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This following comparison guide will help you decide between two captivating purple paint colors. Brave Purple and Impulsive Purple by Sherwin Williams.

If you have a room that features olive green, both of these purple hues complement olive green beautifully.

Also, keep reading to learn how to get these exact colors as samples in the form of peel-and-stick with real paint!

Brave Purple

Brave Purple by Sherwin-Williams is the perfect color for rooms that are bright and get plenty of sunlight.

I love the fact that Sherwin Williams uses the word “brave” in this color. Brave Purple is very captivating and embodies a perfect blend of boldness and sophistication.

It’s also very deep and vibrant with subtle hints of blue. This allows for a layer of complexity and allure to its appearance.

Brave Purple can also create an atmosphere of luxury and creativity. If you are looking to infuse your space with a sence of elegance, this color should be top on your list of choices.

Best uses for Brave Purple

If you want to make a statement or create a focal point, choose brave purple.

Perfect for:

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  • Living rooms
  • Dining areas
  • Bedrooms
  • Accent walls
  • Powder rooms
  • Small spaces

Use brave purple in a powder room or small space where its depth can transform the area into a luxurious retreat without overwhelming the senses.

Also, use Brave Purple to create an overall experience utilizing the decor of your room. There is more to it that just painting a wall with this color.

This color is known to influence the mood of a room, encouraging creativity, and thoughtfulness, or offering a sense of calm and introspection.

Add a touch of personality and depth to your interior. Brave Purple is very versatile allowing it to adapt to various styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional and eclectic.

RGB: 150, 141, 183
Hex Code: #968DB7

brave purple paint color

Colors that go with Brave Purple

Complementing brave purple with the right colors can enhance its beauty and versatility. Any neutral shade such as soft grays, creamy whites, and warm beiges work wonderfully and provide a balanced backdrop.

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If you want to be more daring, consider pairing it with metallic accents like gold or silver, which can add a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Teal, deep green, and navy are also excellent choices to create a rich and cohesive color scheme.

Brave Purple Paint Color Samples

Samplize Peel and Stick Paint Samples

Advantages of using peel and stick paint samples:

  • EASY TO USE: Simply move your SAMPLIZE paint sample around the room to test under a variety of lighting conditions.
  • AFFORDABLE: Budget-friendly solution and no more buying inaccurate swatches, rollers, wasted paint.
  • SUPER FAST DELIVERY: Depending on your location, 1 day delivery is possible.
  • ORDER FROM HOME: Save a trip to the store looking for samples.
  • NO MESS: SAMPLIZE uses real paint samples with zero-mess
  • NO WASTE: No leftover cans or wasted paint.

Get your peel-and-stick real paint sample of Brave Purple here.

Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample – Brave Purple (6823) – Sherwin-Williams

Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample - Brave Purple (6823) - Sherwin-Williams

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Impulsive Purple

Impulsive Purple by Sherwin-Williams is an intriguing and dynamic paint color that captures the imagination with its vibrant yet sophisticated charm.

This color strikes a balance between boldness and playfulness, making it an excellent choice for those looking to inject a burst of energy and creativity into their spaces.

Best uses for Impulsive Purple

Perfect for:

  • Home offices
  • Craft rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Accent walls

Impulsive Purple will add a touch of vibrancy and warmth to any of these rooms. Use this color in areas to help boost energy and inspiration.

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It can also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere making it a perfect choice for your bedroom.

Colors that go with Impulsive Purple

Pairing impulsive purple with complementary colors can elevate its appeal and versatility. Soft neutrals like light gray, creamy white, and taupe can serve as a perfect backdrop allowing Impulsive Purple to stand out without overwhelming the space.

Add more adventure by using mustard yellow, mint green, or coral. Some people say that impulsive purple has a playful side. These colors will enhance that while keeping the impulsive purple the focal point.

Incorporating Impulsive Purple into your home decor offers a unique opportunity to express personality and style. Whether used for a statement wall, as an accent in textiles, or through decorative accessories, this color can bring a sense of joy and creativity to any environment.

Its ability to complement a wide range of colors also makes it a flexible choice for integrating into various design themes, from modern and eclectic to traditional and whimsical.

RGB: 100, 74, 118
Hex Code: #644A76

Get your peel-and-stick real paint sample of Impulsive Purple here.

Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample – Impulsive Purple (6832) – Sherwin-Williams

Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample - Impulsive Purple (6832) - Sherwin-Williams

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Brave Purple vs Impulsive Purple comparison

When comparing these two paint colors from Sherwin Williams, there are a few noticeable differences to consider.

Brave Purple leans towards a richer, more saturated tone with blue undertones. Impulsive Purple is often described as a lighter, more whimsical shade with a balance of red and blue undertones.

Brave Purple is a great color for creating depth and intensity making it ideal for more mature and sophisticated spaces. Impulsive Purple offers a softer, more playful vibe, making it suitable for spaces that aim for a lighter, more airy feel.

brave purple and impulsive purple paint colors wall art

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