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In this article, you will learn about Oyster White and Shoji White paint colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

oyster white vs shoji white paint colors infographic

Oyster White vs Shoji White paint colors

Choosing the proper ivory or off-white tone for your home is actually much more confusing than it looks. The undertone of paint colors matters a great deal.

While both the paint colors in this review are warm, the first color has a touch more blue and can work just as well with cool colors.

The second color will be a much better foil for other colors in the brown and red family.

It’s important at this point to stress again the importance of starting with a large sample. If you don’t want to paint directly on your wall, coat a sizable piece of white cardboard or pick up a few blank canvases from your local craft store.

Don’t just try to choose a color from a chip. You need to see your intended color in all levels of daylight before you can be sure it will suit your home.

Yes, it’s time-consuming. However, getting the right color on your walls the first time is worth it.

oyster white and shoji white paint colors wall art above a sofa

Oyster White

Sherwin-Williams offers a complex option with Oyster White. This velvety shade of off-white has a bit less red than Shoji White, which gives it a green undertone.

If you love plants, Oyster White is a great choice for your common rooms. Fans of accent walls would do well to stick with green. Tones from sage to olive will work well with this color.

Oyster White also transfers well to exterior paint. If you love to landscape and have a variety of green plants and trees around your house, putting this color on your siding or your bricks will help them stand out. Consider a deep green trim paint to help this color retain visual interest.

Take care when lighting this color. You want to stick with neutral bulbs, especially if you plan to use the space a lot after dark. Cool lighting could turn this color quite muddy.

This shade is light enough that you can play with sheens. You can even trim your interior in a semi-gloss of this same color. Take care when pairing this wall color with warm wood toes. Yellow oak and pale maple will work better with this color than cherry or red oak.

oyster white paint color infographic

If your interior trim wood is dark mahogany, this wall color could be ideal. Again, lighting will have an impact. Paint yourself a sample and step back.

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Oyster White could be a terrific choice for kitchens and baths. Be aware that if you pair this color with white appliances, cabinet pulls and fixtures, the green will pop a bit more. Go ahead and use that to get more personality and use out of the color.

Be very careful if you plan to pair this color with gray. I’ve said it many times, but gray is tricky. If your gray carpet leans toward charcoal, this wall color will read muddy because of the strong blue tones in your shade of gray. If your gray is a bit smoky, this color might work well.

Both of these colors will chalk after the sun goes down, though Oyster White will be a bit less reflective. I can’t recommend either of these colors for bedrooms if you need a cozy, dark sleeping space.

RGB: 226, 221, 208
Hex Code: #E2DDD0

oyster white paint color wall art above a desk

Shoji White

For those who want an unobtrusive paint color but don’t want plain white, Shoji White from Sherwin-Williams is a wonderful choice. Be warned that this color has more personality than first appears.

This is a warm color and will bite back if you push it. Your green sofa will look beautiful against this color. Your navy blue rug may push this color into the yellow spectrum.

The best description I can ascribe to this color is that it’s a lovely nesting shade. If you have a wide variety of wood tones, all of them will work well with Shoji White as long as they are dark enough.

Antique red oak and warm maple will both work; pale maple may not work and play well with this color.

Deep-toned metals will also pair beautifully with this creamy off-white. Dark bronze is especially nice against Shoji White. Avoid anything too reflective; subtle textures and tones will work best against this color.

If you’re looking for a neutral color for a child’s bedroom, start with this shade and push it. Go ahead and put down a royal blue bedspread and a green rug.

shoji white paint color infographic

If you push this color with strong shades, the yellow will push back and you’ll have a nice pastel effect on your walls without having to paint over yellow in a few years.

For those who like painted trim, a semi-gloss of Shoji White could be a great choice. If you want a lighter shade, avoid cool colors such as Bright White. Instead, try Greek Villa from Sherwin-Williams.

It’s a lighter shade of off-white that will not muddy up your Shoji White walls.

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Shoji White would be a lovely paint color for the exterior of your home, especially if you have any brick accents. The warmth of this color will allow your bricks to glow.

Keep your paint selections on the warm side; a rust trim could be especially nice against this color. If your home features a lot of greenery against your siding, be prepared for this color to fade towards white. It won’t be as good a foil as Oyster White, but it won’t fight back.

This color should work with gray tones as long as they don’t contain too much blue. Make sure you paint a large sample! Set it against your gray sofa. Place it along the wall against your gray carpet.

Shoji White is light enough that it should fade into the background against a deep gray that has some warmth.

Those who love brown, particularly brown leather tones, will get a lot of mileage out of this color. Your chocolate suede sofa will look terrific against this color, as will the cowhide rug. Even ivory fur throws, popular in the Hygge style of decorating, will glow against this color.

Light your Shoji White walls in yellow tones. Sunlight will warm up this color, as will the glow from candles. If you are looking for just one color for your whole house, do be aware that this color will chalk or turn reflective when the lights are low.

If you want your family room to be a bit cozier, consider painting at least one wall in a Dark Brown to keep the light bounce as low as possible.

This color will work beautifully with pastels. Remember that it will tend yellow if you push it with primary colors. Think of your space as a flower garden.

Dark green leaves are a wonderful foil for pale peach flowers as well as red ones. If you overload the contrast in front of this color, it’s going to go yellow. Soft pinks, light aquas and gentle lavenders will allow it to hold onto the off-white character that you need as a background color.

If you want to pair this color with cool tones, such as purple, blue or teal, look for smoky options. Against a bright purple, this wall color will yellow, and not in a good way; think sports uniforms. Ripe Berry from Sherwin-Williams is a yummy, sooty shade of purple that will be a beautiful balance to Shoji White.

RGB: 230, 223, 211
Hex Code: E6DFD3

shoji white paint color wall art above a desk

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