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In this article, you will learn about Banana Yellow and Mustard Yellow colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

banana yellow and mustard yellow wall art

Banana Yellow vs Mustard Yellow

The color yellow tends to be associated with sunshine. Because it’s one of the primary pigment colors, many people also use this color when creating or painting children’s spaces.

However, yellow is also loaded with energy and can provide a mental boost if you’re working through a messy problem or trying to focus in a more organized fashion.

Yellow was once a very common color on dwelling places; yellow ochre is generated when iron ore becomes hydrated and people have been able to harvest yellow tint from soil all over the world.

In the field of fabric dying, yellow has been gleaned from the common and easy-to-grow onion. Early yellow pigment used by portrait painters contained urine.

Banana Yellow

Banana yellow is a cheery, bright tone. You may see this color used in plastic toys for children. It can also be a versatile stripe in upholstery fabric.

If you’re interested in incorporating banana yellow into your home decor, consider the ideas below.

banana yellow wall art under lights

Banana yellow is quite balanced for a primary pigment. When we look at the RGB code, we can see that it contains an almost completely balanced combination of red and green with just enough blue to help it stand alone.

Anything you put beside this color will pop. Unless you are going for a bold contrast, use this shade sparingly.

For example, perhaps you want to use banana yellow in your office to help you focus as you work. Painting all 4 walls in this color may quickly become overwhelming; after all, this shade is warm.

Unless your office is on the north side of your home (and you live in snow country) don’t put it on all 4 walls.

Instead, consider looking for upholstery fabric that features banana yellow. A single cushion may be a bit much, but a fine stripe in a curtain or a cushion fabric could be both casual and energizing.

Other colors to pair with this shade should be balanced. Royal blue is out, but a deep aqua shade could be quite striking. Remember that this color provides immediate contrast.

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Blue-green will stand out as a unique shade, rather than drifting toward blue or over to green; it will also cool down the heat of banana yellow.

banana yellow color infographic

Additional fun shades that will stand alone against banana yellow include other cool shades, such as

  • mauve
  • smoky purple
  • cadet blue
  • rust

Keep the contrasting field size in mind. A rich green suede armchair with a banana-yellow throw will create a jarring visual contrast.

Keep the armchair and add a throw with a geometric pattern that features a bit of banana yellow and the green will not be overwhelmed.

If you want to put banana yellow on at least one wall, remember that this color comes with a separate heat. You may need to ramp up the power of other surfaces, such as

  • cherry trim and flooring, which will be warmer than a yellow oak
  • burgundy carpet instead of beige, which may just look dirty against a hot yellow shade
  • deep blue curtains instead of simple white shades

Be very careful when pairing a hot color like banana yellow with white. Most white pigments have a touch of blue included to increase brightness.

Against a banana yellow wall, blue-white trim paint will read as blue as it will white. Consider a mild or creamy white if you choose painted trim.

RGB: 255, 225, 53
Hex Code: #FFE135

banana yellow wall art over a desk

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is oddly striking if you don’t think about it as food. By the numbers, mustard yellow is very warm.

However, because there is next to no cool to this color, it can serve the same purpose as orange, rust, or even peach depending on how you use it.

mustard yellow wall art under lights

Mustard yellow can actually create a sense of age in your home. It’s not as dark as the ochre yellow pigment that was harvested from soil, but it’s in the same color family.

If you are interested in creating a sense of coziness in your fireplace room, consider painting one wall mustard yellow. Any wooden furniture that you place against it will glow, particularly if you have anything with an older red oak varnish or a cherry finish.

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If you own antique furniture and enjoy the patina on older wooden pieces, mustard may be a great choice on many of your walls.

Do remember that this will warm the space up; do your best to avoid overcrowding any home painted in this color.

Because there is so little blue in this color, take care when placing it against a cool color. Again, avoid white trim paint.

Because mustard can serve as a neutral once it’s on the walls, use cool colors sparingly and in small doses. Go for muted shades; sky blue is not a great shade to pair with mustard yellow because it is a very cool color, but teal will warm up nicely against mustard.

mustard yellow color infographic

Purple is not an ideal choice unless you really like a jarring visual contrast, but shadow purple from Benjamin Moore will create a pairing in which both colors will hold their own.

Don’t push mustard yellow with gray tones. If your floor is slate and you want an older pigment on the walls, go more toward brick.

Remember, there is very little blue in this shade. If you pair it with a gray that includes too much blue, this color will turn muddy on the walls and your beautiful gray slate floor will read blue until you repaint.

If you’re going to use either of these colors on the walls, take a good look at your lightbulbs. You don’t want to shine a blue LED bulb on either of these shades.

Under blue light, banana yellow will turn into that “plastic toy” color so popular in sandboxes these days. Mustard yellow will turn the color of dirty water.

You need yellow light, preferably from below for mustard yellow. Remember, this color is tied to some very old pigments.

If you’re going for a sense of age with your choice of mustard yellow, look for lights that feature an amber shade or yellow glass. A light that has the appearance of a lantern would be quite effective.

RGB: 225, 173, 1
Hex Code: #E1AD01

mustard yellow wall art above a desk

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