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Shades of rose and pink offer home decorators a lot of options. While anyone who plays with paint knows that pink is a combination of red and white, it’s important to note that there are shades of rose on the market that can actually lean in more subtle directions.

If you’re considering putting Cinder Rose or Sulking Room Pink on your walls, it’s important to take a careful look at your trim colors.

If your trim is unpainted, the tone and tint of the wood can impact the intensity of the paint color.

For example, dark wood tones such as mahogany tend to be neutral in warmth. Yes, they’re a dark brown, but they’re generally not a warm brown.

Oak tends to be warm and lean toward yellow or orange, which can muddy up your paint color. Painted trim in a clean white with a touch of green, such as James White may be the best choice.

cinder rose and sulking room pink paint colors wall art

Cinder Rose

Cinder Rose from Farrow & Ball is a more certain pink than Sulking Room Pink. If you push this paint color with a bit of contrast, such as a navy blue, the pink will grow more intense.

If you try to soothe it with a rich green, it will stay pink but may lose some of its glow.

While Cinder Rose is a warm shade thanks to the high percentage of red, it’s important to consider that it also has quite a lot of blue.

cinder rose paint color infographic

If you try to pair this with warm tones that contain a lot of yellow, you will likely end up muddying up this color. To get the most stable color out of Cinder Pink, try to pair it with colors of a similar saturation.

A well-balanced gray will pair beautifully with this pink. If you choose charcoal gray, be prepared for a bit more glow from your pink. Charcoal grays tend to contain a lot of blue.

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To keep things nicely balanced, consider a gray such as Plummett for an accent wall against Cinder Rose.

Do be wary of applying Cinder Rose in a space that contains a lot of greige. Yellow-based tans will not work and play with with this pink.

Either your Cinder Rose wall color will turn a bit muddy or your greige carpet and upholstery fabric will read mustard yellow.

Do consider putting this color to work with green. You will want a shade that is deeply saturated, such as Beverly. Avoid using a green with too much yellow; again, Cinder Rose will not appreciate the push.

You may shy away from pairing Cinder Rose with blue. However, the right blue in the right sheen could be quite striking against this rose.

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Wine Dark offers a lovely chalky blue that could be put to work to great effect against this rose. Keep your sheens as non-reflective as possible to avoid a color combination that feels a bit juvenile.

Fans of pastels, particularly pastel fabrics, can get a lot of use out of a Cinder Rose accent wall.

Because this color is quite stable and may leave your pastel choices looking a bit washed out, do your best to boost the texture of those fabric pieces. Cinder Rose has a lovely, old world charm.

Pair it with old world fabric choices, such as chenille bedspreads or a braided rug, rather than a modern carpet or a flat-woven duvet.

Keep your metals simple and make sure your wall art is consistently framed. Brushed or matte metals will stand out beautifully against this paint. Avoid a lot of gloss against this color.

Both black and white will work with Cinder Rose paint, but if you have painted trim, white frames may “pop” too much. If your window and door trim is a darkly finished wood, black frames may produce too much contrast.

RGB: 199, 164, 166
Hex Code: #C7A4A6

cinder rose paint color wall art

Cinder Rose Paint Color Samples

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Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample – Cinder Rose (246) – Pink – Farrow & Ball

Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample - Cinder Rose (246) - Pink - Farrow & Ball

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Sulking Room Pink

Sulking Room Pink from Farrow & Ball offers a lot of flexibility for what is, at its base, a very warm color. When we look at the pigment blend, it’s important to note how much green is in this pink.

While the higher percentage of blue in Cinder Rose stabilizes that pink and helps it stay pink, Sulking Room Pink is actually designed to be a bit smoky or sooty.

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With the right lighting, you can push this color into the brown zone if you choose. You can also coax more pink out of it with the contrasting colors you choose.

Avoid pushing this color with too much blue. Take great care with gray accents and carpets against this shade of pink. Current shades of gray found in upholstery fabric and carpet tends to lean charcoal.

Your lovely charcoal sofa may well read navy blue against Sulking Room Pink.

Instead, lean towards shades that contain a lot of brown. Tanner’s Brown is actually a warm black that will let the rose in Sulking Room Pink glow.

Sulking Room Pink can also be a wonderful accent wall color. A clean white with just a touch of pink could be an excellent choice for adjoining walls or your ceiling.

sulking room pink paint color infographic

You could also use a shade like Great White in a semi-gloss for your trim paint.

Shades of pink do not have to be relegated to the powder room or saved for a more feminine space. Sulking Room Pink in particular has enough flexibility to warm up any room in your home.

Do avoid lighting this color with a lot of warm light. If your space gets a lot of sunlight, put this color to work on the walls with the windows rather than the walls opposite the windows.

Because Sulking Room Pink already has a smoky quality, too much yellow light may turn this color muddy.

Keep your lighting options for this color neutral and try to light it from below. Sulking Room Pink will not grow chalky in dim light, so it would be an ideal choice for bedroom walls.

Simple, indirect lighting can help you enjoy a calm sleeping space.

Fans of a variety of wood tones will have an easier time using Sulking Room Pink than Cinder Rose.

Warm wood finishes may push Sulking Room Pink towards brown, but your red oak items are not likely to read bright orange against this color.

If you’re going to use a lot of Sulking Room Pink in your home, carefully consider your sheen choice.

If you use a semi-gloss sheen of this paint, you will likely encounter more of a pink tone, particularly in low light. In bedrooms and in your family room, make sure you stick with a flat sheen.

RGB: 160, 131, 127
Hex Code: #A0837F

sulking room pink paint color wall art

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