Black Forest Green vs Salamander paint colors

In this article, you will learn about Black Forest Green and Salamander paint colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

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Black Forest Green vs Salamander: Paint Colors Compared

Shades of dark green give home decorators a terrific background for a variety of colors. Black Forest Green is a deep, balanced green, while Salamander leans toward teal.

Both are an ideal choice for either an accent wall or a room that you need to stay dark and cozy.

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Black Forest Green

Benjamin Moore’s Black Forest Green is a well balanced green that will work well with both warm and cool colors. By the numbers, you will notice that there is still a fair bit of blue in this color. However, the percentage of red is high enough that this color will hold its green if you pair it with warm shades.

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Fans of flowering plants will greatly enjoy Black Forest Green. Everything from rose red to begonia pink to lavender will look terrific against this shade of green.

Because there is more green than blue in this color blend, both warm and cool tones will stand out beautifully without altering this green.

As in nature, pastels will appear both lovely and vibrant against Black Forest Green. To that end, you can also pair this color with shades of ivory.

As you put this color to work, do your best to keep it away from bright whites and cool grays. Pairing this color with cool shades may cause it to turn rather muddy.

If you want to pair Black Forest Green with a neutral, lean more towards tan than gray. Warm brown will work well with it, though you may want to play with texture.

If all of your family room walls are covered in a flat or eggshell Black Forest Green, try to make sure that your brown sofa is either reflective, such as a leather or vinyl, or textured, such as a velvet or corduroy.

Too many dark shades with a flat finish can feel more cave-like than comfortable.

Aim to use yellow light on Black Forest Green. Use reflective surfaces to move light around the room and create visual interest.

For example, if you choose to use this color in a dining room, do your best to put mirrors, reflective metals, and highly reflective polishes to work in the space as well.

black forest green and salamander paint color wall art

Fans of pale or yellow woodwork will love how Black Forest Green acts as a foil. Light-toned maple, pine and oak finishes will glow against this color. Light, bright brass is also a terrific choice to pair with this rich, deep green.

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If you’re working in a room that is small, consider putting this color only at one end of the room on one of the smaller walls. Like it or not, colors this deep have a tendency to make a space feel closed.

Those who love the snuggly comfort of dark colors may find that an entire room covered in Black Forest Green quickly feels too heavy or oppressive to be truly welcoming.

While many colors offer beautiful shadow tones, Black Forest Green is not one of them. If your walls are heavily textured, make sure you can light this color from below consistently before you commit.

RGB: 36, 46, 44
Hex Code: #242E2C

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Salamander from Benjamin Moore is a deep, luscious shade of teal. Because there is so much blue in this color, you will need to pair this color carefully to allow the teal to remain stable.

If you push this color with bright, warm tones such as yellow or orange, you may bring out the blue in ways that you didn’t intend.

salamander paint color wall art under lights

That being said, Salamander will serve as a lovely foil for rich, warm tones. It will also work beautifully with old world fabrics.

A burgundy velvet or suede sofa will glow against this color, as will a recliner with a semi-gloss black leather upholstery. If you love tapestries and nubby fabrics, this color will help them to stand out beautifully.

Consider bumping up the blue in this color by adding cool metals. A silver framed mirror, brushed nickel hardware on cabinets, or a stainless steel platter on a sideboard will all stand out beautifully against this color.

Salamander can also add a lot of visual variety if you like to play with sheens. In the event that you want to use this color in a semi-gloss or a satin finish, take your time.

black forest green and salamander paint colors

Dark colors with a high sheen can be unforgiving and any stripes, brush marks or empty patches will be quite obvious.

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To make sure that your paint job is as smooth as you can make it, open up the drapes and let in plenty of daylight. Overhead lighting can play tricks on your eyes, but full sun will show you any spots you miss.

Start high and work from left to right. Don’t try to cover too wide a patch of wall; aim to stay in a 4′ x 4′ square.

Cut in along the ceiling and in the corner where you start with a good brush, using a masking tool as you go. Once you have done your brushwork, you can start with your roller spindle.

Using a roller that is at least 3/8 inch nap, load up the roller and paint a V to define your 4′ x 4′ square. From right to left, roll back over the V up and down to evenly spread the paint you just put on the wall.

As you work, look up to make sure that nothing is dripping. If you need to add paint to your roller, return to the spot you left off and keep working back to the left. Next, do the 4′ x 4′ square below your starting point.

Be prepared to apply a second coat. Dark colors often need at least a touch-up. Additionally, if you go with a high-sheen paint, remember that the formulation is inherently lower in pigment than a flat.

Make sure that you buy plenty of paint. If possible, get a single large container instead of several gallons. If you end up getting several separate gallons, combine them before you start.

Be generous with the paint as you roll it on. Pushing too hard on the roller to force out more paint can lead to uneven striping. While the pigment should dry evenly, the sheen may dry in ridges.

If you’ve never painted before, start with a flat or eggshell formulation until you get the hang of it.

No matter the sheen you choose, Salamander offers a lovely shadow tone. Heavy textures and wall-mounted shelves will create a lovely visual interest, whether you do the whole room in this color or just an accent wall.

RGB: 47, 62, 62
Hex Code: #2F3E3E

salamander paint color wall art above a desk

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