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Blue paint colors can run the gamut from deep navy to pale mist. While blue is a cool color, the right blue can work beautifully with warm colors in the right dose.

If you’re ready to brighten a space with blue, the colors below are well worth considering.

  1. Hale Navy
  2. Water’s Edge
  3. Dynamic Blue
  4. Blue Dragon
  5. Mediterranean Breeze
  6. Iced Slate
  7. Luxe Blue
  8. Fantasy Blue
  9. Prussian Blue
popular blue paint colors infographic

1) Hale Navy

Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore is a deep, lush blue that leans toward charcoal gray. This color would make an excellent accent wall.

If you like a dark sleeping area, you could use Hale Navy on all your wall space. You can push this color to read gray if you can pair it with strong red tones that lean cool.

Cherry red and hot pink would look terrific against this color. Look for ways to use metal with this shade, such as brushed nickel or a glossy chrome, to add an elegant touch.

Very dark colors tend to suck up the light, so make sure you have plenty of balanced light sources and lots of reflective surfaces in any room that features Hale Navy paint.

RGB: 67, 75, 86
Hex Code: #434B56

hale navy paint color wall art under lights

2) Water’s Edge

If you’re looking for a blue to bring balance to an eclectic space, Water’s Edge from Benjamin Moore is a terrific option.

This lovely blue contains enough red to add a bit of smoke and enough green to make it placid. You could use Water’s Edge as a wall color in a room filled with light wood tones. It will make your houseplants look terrific!

Consider pairing this color with ivory rather than white. Be prepared for this color to chalk as the daylight fades; use it in the kitchen before you put it on your bedroom walls.

If you love pastels, they will love this wall color.

RGB: 135, 154, 157
Hex Code: #879A9D

waters edge paint color wall art under lights

3) Dynamic Blue

If you’re looking for a shade of blue that will wake up your brain and boost your spirit, Dynamic Blue from Sherwin-Williams is a great choice. Be aware that this blue is a commitment.

Very little red in this mix means that this color will not back down. Light it carefully; there’s enough green in this shade that too much yellow lighting will turn your walls teal.

Too much blue light and this color will likely get a bit muddy. Covering this color will take at least one coat of primer before you can topcoat.

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That being said, if you love bold colors, this blue will stand up to both red and yellow. It will also pair beautifully with very pale gray tones.

RGB: 1, 146, 198
Hex Code: #0192C6

dynamic blue paint color wall art under lights

4) Blue Dragon

If you’re looking for a soothing paint for a bedroom, Blue Dragon from Benjamin Moore is a lovely choice. This color would also be a great choice for a play room or a child’s bedroom.

Both pastels and bold primary colors will work with this shade. Add plain white trim or a pale wood tone that leans warm. Too much yellow against this color could make it lean purple.

If you like to use lighted display shelves, keep the light color cool. White shelving with this color on the back could be an ideal way to display many of your favorite things.

Blue Dragon will likely not grow chalky as the daylight fades, making this an ideal color for any relaxation or sleeping space.

RGB: 104, 146, 178
Hex Code: #6892B2

blue dragon paint color wall art under lights

5) Mediterranean Breeze

Fans of pale blue may choose to put Mediterranean Breeze from Benjamin Moore on every surface of their home. This beautifully balanced blue will offer a gentle reflection of light throughout your space.

You can coax this color out by pairing it with white paint trim and fabrics, such as white sheers. It will also be quite lovely paired with white blinds and shutters.

Warm wood tones will shine against this paint color, as will your houseplants. It also offers a beautiful shadow color and would be a great choice as a background color for display shelving.

Be aware that this color will likely chalk a bit as the light fades. If you need a dark sleeping space, consider another shade in your bedroom.

RGB: 183, 213, 224
Hex Code: #B7D5E0

Mediterranean Breeze paint color wall art under lights

6) Iced Slate

Those who like subtle shades of blue will adore Iced Slate from Benjamin Moore. This color does lean toward gray, but is one of the rare gray tones that will stand up to bold shades.

While it’s cool, there’s enough red in this color that warm tones will not impact the stability of the color. Greens will also pair well with this shade.

Consider bumping up the blue in this color by trimming the space in white. If you have a room that gets a lot of natural light, this blue gray will help you create a relaxing, tranquil feel.

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RGB: 193, 202, 208
Hex Code: #C1CAD0

iced slate paint color wall art under lights

7) Luxe Blue

Putting Luxe Blue from Sherwin-Williams on the walls of your home will add a very elegant touch. This lovely blue contains a lot of red and leans toward periwinkle in cool light.

Look for ways to add red wood tones, such as cherry, to any space painted in this color. Luckily, this blue is also strong enough to stand up to combinations of white and cream.

If you’re not sure about your next trim color, put this color on the walls and study your current trim in the light. Luxe Blue creates a beautiful shadow color and would be a terrific choice for heavily textured walls or a sanded paint job.

RGB: 82, 102, 131
Hex Code: #526683

luxe blue paint color wall art under lights

8) Fantasy Blue

Benjamin Moore’s Fantasy Blue is a lovely pale aqua that will brighten any space. This color is an ideal choice for any decorator who loves natural materials.

Wicker baskets, sisal rugs and green plants will all work beautifully with this shade. Take care to avoid strong colors around this shade. Light-toned fabrics will float against this wall color, but dark tones may create a sense of heaviness that will damage the tranquility you’re creating.

If you’re tired of white trim, consider pairing this with a silver gray. If you’ve got barnwood tones anywhere in your space and are looking for a new wall color to match, Fantasy Blue is a great choice.

RGB: 195, 213, 212
Hex Code: #C3D5D4

fantasy blue paint color wall art under lights

9) Prussian Blue

Benjamin Moore’s Prussian Blue will add a touch of old-world elegance to your home. If you love blue and white pottery, such as Willow ware, you will love this color.

That being said, this color is quite a commitment. When you’re ready to move on, covering it will not be a simple process. Be ready for Prussian Blue to take center stage no matter what you put in front of it.

Pair this color with black furnishings, such as a dining room table or sideboard. It will also work beautifully with very light pastels.

Pairing Prussian Blue with strong tones such as fuchsia or bright green will create a lot of visual agitation.

RGB: 45, 94, 125
Hex Code: #2D5E7D

prussian blue paint color wall art under lights

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