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Decorating your game room can be a fun, flexible process. If you have a pool table, you may have a colored light that throws unique shades against the walls.

If you have a dartboard, you may want a color that will go well with a cork wall. No matter your color choice, a washable paint choice is critical.

Here are 11 paint colors that are great to use for a games room.

  1. Bright Yellow
  2. Dark Grey
  3. Warm Sand
  4. Beige or Ivory
  5. Velvety Red
  6. Bright White
  7. Dark Green
  8. Navy Blue
  9. Gray-Green
  10. Coffee Brown
  11. Smokey Rose
Best Paint Colors For A Games Room infographic
pool table in a dark color room with chairs

1) Bright Yellow

A bright yellow wall can be an excellent choice for a room that is going to be used by children.

If you have freestanding games, such as a pinball machine or a foosball table, the yellow background will enhance the colors of the pinball machine and the wooden trim of a game table.

foosball game room with yellow walls

2) Dark Gray

gray colored artwork under lights

If your gaming room is for grown-ups and contains a bar, a rich gray tone could be ideal. You can easily add a black bar and coordinate it with

  • cast iron fixtures
  • black leather upholstery
  • warm cherry shelving and flooring

Do take care to choose a gray with a blue base; yellow-based grays can be hard to pair with wood tones effectively.

3) Warm Sand

If you want to put up a dart board, consider putting cork paneling behind and around it. It will save patching a lot of holes unless you and all your friends are very good.

A warm tan or sand color on the rest of the walls could be quite nice; it will help the cork colors blend in and give you a wall that you easily extract dart tips from.

A rich, warm brown can also be effective if you plan to allow cigar smoking in your game room.

You will need ventilation and an air purifier, but a warm brown color will not stain as a lighter shade might.

dartboard with cork wall

4) Beige or Ivory

woman pointing to beige, ivory colors

If your game room needs to flex a bit, there’s no reason it can’t be painted exactly the same color as the rest of your home.

For example, you can hang large fabric panels on the wall with game themes. You may even be able to find some old-school black velvet paintings to create a bit of nostalgia.

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For those who plan to put in a pool table, consider adding a stretch of wooden trim around the room, about the height of a pool cue.

Regular flat or eggshell paint will collect the chalk blue color and may be hard to clean. If you can put up a stretch of wooden trim, you can paint it semi-gloss and it will be easier to clean.

Another option is to put up a shelf that folks can use to hold their drink while they shoot.

5) Velvety Red

You may prefer to think of your game room as a private oasis of fun for grown-ups only. In that case, why not paint the walls red? Use plush fabrics to cover the chairs and barstools.

Consider adding shelving about a foot below the ceiling all the way around the room where you can

  • set memorabilia and collectibles
  • store extra liquor if necessary
  • add a soffit light to avoid the glare of direct lighting

Red walls can easily be textured to add even more depth. Instead of black trim, use a rich charcoal gray on the bar and baseboards for a more elegant, less kitschy look.

pool table in a room with red walls

6) Bright White

signal white and traffic white artwork

If you love to play board games, or if you plan to use your game room for children and adults alike, a bright white paint job may be ideal.

You can add shelving and cabinetry for storage and add color inside the cubes.

For a children’s game room, consider adding primary colors to the back of your shelving units.

Tiny cans of bold yellow, bright red, and brilliant blue can be a budget-friendly way to brighten the units; you can easily upgrade the paint as your children grow.

7) Dark Green

green, moss, sage color artwork under lights

Dark green, particularly in a rich olive, can be a terrific choice for a game room. If your pool table has a green playing space, it will glow against a darker, more luscious wall tone.

If your children are small, you may want to invest in green chalkboard paint and paint the lower 1/2 or 2/3 of the wall with it.

Giving them a space where they can cut loose with sidewalk chalk can both stretch their creativity and keep them busy when the weather turns nasty.

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8) Navy Blue

navy,indigo,blue artwork under lights

Navy blue has a way of making any space crisp and tidy. If you know that your game room is going to be quite full, between the

  • pool table
  • foosball table
  • pinball machines
  • card table

painting your walls navy blue and adding a crisp white paint to your trim can tie the space together a bit better.

Additionally, you can light the space from a low angle and create pockets of quiet for folks who just want to hang out in the space.

9) Gray-Green

Gray-green shades do a wonderful job of fading into the background when necessary. If you paint your game room in Sea Green by Benjamin Moore, you can easily fill the space with

  • collectibles, such as an old brass soda fountain
  • antiques, such as a round red oak table you can use to play cards
  • brightly lit games that will stand out against the shade

Gray-green colors are easy to light. If you want a quieter, calmer sense for a more elegant feel, use warm light bulbs.

If you need better lighting over the poker table, add a light fixture with filtered shade and a cool, blue bulb.

10) Coffee Brown

Like the warm sand tones noted above, a deep brown game room will allow you to create an oasis for when the grown-ups want to play.

You can pair this shade with almost any wood tone and make your cherry pool table, your oak poker table, and your black ebony bar look fantastic.

Because this shade is so dark, the shadows are subtle. Light the space from low tables and add a bookshelf or two of puzzles.

You can put a bingo tumbler on a shelf and create visual interest against a rich brown shade.

11) Smoky Rose

mauve, magenta, purple wall art colors

Don’t think pink when you see the word rose; a smoky rose tends to behave more like mauve on the walls. If it’s dark, the color grays out.

This shade will work beautifully with leather barstools, brass fixtures, and both cool and warm light.

Whether you’re lighting the room with a hanging lamp, a soffit fixture, or a series of table lamps, you can create a wonderful, warm space with this color.

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