front door paint color for a gray house

In this article, I have put together a list of my favorite front door paint colors for a gray house.

These colors include:

  1. Blackberry Punch
  2. Ebony King
  3. Galapagos Turquoise
  4. Leapfrog
  5. Sundried Tomato
  6. Radiant Dawn
  7. Pavestone
  8. Sun Salutation
  9. Smokey Blue

Grey is a popular color for exterior siding, whether vinyl or paint. However, you can boost the visibility of your grey home by adding a contrasting front door color.

To get the best results, make sure you are aware of how warm your grey paint job is. Grey can be either cool or warm. Too much of a contrasting color on the front door can be jarring.

awesome front door paint colors for a gray house graphic

1) Blackberry Punch

Benjamin Moore’s Blackberry Punch is a luscious, very dark violet that could be an ideal choice for a cool grey house. You can bring out the color even more by surrounding your newly painted door with bright white trim.

If your grey home leans toward blue, or if it has a misty quality, the sooty quality of Blackberry Punch will work beautifully. Do make sure you check your exposure to daylight.

Too much sun on this door can lead to heat build-up. Keep your hardware simple and, if possible, chrome rather than brass. Keep things cool around this shade.

RGB: 63, 65, 80
Hex Code: #3F4150

Blackberry Punch paint color art work

2) Ebony King

There is something incredibly elegant about a black front door. Ebony King from Benjamin Moore offers a truly regal touch.

This color would work well with either a warm or a cool grey, but you can change up the impact of this shade by bumping up the sheen.

On a cool grey house, consider using a gloss paint. It will likely take a primer and will certainly require more than one coat. If your home leans more toward greige, a satin finish may be more effective.

Preparation is key when painting a door any dark color. You will likely need to scrape off old paint and sand the surface for best cling.

Because dark colors will absorb more heat, you want to be sure that your door paint does not let go and bubble up in the summer heat.

RGB: 56, 58, 61
Hex Code: #383A3D

ebony king paint color art work

3) Galapagos Turquoise

If you’re sure that your house is a warm grey, consider using Galapagos Turquoise on your front door. This deep blue-green is a wonderful shade to pair with warm grey or wood tones.

For example, if your front porch furniture includes a warm wood rocker or terra cotta pots, using Galapagos Turquoise on your front door will really help these accessories shine.

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This color is ideal for warm metal tones. A brass handle, rubbed bronze lockset or even a copper front door lamp would all suit this shade beautifully.

Again, consider working with a semi-gloss or a gloss for best effect.

RGB: 25, 89, 97
Hex Code: #195961

Galapagos Turquoise paint color wall art

4) Leapfrog

Many of us are striving to live a more environmentally friendly life. Leapfrog from Sherwin-Williams is a terrific paint to help you state just how important your connection to the natural world is.

I love this color against grey. Because Leapfrog is so bold, it’s easy to add in other neutrals for even more visual interest.

For example, you can paint your door trim white and add a black letter box or black iron hardware to the door.

Be prepared to let this door stand alone. It will be a wonderful foil for blooming flowers, but avoid filling up the porch with lots of non-blooming colors.

Simple white chairs and black pots loaded with flowers will all stand out beautifully against Leapfrog.

RGB: 136, 145, 93
Hex Code: #88915D

leapfrog paint color wall art

5) Sundried Tomato

Those who live in homes on the dark side of grey would be well-served by the elegant red of Sundried Tomato. If your door trim matches your siding or is darker than the rest of your home, this door color will make your front entrance stand out beautifully.

While this red is a bit darker than shades commonly used on outbuildings, I would avoid pairing this color with a white trim.

Red and white on structures tends to scream “barn” and that may not be appropriate for your front door. It also screams “stop and look” and may be jarring to viewers.

RGB: 102, 41, 39
Hex Code: #662927

sundried tomato paint color wall art

6) Radiant Dawn

If your home is a warm grey and you want a light front door but don’t want white, consider using Radiant Dawn from Sherwin-Williams. This lovely shade of ivory will add much more visual interest than a plain front door.

Radiant Dawn would be a wonderful choice for deeply set doors. If you find that your front door always seems to be shadowed, this lovely, buttery yellow would really bring it to life.

This color will also add a touch of cottage style to your front door and be a lovely backdrop for natural wood tones, wicker furniture and a simple wooden porch swing.

RGB: 236, 225, 208
Hex Code: #ECE1D0

radiant dawn paint color wall art

7) Pavestone

Once you put Pavestone from Sherwin-Williams on your front door, you may consider repainting the entire house in it. This color is an ideal backdrop for brighter shades, but it will also make a strong statement alone.

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Be aware that this grey is quite warm. By the numbers, red leads the pack in terms of the saturation of pigments in this color. If your house is currently a cool grey, you may not be happy with this on your front door.

However, a warm grey home would be well-paired with this shade. This color is stately enough to handle black hardware, such as a wrought iron knocker or a round black knob set.

If your storm door is framed in black metal, putting this color behind it will add definition and grace.

RGB: 160, 153, 143
Hex Code: #A0998F

pavestone paint color wall art

8) Sun Salutation

If you find your grey house a bit drab, by all means put Sun Salutation from Sherwin-Williams on your front door. While this yellow is quite warm, it is not edgy and would be a gentle, lovely way to warm up your front entrance.

Again, pair it with dark metals. There’s really no hiding a yellow front door, so why not bump up the contrast? This door color would be an excellent foil for green items.

If your porch furniture includes a green metal table and chairs or if you just love plants, load up your porch with a variety of green and flowering pots.

RGB: 245, 208, 150
Hex Code: #F5D096

sun salutation paint color wall art

9) Smoky Blue

Smoky Blue from Sherwin-Williams is a cool color, no question about it. However, this beautiful blue would contrast well with warm greys thanks to a rather sooty or smoky tone.

Unlike many pushy shades of blue, this color is gentle enough to get along with many grey colors.

Be aware that your front door may fade a bit if you already have white trim or a white storm door. That being said, you can make this blue stand out by using it as a backdrop for brighter shades.

Your pastel spring wreath will look beautiful against this color, as will any red, white and blue decorations you want to use for the summer holidays.

Keep your hardware bright is you put this on your front door. Both chrome and bright brass will be beautiful against this color.

If your grey siding is on the cool side, paint your door trim white to make this blue stand out even more.

RGB: 89, 110, 121
Hex Code: #596E79

smokey blue paint color wall art

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