against your accent wall of Dartsmouth Green.

The cream color will stay consistently clean and bright, while your wooden furniture will glow against this velvety green.

The glossier the sheen, the more yellow you will draw from this paint. Again, you can use this to your advantage.

If you love the idea of pale yellow cabinets but fear a kitchen that is too bright, put a coat of Natural Cream on your cabinets and put a flat white on the walls.

Against a flat white, the yellow pigment in Natural Cream will be quite subtle.

Stick with warm metals. Dull brass hardware and gold picture frames will pair beautifully with this color. Look for off-white matting for portraits and prints instead of a bright white.

RGB: 219, 211, 197
Hex Code: #DBD3C5

natural cream paint color wall art

Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray is a more stable off-white that can be used against a wider variety of colors.

If your decorating style is fairly eclectic, putting this color on your walls will allow all your favorite pieces to work in the space.

Because there’s a higher percentage of green in this blend than in Natural Cream, this color is inclined to be sooty.

While I still wouldn’t pair it with bright white, painting your trim in Whitewater Bay would allow this wall color to stand out as a unique shade rather than just one more off-white.

Other blended shades will not push this color into the yellow zone. Once Edgecomb Gray is on the walls, you can get a little rowdy with accent colors such as Polished Slate, a yummy blue green with a lot of personality.

Once you embrace the stability of Edgecomb Gray, you can also revel in the variety of cool shades that will stand up well against this color.

natural cream and edgecomb gray paint colors wall art

Again, it would be best to avoid primary colors and those close to them. However, a purple such as Plum Martini could provide a terrific pop of color in a room that is mostly Edgecomb Gray.

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Your tan suede sofa and sandy carpet would also glow against this shade.

Do be aware that a wide variety of wood tones against Edgecomb Gray will likely produce a rather bland effect.

Because this color is so stable, few shades of wood finish will stand out against it effectively, particularly if the finish is warm or rich. Often, shades of off-white and beige are considered boring.

In fact, when these colors are stable, they simply don’t provide a lot of contrast.

It’s your accent colors that will shine against Edgecomb Gray, and that’s where to display your favorite antique items.

One wall of Oak Grove behind a favorite bookcase could turn a lovely off-white family room into an eye-catching collection space for your literary classics.

Take care if you plan to pair Edgecomb Gray with a dark brown or a dark gray. Rely on the warmth of the shade and create contrast with colors in the blue and green family.

edgecomb gray paint color infographic

The wrong shade of dark brown could be one of the only ways to push this color into the muddy zone. Grays are always tricky and a gray with too much blue will read blue against Edgecomb Gray.

Be aware that both Edgecomb Gray and Natural Cream will chalk as the space darkens. This means that both of these colors will reflect any light in the room.

One phone charger can be greatly enhanced by a chalky wall. If you need a dark sleeping space, Goodwin Green would work well with trim and flooring color that works with Edgecomb Gray.

Those interested in working with sand or other texturizing products should get good results with Edgecomb Gray.

Because this color has a tendency to be on the sooty side, adding texture to the walls or silicone sand to your paint will allow you to explore the lovely shadow tones that this color offers.

When choosing metals to work with Edgecomb Gray, avoid bright gold and bright brass. There’s actually quite a lot of green in this shade. While it’s stable, too much bright metal may turn this color from sooty to swampy.

RGB: 217, 211, 196
Hex Code: #D9D3C4

edgecomb gray paint color wall art

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