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Your front door is an ideal spot to add a pop of color and show off a bit of personality.

The 5 blue front door paint colors listed below will give you a wide variety of options to brighten the “face” of your home and create a feeling of invitation and welcome.

Before you make your final choice of blue, take care to consider how much sun your door will get.

A navy blue door can be beautiful, but if your door gets full in the afternoon you may be dealing with a lot of heat build-up.

Luckily, there are many elegant shades of blue from Sherwin-Williams that are a bit lighter.

Here are my 5 blue paint color choices for front doors.

  1. Naval Blue
  2. Azure Tide
  3. Favorite Jeans
  4. Aleutian Blue
  5. Stargazer Blue
5 awesome blue paint colors for front doors infographic

Blue front door paint colors compared

1. Naval Blue

Naval Blue is a dark blue with a lot of personality. There’s quite a sense of push and pull in this color. Take a careful look at what you are pairing this color with before you commit.

For example, we can see that, by the numbers, this color contains a high percentage both green and red. If you want to bump up the blue in this blend, pair it with pale, buttery yellow siding.

For a more muted shade, apply this blue to the front door of your red brick house.

One of the nicest features of this paint is that it’s complex enough to work with multiple metals. Bright brass hardware will look terrific against this color, as will brushed nickel and even chrome.

If you plan to use black or rubbed bronze hardware on your newly painted door, both will stand out nicely.

RGB: 47, 61, 76
Hex Code: #2F3D4C

naval blue paint color wall art under lights

2. Azure Tide

Azure Tide is a strong blue that will hold true no matter what you pair it with. If you love to decorate your front entrance and like orange pumpkins and golden straw for fall, Azure Blue will serve as a nice foil.

This color is particularly friendly to green. Those who love a front entry or porch full of plants will be extremely happy with how well their plants (and a variety of pots) look against this door color.

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Do make sure that you create a sample for any door color if you have a glass storm door, particularly if that storm door has a UV reflective film or multiple panes.

Films can add a touch of gray or brown to your door, and that center insert may dull down your chosen color.

While Azure Tide should continue to stand out behind that storm door, other blue shades can turn a bit muddy.

RGB: 67, 101, 133
Hex Code: #436585

azure tide blue paint color wall art under lights

3. Favorite Jeans

For those who love the cottage style, Favorite Jeans is a great choice. This smoky blue is wonderfully comfortable and visually restful.

Those who love a crisp white paint job will adore how Favorite Jeans looks against their white siding and trim. Be aware that if you put too much pressure on this color, it may go gray on you.

If you want potted plants, try to stay within one color family of pots. If you want to hang a wreath of greenery for the winter holidays, stick with a dark shade of evergreen.

Similarly, keep your hardware as simple as possible. A simple bright brass or glossy silver will work beautifully.

This color will also pair nicely with warm wood; if your home has a log cabin look, you will love how this door looks against it.

RGB: 138, 163, 177
Hex Code: #8AA3B1

favorite jeans paint color wall art under lights

4. Aleutian Blue

Those who love warm tones will adore how Aleutian Blue works with your front door. While this medium gray-blue is fairly straightforward, the numbers indicate that it’s more complex than you might think.

Note the very small difference between the red and green mix in this paint. Aleutian Blue will tend to go a bit gray if you pair it with warm color.

If you bump this color up against green, it will become a bit sooty or smoky. Both red and green can be used to terrific effect as long as you are aware that this color will never be bright.

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If the exterior of your home includes any desert tones, such as red clay, sand, or an off-white stucco, this is a great door color for your space.

Green plants will look terrific against it, especially tones of sage or olive. Wicker furniture and baskets will also glow against this color.

RGB: 152, 169, 183
Hex Code: #98A9B7

aleutian blue paint color wall art under lights

5. Stargazer Blue

If you love the Queen Anne color palette but don’t live in an historical house, put Stargazer on your front door.

This yummy blue contains a great deal of green but has none of the intensity of a true turquoise. There’s also enough red in the mix to soothe the intensity of this shade.

This blue door would look terrific against either a yellow or a red brick. If you’ve recently had any tuck-pointing or mortar cleaning done, you know that it can take time for your mortar to weather to a consistent color.

Stargazer will work with the many shades of mortar that occur during that first summer; from oatmeal to pale gray, this door will serve as a terrific foil.

Keep your hardware warm if you plan to put Stargazer on your front door. Antique brass and rubbed bronze will both look terrific against this color.

Your pastel flowerpots and spring decorating flags will also stand out beautifully against this color.

RGB: 103, 123, 128
Hex Code: #677B80

stargazer blue paint color wall art under lights

Final Thoughts

Prepping the surface properly any time you paint a door is critical. Even metal doors need a bit of sanding; a vinegar etch could also protect your new paint job from peeling.

Depending on where you live, an oil-based paint may be the best choice. Talk with the professionals at your local paint store about any UV risks you may face in your area.

Finally, make sure you pay attention to drying times. Wet paint is an effective glue if you close your door too soon.

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