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Like many colors that are variations on the 3 primary pigments, Mustard Yellow is quite bold. If you use this color against shades that contain yellow, it will step back a bit.

If you pair it with jewel tones, such as a cherry red or a royal blue, it will appear bolder. Because this shade has a high concentration of red in it, it will quickly warm up any space.

Because it has a high percentage of green, there’s enough soot or smoke in the shade to produce beautiful shadows.

For more interest, if you plan to use a Mustard Yellow fabric, consider using something with deep texture. The shadow tones of Mustard Yellow will be quite striking.

RGB: 234, 170, 0
Hex Code: #EAAA00

mustard yellow paint color artwork under lights

1) Brass

Brass is a yummy combination of gold and brown that would work well with Mustard. Be aware that Mustard will always come out on top when you pair it with any brown shades; brass will lean back and let Mustard stand out.

As you plan where to use Mustard, be very careful about the wood tones currently in place in the room. Wood tones that include red, such as cherry or red oak, may create visual agitation. A deep brown, such as mahogany, may be best.

RGB: 172, 159, 60
Hex Code: #AC9F3C

12 colors that go with mustard yellow infographic

2) Bear Brown

Bear Brown, like Mustard, is a color that will be made even more beautiful with texture. If you’re interested in creating an accent wall with either of these colors, consider adding sand or doing a knockdown texture on the wall first.

Bear Brown has a warm glow with just enough blue to stand up against Mustard, and both colors will add to the warmth of the space.

RGB: 101, 56, 24
Hex Code: #653818

3) Golden Brown

Golden Brown is a less saturated shade that is a bit smokier than Bear Brown, and will not stand up as vigorously.

If your plan is to use Mustard on the walls of a family room, Golden Brown could be a wonderful choice for upholstery fabrics, rugs, or drapes.

This is an excellent choice for rooms that either don’t get a lot of natural light or those that you generally use in the evening.

RGB: 153, 101, 21
Hex Code: #996515

brass, bear brown, golden brown colors artwork

4) Dark Green

Dark Green is a fairly cool color but, like Bear Brown, will be a nice balance with Mustard. When you pair 2 colors that balance each other, it’s important to consider the visual impact you’re trying to create.

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For example, Dark Green and Mustard in a space that is lowly lit, such as a library, can tolerate a lot of other colors as long as they’re tightly grouped.

Books on shelves will create interest, rather than a frenetic field of color. If you’re going to display multiple items of different colors in a room that uses a lot of Mustard, try to use a coordinating color that will back down.

RGB: 21, 71, 52
Hex Code: #154734

5) Moss

Moss is a terrific example of a color that will back down in a room that features Mustard. Even better, this shade will allow Mustard Yellow to appear quite bright.

If you have a living room that gets a lot of light and you want to put Mustard Yellow on the walls, use a fabric in Moss for the window treatments or put down a woven rug in Moss and let Mustard stand out and be bright.

RGB 156, 156, 83
Hex Code: #9C9C53

6) Bordeaux

Pairing any shades of red and yellow in one space can create visual agitation. They can create a sense of urgency akin to stoplights.

However, Bordeaux is a shade that will balance Mustard Yellow without creating a sense of impending danger. Again, trim colors will need to come into consideration.

A white trim against Bordeaux and Mustard could be too bold. If you have a dark brown trim already in place, don’t change it.

RGB: 87, 45, 45
Hex Code: #572D2D

dark green, moss, bordeaux paint colors wall art

7) Salmon Pink

For those who want to brighten up a space that includes Mustard Yellow, consider using small pops of Salmon Pink.

Be aware that Salmon items will stand out; a cushion or two or a stripe in a fabric may be all that you need to add a bit of sunshine to Mustard.

Bringing these colors head to head in equal parts will be very energizing and may work in an office or a studio.

RGB: 255, 134, 116
Hex Code: #FF8674

8) Teal Blue

Thanks to the high percentage of green in the blend, Teal Blue is a wonderful color to pair with Mustard Yellow.

If you have furniture covered in Mustard Yellow in a family room, adding a Teal Blue accent wall could be a wonderful way to make the furniture stand out and give it a sense of glow.

RGB: 0, 124, 128
Hex Code: #007C80

9) Sea Blue

Sea Blue is a deeply saturated shade that will let Mustard stand out. There are a few shades of blue that will back down when any shade of yellow is prominent, so look for ways to let Sea Blue lay low.

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If you have textured Mustard Yellow paint on the walls, put Sea Blue on an armchair in a flat fabric. Add a Sea Blue canvas valance to the room, or put smooth Sea Blue cushions on your dining room chairs.

RGB: 0, 105, 148
Hex Code: #006994

salmon, teal blue, sea blue paint colors art work

10) Eggplant

Yellow and purple are often colors that do not work and play well together. However, Eggplant has enough green to let Mustard Yellow be without overpowering it.

Like other colors that balance Mustard rather than being overpowered by it, do your best to keep the rest of the space simple.

Eggplant on an accent wall, Mustard Yellow on the armchairs, and everything else in shades of brown would be a terrific choice. Too many colors can turn both Eggplant and Mustard Yellow into something garish.

RGB: 93, 55, 84
Hex Code: #5D3754

11) Warm Gray

I struggled to find a gray that would work with Mustard, but this one is a winner. This is a beautifully balanced gray that will back down to the presence of Mustard, but it won’t read blue across the room, as many shades of gray will when paired with a hot or fire color.

It’s the high percentage of green in this mix that allows Warm Gray to maintain a calming, elegant presence.

RGB: 110, 98, 89
Hex Code: #6E6259

12) Vermillion

Vermillion is the color to use when you want to pull attention away from Mustard Yellow. If your dining room walls are Mustard Yellow and you want your guests to focus on the food, put a Vermillion cloth on the table.

There are few shades of red that will push Mustard into the background without screaming “STOPLIGHT!” but this shade has the presence to just ignore Mustard and serve as an eye-catching shade.

If you plan to put Vermillion on a wall in a room that also features mustard, create a large sample and study the two colors together.

Vermillion will be hard to cover if you change your mind, and waiting for primer to cure can be tiresome.

RGB: 221, 50, 36
Hex Code: #DD3224

eggplant, warm gray, vermillion paint colors wall art

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