sapphire blue vs midnight blue

In this article, you will learn about Sapphire Blue and Midnight Blue colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

sapphire blue vs midnight blue wall art

Sapphire Blue vs Midnight Blue

Deep shades of blue offer a lot of decorating potential. If you love how blue jeans go with everything, adding dark blue to your home both inside and out will offer you more decorating flexibility.

Blue tones are always cool, but some are a bit more prone to lean back or fade to gray when you pair them with other shades.

If you enjoy pairing dark blue tones with gray, you will probably have better results using midnight blue. Because sapphire blue has more red tones in it, this color would pair beautifully with cream or tan tones.

sapphire blue vs midnight blue wall art above a sofa

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire blue is the more casual shade of this pairing. It has more blue than any other tones, but the saturation level is lower than midnight blue.

sapphire blue wall art under lights

The small gap between green and blue indicates that this color has richness and warmth to it, and the percentage of red means that this color has some smokiness around the edges as well.

This is a color that will pair well with many shades. If your walls are currently cream or beige and you want this color in your decor, it will work in drapes or a bedspread and add richness and depth without requiring a labor-intensive paint job.

You will also have flexibility when it comes to hardware choices. If you want this color in your space, go ahead and paint base cabinets or a rolling island in this shade. Add bright brass hardware for a warm glow.

Sapphire blue will work very well with a variety of wood tones. Yellow oak, rich cherry and even pale maple will glow against this color. If you prefer painted wood trim, look for a pale cream or ivory.

When choosing flooring to work well with this color, keep things warm. A sandy rug or a plush tan carpet will provide a gentle contrast to the cool blue in this color and bring it forward.

sapphire blue infographic

A rich blue gray carpet will not only make your ivory baseboard trim look tired, but the sapphire blue walls will appear muddy instead of smoky.

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Fans of accent walls will find ways to use this color. If you want to keep the visual focus on the blue, bring in cream and tan items to bring the blue forward.

Put this color on your accent wall, then add cream shelving, ivory canvas tab drapes, and sheepskin rug accents. Your tan leather sofa will also bring this blue to the forefront in terms of visual interest.

This is a color that will step back when you use it with other strong shades. If your favorite green armchair is in this room, it may draw the eye before the blue wall.

The high percentage of red in this blue will make the blue a bit smoky. Do take care to avoid putting too much contrast on or near this accent wall.

One unframed print of bright flowers will not over power it, but multiple frames in different shades with bold images or varying mats will push this blue into the background until it is nearly black and sooty.

Speaking of fading to black, be careful using this color in the trim outside your home. If you have a variety of shade trees or if you love a variety of flowers in the beds near your home, you can quickly overpower this color.

It may not read black in the full sun, but if you want a crisp navy for the cottage look, this color won’t stand up to a great deal of contrast.

RGB: 31, 56, 85
Hex Code: #1F3855

sapphire blue wall art above a desk

Midnight Blue

By the numbers, midnight blue is a very saturated and cool shade of blue. It contains very little warmth. Another way to think of this color is as a more formal shade.

midnight blue wall art under lights

If you like a more casual denim blue style, sapphire blue may be a better choice.

That being said, midnight blue has many uses in your home decor. If you love a cottage look and have wooden siding on your house, a crisp white paint on the clapboards and midnight blue shutters and trim would be quite striking.

Hang window boxes in either shade depending on sun exposure and fill them with brightly colored annuals for a true cottage style.

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Midnight blue can support other strong, saturated colors. If you don’t mind a bit of visual contrast, this color will work well with scarlet, salmon, and jade.

Should you choose to use midnight blue in the fabrics of your home, be bold and use strong color blocks on top of a midnight blue comforter or as tiebacks on midnight blue drapes.

This is a terrific shade to use on an accent wall. Because this color works so well with gray, consider adding barnwood to your accent wall.

Barnwood shelving, flooring and cabinetry can all shine against this shade.

When putting a deeply saturated color on a wall, make sure you have reflective features in the space. Mirrors are extremely helpful, and if you can put a light source in front of a mirror you can gain even more benefits.

Try to use chrome hardware on cabinetry that features midnight blue; if you’re not keep on chrome, use a brushed metal in a silver tone that will serve as a bright spot on this dark background.

It can be tempting to use dark paint colors on kitchen cabinets. If you want to use this color in your kitchen, consider starting on the bottom cabinets.

Deep colors such as midnight blue can add a lot of weight to a space. If your kitchen is not well-lit or if you only have overhead lighting, you may end up creating a workspace that feels like a cave.

With midnight blue on your lower cabinets you can experiment a bit. Try adding a concrete or limestone countertop to break away from the world of granite.

If you don’t have access to real stone, check out a solid surface countertop in a light gray. You can enjoy a very sleek look without having to rely on bright white cabinets.

Do make sure you use a paint with a bit of a shine; cabinets are going to get dirty and flat finishes are much harder to wash.

If you don’t have the time to fully sand and prepare you cabinets before painting them, consider hiring the job out so you’re not dealing with peeling paint within a year.

RGB: 25, 25, 112
Hex Code: #191970

midnight blue wall art above a desk

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