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In this article, I have put together a list of my favorite pink front door paint colors.

Recent decorating trends have brought many shades of gray to both the exterior and interior of today’s homes. Adding a pink front door is a wonderful way to soften charcoal gray and bright mist gray.

The colors listed below offer homeowners either a bold and striking front door, such as Cranberry Cocktail, or a softly tinted neutral, such as Touch of Pink.

Any of them would create an inviting entry into your home.

pink front door paint colors infographic

1) Cranberry Cocktail

Cranberry Cocktail from Benjamin Moore is a deep, lush pink that leans toward berry. It has a bit more blue than green and will be a gorgeous choice against other rich tones.

Homes sided or painted in charcoal gray, cadet blue and deep green shades will all work well with this shade of pink. If you’re planning on new hardware, consider installing brushed nickel or another textured metal.

This bold pink color is going to stand out no matter what you pair it with, so keep your hardware choices low-key.

Be very careful when choosing your paint formula. Red pigment fades under UV light. No matter how many shade trees you have, there will come a time when front door has to stand under direct sunlight.

Prep your front door by scraping and sanding so you have a smooth surface to paint. A primer to increase the “grab” for your top coat is also an excellent idea.

RGB: 131, 63, 77
Hex Code: #833F4D

Cranberry Cocktail paint color wall art under lights

2) Genuine Pink

Benjamin Moore’s Lush Pink is a warm pink with a lovely shadow tone. This is an ideal color for doors that are heavily paneled or detailed.

Even if your current door is a plain slab, adding a bit of trim to dress it up before you paint it could create a remarkably interesting front entryway.

If you don’t have a miter saw, you will likely need a miter box to cut the angles. “Measure twice, cut once” is a carpenter’s mantra. When you’re adding decorative trim to a door, it’s a good idea to

  • lay everything out
  • measure at least 3 times, both the door and the trim to be cut
  • nail and glue all trim in place before letting it dry
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As a general rule, you will only have one front door. Plan to add your trim on a dry day. Get some help before you take the door down and add your trim.

Because the glue and painter’s caulk will cure more effectively if the door is laid flat, some sawhorses are a good investment.

Prime the door and new trim lumber first. Use a satin or semi-gloss finish as your topcoat. Let the door air dry until the paint is dry.

Be aware that the door will take longer to cure fully; as possible, leave it open so you don’t lose paint to the weather-stripping seal.

RGB: 199, 128, 134
Hex Code: #C78086

Genuine pink paint color wall art under lights

3) Pink Powderpuff

If your home is ivory or tan, Pink Powderpuff from Benjamin Moore can serve either as an accent or as a light neutral. By the numbers, this color contains more green than red.

This means that this is a pink that leans toward peach. While it is quite a delicate color, it will serve as a lovely foil for other blends as well as for yellow or ivory tones.

For example, if your home’s exterior includes any shades of green, you can use this color as your trim base color instead of white.

Do take care how you surround this color. If left alone beside rust siding or red bricks, this color will read neutral. If you add a white window box, this color will appear pink.

If your goal is to use this as a light neutral for trim, be very consistent as you add this color to window trims, door surrounds and the main body of your door.

Even your white porch rail may need to be coat in Pink Powderpuff.

RGB: 253, 211, 202
Hex Code: #FDD3CA

Pink powderpuff paint color wall art under lights

Bonus pink paint color for a front door: Oleander!

Check out this video showing a cottage front door painted in Oleander by Sherwin WIlliams.

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4) Touch of Pink

Touch of Pink, another lovely shade from Benjamin Moore, actually as a lot of strength for such a light color. Like Pink Powderpuff, this color contains more green than blue.

Because this color is so well-balanced, it will likely read pink no matter what you pair it with.

Anytime you’re painting a door, it’s critically important that you create samples. Yellow sunlight can change the look of colors, especially blended colors such as a pink-peach shade.

Looking above at Cranberry Cocktail and Genuine Pink, we also need to remember that deeply saturated colors can soak up a lot of heat. If the door is getting direct sunlight, it may be a good idea to add a UV protectant exterior door.

RGB: 252, 231, 229
Hex Code: #FCE7E5

touch of pink paint color wall art under lights

5) Proposal Pink

If you’re looking for a delicate pink that can also serve as your pale neutral, Benjamin Moore’s Proposal Pink is an ideal choice. This pale pink is balanced enough to hold its own even against strong cool colors.

If the exterior of your home includes a dark blue, gloss black or charcoal gray, this shade of pink will hold steady.

Proposal is also an ideal pink to use with brown and rust. If your home is made of brown or burgundy brick, Proposal could be both a terrific door color and an effective window trim.

If you want to add a paler tone to your exterior home color scheme, do your best to stay consistent. For those with cool gray exterior siding, a bright white paint on window trim is best. Your door will read a pale, smoky pink.

If your home’s exterior is brown or ivory, use an ivory trim paint and enjoy your pink-peach front door.

RGB: 231, 216, 211
Hex Code: #E7D8D3

Proposal pink paint color wall art under lights

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