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Looking for a specific shade of green color but can’t decide? October Mist and Vale mist are great options. This article will compare the two colors and provide you with the information you need to make the right decision.

october mist and vale mist wall art colors

Shades of green in nature go well with every flower and every body of water. If you’re looking for a neutral color to use in your home that will coordinate easily with items you own and love, both October Mist and Vale Mist can work.

However, these colors react differently under different levels of light. If you work all day and are mostly home in the evenings, October Mist will grey out as the natural light fades, creating more visually interesting shadows and a comfier nest.

If your house doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you may be happier with the slightly paler Vale Grey.

Comparing October Mist with Vale Mist

october mist and vale mist wall art above a sofa

October Mist

By the numbers, October Mist is quite Close to Vale Mist. However, the deeper tone of both green and grey in October Mist means that you can stretch yourself in the other colors that you use in the space.

For example, this color is a wonderful foil for brown tones; it will read green when you pair it with anything warm. If you have a rich oak or walnut floor, this color will hold its own.

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october mist wall art color

October Mist would be an ideal choice for a bedroom.

If you love antique wooden furniture, you’re likely invested in pieces that have a varnished finish.

Varnish often had a red tint and will yellow over time. No matter the original wood, the tone of it will be warm and grow warmer as you own it.

Even better, this color will grey out as you lower the lights, creating ideal sleeping hygiene to soothe your brain.

Putting anything red or warm against October Mist will bring out the pale green color. In the living room, your brown leather sofa will appear even more comfortable.

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A creamy white knit throw over the back will pair beautifully with this color. Do avoid large blocks of green against this color; curiously, a pure green will overpower the green tint in this color and those areas of the room will appear grey instead of grey-green.

october mist wall art color

In rooms that get a great deal of natural light or direct sunlight in particular, the green tint will be even stronger. In a bright kitchen, pairing this with cream or almond appliances will create a calming visual field.

Dark wood kitchen cabinets can also serve, and you can use a bold granite pattern that includes brown on your kitchen countertops.

Do be aware that this color will change subtly. It will read grey if you have a lot of different colors going on in the space, such as

  • terra cotta pots
  • cherry cabinets
  • sand-tone floor tiles
  • patterned backsplashes and bold countertops

To create more visual calm, consider backsplash tiles to match your appliances and a solid surface countertop. No matter your preference, warm colors will be beautiful against this shade.

RGB: 182, 184, 165
Hex Code #: B6B8A5

october mist wall art color above a desk

Vale Mist

Vale Mist is not far from October Mist by the numbers, but it is a bit paler. This neutral shade will be inclined to go grey, despite the fact that it has a healthy level of green tint in the mix.

vale mist wall art color

Vale mist can be a beautiful foil for any combination of blue and green.

Against royal blue it will appear chalky; strong, bright blues will wipe out the green and just make this color look like a rather dusty grey.

However, smoky shades from aqua to cyan to teal will be wonderful against this color.

Do be aware that this color doesn’t grey down as the light fades. In a grown-up bedroom, this may not be the most restful color.

If you can light a family room with table lamps and other more regional sources of light, this color will fade but will still be fairly light. In a child’s bedroom or a hall, this color may be helpful to avoid nighttime fears. One nightlight and this paint on the walls could keep a child calmer.

Vale mist wall art color

Due to the high levels of green in this grey, it may not work with cool pastels. Blue, pink, and lavender are not a great choice, but peach, yellow, and aqua will work beautifully with this color.

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It will also work effectively with most any wood tone, making it a great color for those who love antique furniture.

RGB: 183, 185, 166
Hex Code #: B7B9A6

vale mist wall art color above a desk

Play With Color On Your Own

If you have any interest in mixing your own colors, invest in the smallest container of red latex house paint you can buy. Don’t buy barn paint; color purity may not be the best in this formulation and this paint may have been sitting for a while.

Visit the rack of scrap paints at your local hardware store. Go ahead and grab a mistake quart of any bright color and play a bit. One interesting constant when mixing paint is that red is versatile. Added to pure blue, you can make a rich purple. Added to bright yellow, you get a hot orange.

october mist vs vale mist graphic

But if you blend just a bit of red with a pre-blended color that contains blue and green, you get smoke. Aqua is pretty in an office but can be visually startling in a room where you want to relax in. Add just a drip of red in a tablespoon of aqua and mix it up to see what happens.

Mixing your own custom colors requires few tools. I use a paper towel and a collection of plastic spoons to get my shade right. One teaspoon of a bright robin’s egg blue on a paper towel is beautiful but (to my taste) really edgy on a wall.

Just one swirl of red paint helps me create a lush, smoky teal that I can use for an accent color or even on an accent wall.

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