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This article will show you a list of paint colors that go with Olive Green.

While green is a blend of yellow and blue, olive green tones often include enough red to create a sooty shade. Olive green can either be bumped up to a bolder color by pairing it with another sooty shade, such as one of the purples listed below.

You can also push olive green toward yellow by adding a blue tone near it to boost the contrast.

For the purposes of this review, the olive green codes are as follows:
RGB: 186, 184, 108
Hex Code: #BAB86C

Deeper shades of olive green can also work with the color blends listed below. However, the lighter shade of olive green used as a base for this comparison may offer you more flexibility as it will lean toward yellow when placed against stronger colors.

Finally, remember that green is a blended or secondary color. Olive green is seldom likely to get into a tussle with a primary color, but it will likely look very good against other blended, secondary colors.

Here are my best picks for colors that compliment Olive Green.

  1. Brave Purple
  2. Impulsive Purple
  3. Individual White
  4. Pineapple Cream
  5. Hearty Orange
  6. Framboise
  7. In The Navy
  8. Faint Coral
  9. Smokey Blue
  10. Silverpointe
  11. Rocky River

colors that go with olive green infographics

1) Brave Purple

If you’re choosing colors for a bright room that gets a lot of sunlight, the light, smoky Brave Purple from Sherwin-William could be a wonderful choice.

Because smoky purple is opposite olive green in the color wheel, you may find that olive green gives you a lot of flexibility as a secondary color.

When using olive green against other blended colors, remember to consider sheen. In the natural world, green shades often serve as a foil for a brighter shade.

You can bring out your olive green color choices by using velvet upholstery fabric. A flat or eggshell paint in purple will enhance the olive green shade, rather than overpowering it.

RGB: 150, 141, 183
Hex Code: #968DB7

2) Impulsive Purple

Impulsive Purple from Sherwin-Williams is a richer shade of sooty purple that will take a step back and let olive green stand out. Should you want to put olive green on your walls, consider using smoky purple fabrics in muted textures, such as suede and corduroy.

If you want both olive green and impulsive purple on your walls, use neutrals in your upholstery fabric choices. A medium gray sofa in suede or leather will work nicely against both of these colors.

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Avoid adding a bunch of other shades into the mix.

RGB: 100, 74, 118
Hex Code: #644A76

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3) Individual White

If you plan to put olive green on your walls and need a light gray to serve as a trim, Individual White from Sherwin-Williams is a terrific choice. Because Individual White is both warm and fairly saturated, don’t worry about using a bold olive green in the rest of the space.

Should you want to use Individual White on cabinetry, consider hardware of rubbed bronze. The rich warmth of this white will hold up well against dark and warm metal tones.

RGB: 214, 205, 202
Hex Code: #D6CDCA

brave purple, impulsive purple, individual white paint colors wall art

4) Pineapple Cream

For those who plan to use a rich olive green on an accent wall, Pineapple Cream from Sherwin-Williams would be an ideal secondary color in the space.

This rich, buttery color will add heft to your olive green color choice and create a very delicate palette.

If you adore mid-century furniture selections, put Pineapple Cream on your walls and bring in all the bright brass hardware you want. This yummy, buttery shade is a terrific choice for those who love retro decorating styles.

RGB: 242, 234, 195
Hex Code: #F2EAC3

5) Hearty Orange

Hearty Orange from Sherwin-Williams will serve as a remarkable foil for many shades of olive green. Be aware that Hearty Orange is a pretty hot color; if you plan to use such shades on your walls, keep your decorating choices as simple as possible to avoid a sense of clutter.

These strong colors together will create a strong contrast and can quickly become visually distracting if too many other colors are included. Black frames around artwork and simple color choices will keep these two colors clean.

RGB: 180, 75, 52
Hex Code: #B44B34

6) Framboise

For those who want to use a lighter shade of olive green, Framboise from Sherwin Williams is a wonderful choice.

This color is closer to berry than to pumpkin. There’s enough blue in this color that a light olive green may appear mustard yellow. Work in small doses.

Create yourself a large sample and move it around in all lights. Use yellow light bulbs instead of cool blue tones for the best effect.

RGB: 122, 55, 85
Hex Code: #7A3755

pineapple cream, hearty orange, framboise paint colors wall art

7) In the Navy

Nearly any shade of olive green will look very nice against In the Navy by Sherwin-Williams. This rich shade of blue is dimmed by red and balanced with green.

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Because the primary pigment in this color blend is blue, you may find that the yellow in your olive green blend stands out more than you expected.

A brighter light source that is neither blue nor yellow may be what you need to help the olive green hold its own.

RGB: 41 57 73
Hex Code: #293949

8) Faint Coral

Rich shades of olive green will really shine against Faint Coral. This lovely pastel will also serve as a nice background for burgundy and wine tones.

You can add visual interest to your olive green selections by adding texture. If you’re considering olive green fabric, look for something with a strong knap or a high rib to create shadows.

RGB: 239, 221, 212
Hex Code: #EFDDD4

9) Smoky Blue

Blue and green are not always easy to pair to good effect. However, Smoky Blue from Sherwin-Williams is a nearly neutral blend that will let your olive green tones stand out beautifully.

By the numbers, we see that smoky blue is rich in red. Red offers soot to blue tones, especially when there’s more green than red in the color mix. Consider a single accent wall of smoky blue for your family room and line your olive green armchairs up against it.

The wall will look elegant and clean while you can avoid the commitment to covering other walls with such a strong shade until you’re absolutely sure.

RGB: 89, 110, 121
Hex Code: #596E79

In the navy, faint coral, smokey blue paint colors wall art

10) Silverpointe

Silverpointe from Sherwin-Williams is a simple, clean gray that will serve as a beautiful foil for your olive green accent walls and upholstery fabric.

Do take the time to make a large sample of Silverpointe, especially if you have many different wood tones in the space. Red oak and cherry will glow against this color, but yellow wood tones may dull a bit.

RGB: 210, 211, 206
Hex Code: #D2D3CE

11) Rocky River

It should be noted that matching green to green can be a bit tricky. However, Rocky River from Sherwin-Williams is a wonderfully forgiving color.

Don’t be surprised if the lighter versions of olive green stand out a bit lighter than you initially expected. You may even notice a bit of mustard tine against Rocky River.

However, both of these greens should hold their own and will work together well.

RGB: 94, 112, 106
Hex Code: #5E706A

Silverpointe, rocky river paint colors wall art

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